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Chapter 658: Deeper and Deeper Underground!


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The beast roared furiously. Lin Feng imagined that spiders made similar sounds. However, the beast sounded as proud as a dragon or a tiger. Lin Feng didn’t understand what kind of beast it was. In any case, all he knew was that at that moment he was constricted by eight claws and he could get poisoned at anytime.

“Give me a break!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. Even though he hadn’t completely recovered, he never gave up. He grabbed one of the claws and released primal chaos strength. The beast roared in pain. Lin Feng didn’t need to struggle to get away, the beast flung him away violently.

Lin Feng put one hand on the ground and raised his Buddha Sword with the other one as he skidded away. He threw it at the beast, aiming for its chest. The sword moved at an incredible speed.

The beast’s skin was extremely hard, and the supreme godly imperial weapon didn’t pierce through. On the contrary, it immediately fell down on the beast’s claws. The beast howled angrily and whipped its tail at Lin Feng’s chest. Before Lin Feng was smashed away, he made a cutting motion with his hand at the tail, and a big wound appeared.

There was a rumble as the beast slapped him with one of its front paws. Lin Feng was stuck under its sharp claws again. He pushed the beast aside and then jumped atop it. The beast struggled to get back up, but Lin Feng didn’t give it any opportunity. He held his Buddha Sword and made a circular cutting motion at the beast underneath him.

The beast’s protests resonated everywhere in the underground galleries. Lin Feng used his Buddha Sword and released as much primal chaos strength as he could. He almost destroyed the beast’s claws. The beast shrieked in pain, its voice painful to hear. Lin Feng had to put his hands on his ears.

The beasts struggled and swept a paw at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng groaned with pain when the claws reached him, and was sent hurtling thousands of meters away. The beast had only seven claws left on that paw and it kept screaming in pain. The mouth on its tail was bleeding dark blood. Lin Feng was aghast when he saw that.

What kind of beast was that? Its blood was thick and dark. Lin Feng shuddered with fear at that moment.

Phwap! Lin Feng staggered. Luckily, it was the first time he had fought against such a terrifying beast. The beast attacked again. Lin Feng released a protective layer, so the attack failed this time. On the other hand, he managed to counterattack, punching the beast’s abdomen with both fists. The beast was instantly smashed away.

Boom boom boom… The beast crashed and rolled on the ground. The galleries shook violently.


The sounds were so loud that the municipality of Precipice Village shook as well.

“What was going on? What’s that incredible strength??”

The Leader of Precipice Village was drinking tea when he suddenly heard that incredible impact. He even spilled his tea. He frowned and looked in the direction of Yellow Sands Canyon. He was worried on the inside, but he had heard the Leader’s order: no matter what happened in Yellow Sands Canyon, nobody could go there, or the punishment would be extremely severe.

Could it be that it’s been excavated…?, thought the Leader of Precipice Village glumly.

After a long time, he put his cup of tea down and sat back down.

He wasn’t the only one who had heard that hellish sound, but the Leader of San Country had given the same orders to everyone: during these three months, nobody could go to Yellow Sands Canyon. Nobody dared disobey.


Inside the galleries, Lin Feng and the beast’s battle had already reached its climax. Lin Feng couldn’t kill the beast so easily. The beast couldn’t kill Lin Feng so easily, either. They both had injuries of different forms. Lin Feng was already in a bad shape before this, but now he was even more exhausted. He glanced at the beast and leaned against a wall to take a short rest.

The beast surprisingly sat down and stopped attacking Lin Feng. The way it was seated was very amusing. It was amusing to see a gigantic thousand-meter-long beast seated like a cat. Only its claws made it look ferocious.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and took out a small piece of moss from his ring. He absorbed the strength, and his whole body cooled down. How refreshing! His primal chaos body was slowly recovering.

The beast roared and lowered its head. It stared at Lin Feng with its shiny blue eyes. It didn’t seem to be provoking him, though.

Lin Feng watched the beast. Its Qi was weak. Lin Feng knew what the beast wanted. Lin Feng looked pensive for a few seconds, but then he took out some more moss and threw it at the beast.

The beast grabbed the moss with the injured paw from which a claw was missing. Dazzling emerald jade lights flashed, its missing claw started growing again, and its wounds started healing.

The beast roared again, in a low voice this time, kindly. Lin Feng took out another piece of moss and threw it at the beast without thinking. The beast took it in its mouth and devoured it in the blink of an eye. Green lights flashed around the beast’s body. Its Qi grew more and more powerful again.

Suddenly, the beast stood up and slowly walked towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng watched the beast vigilantly. If the beast tried anything wrong, Lin Feng would punch it again. But the beast didn’t seem like it wanted to hurt Lin Feng. It stopped a hundred meters away and sat down again.

Lin Feng watched the beast, and the beast watched him as well. In the end, Lin Feng took out some more moss and threw it at the beast again. Lin Feng didn’t know why he did that. What if the beast healed completely and attacked him again?

But Lin Feng didn’t think about that. He also absorbed primal chaos Qi. His primal chaos body grew more powerful again, his godly aura becoming brighter again. His strength slowly increased.

The beast roared in a low tone twice. It stood up and walked closer to Lin Feng again, then stopped and sat down fifty meters away from Lin Feng. It was close enough to attack him. The beast just looked at Lin Feng and laid down. Its head was virtually at Lin Feng’s feet. It looked simple and good-natured suddenly. Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes.

Lin Feng looked at the strangely fierce and cruel spider-looking beast.

It looked as docile as a dog now, lying down next to him, friendly even. Lin Feng remained vigilant, so he ignored the beast for the time being, focusing on recovering.


Lin Feng didn’t give more moss to the beast, and the beast didn’t roar again. It docilely and calmly lay there next to him. Two days passed before Lin Feng opened his eyes again. When Lin Feng exhaled, the beast opened its eyes at the same time as he did.

The beast roared twice again. Lin Feng didn’t understand, what did the beast want? He could imagine what it could be, but he wasn’t sure.

Suddenly, the beast stretched out its tail and grabbed Lin Feng’s arm. It wanted to stand up and drag Lin Feng away. Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t go with the beast. Therefore, he took his arm back and pushed the beast, then looked at it icily.

“If you don’t tell me exactly what you want, don’t touch me,” Lin Feng said. The beast groaned and shook its head. It pointed to the place where it was before when it had come out of the ground with its head.

“What is in there?” asked Lin Feng. The beast nodded excitedly.

“Is there an ancient grave inside?” asked Lin Feng, perplexed.

The beast bellowed twice and nodded.

“Is there anyone alive inside?” asked Lin Feng.

The beast shook its head.

“No strong cultivator’s soul?”

The beast nodded. Lin Feng understood. That strange and mysterious beast had always stayed in San Zun’s grave, but then he had sensed Lin Feng’s Qi and followed him.

“Can you bring me there?” asked Lin Feng audaciously. Now, he didn’t mind whether the beast could injure him or not; if the beast brought him to San Zun’s grave, all the rest was not worth kicking up a huge fuss about it.

The beast nodded. It tapped Lin Feng’s back to have him come onto its back. Lin Feng hesitated, but finally accepted. He remained cautious, and if anything happened, he’d see…

Lin Feng jumped onto the beast’s back. Even though it looked like a terrifying and monstrous spider with dragon scales on its body, its back was soft and warm. Lin Feng found it extremely comfortable. The beast’s back was a kind of a hundred-meter-long armored bed…

There was only one explanation; this beast’s past was complex…

The beast glanced at Lin Feng on its back and roared energetically, then started running. It was extremely fast. Lin Feng almost felt dizzy, as if his skeleton was about to explode. Luckily, it only lasted for a few seconds.

After that, the beast jumped into the abyssal hole.

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