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Chapter 660: What Is This Place?

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So, there was a secret place here…?, thought Lin Feng, glancing around from atop the beast’s back. This place was just too astonishing. Lin Feng never thought there would be so many secret galleries in Yellow Sands Canyon. San Country’s people had done all they could to find something in here, but they had never succeeded. The Yans were strong, but they weren’t as good at plotting as San Country…

Lin Feng glanced around; the walls in here were shiny and white, and there were white pillars, too. The space was wide as Tiantai. Lin Feng glanced around at the place he had come to with the eight-clawed beast. There was mud on the ground…

The eight-clawed beast roared in a low voice. It crouched down slightly. Lin Feng jumped off its back and stepped on the shiny wet ground. He glanced around for a long time and then he started running.

The eight-clawed beast shook its tail and followed him. Lin Feng didn’t know where he had landed but suddenly, the temperature started decreasing, and it continued decreasing as he continued forwards. Lin Feng couldn’t help but release primal chaos strength to protect himself.

The eight-clawed beast roared loudly. The whole place trembled. The echo of his roar sounded like roaring thunder. Lin Feng turned his head and looked at the eight-clawed beast. The eight-clawed beast looked toward the depths of the place. It seemed a bit scared and didn’t dare continue walking in that direction.

“Is there anything mysterious?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to that direction. The eight-clawed beast lowered its head, but continued walking. Lin Feng followed. They arrived in front of two cyan statues a few thousands of meters high. They were sculptures of beasts.

Lin Feng looked at the two sculptures strangely. They were eight-clawed beasts, as well. Their abdomens had dragon scales. They also had mouths on their tails. They looked horrible, but they were wooden statues and when Lin Feng noticed that, he found them less terrifying.

Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of creatures they were, but they weren’t weak, or nobody would have ever made statues of them. He didn’t understand though, apart from the eight-clawed beast he was with, was there another one? There were two eight-clawed beasts’ statues, after all…

“Is that your friend?” asked Lin Feng to the eight-clawed beast, pointing to the statue. However, when the eight-clawed beast heard that, it seemed afraid, and pointed to the darkness behind the statues.

“You want me to come in there with you?” asked Lin Feng.

The beast roared twice seriously. Lin Feng clearly heard the beast’s heartbeat accelerate when he asked the question.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng said. He raised his left hand and his godly aura became brighter. He grabbed his Buddha Sword. If anything happened, he’d be able to strike back to protect himself.

When the eight-clawed beast heard Lin Feng, it felt excited and kept rumbling. Then it ran ahead. Lin Feng caught up with it, but the beast stayed in front of him.

Lin Feng had the impression that the eight-clawed beast was trying to protect him. If anything happened, the eight-clawed beast was in front of him, so it could defend him. Thinking about that, Lin Feng had even more esteem for this fierce and cruel-looking beast.

Lin Feng grabbed the beast’s tail. The beast understood, pulling Lin Feng and putting him on its head. The two of them continued forwards. Lin Feng’s godly aura kept flashing. Lin Feng was worried because he couldn’t see much despite his godly aura; he could only see five meters away, and outside that halo, everything was pitch-black.

“I can’t use my godly aura efficiently here…” whispered Lin Feng. He tapped the beast’s back to have it slow down. The beast understood and slowed down. Lin Feng looked around cautiously and carefully.

Gradually, Lin Feng sensed a cold breeze brushing against his body. His hair and robe started fluttering in the breeze. The Qi also became strange. Even though the Qi wasn’t harmful, it could make anyone feel nervous, especially when one couldn’t see anything around. Lin Feng couldn’t be sure he wasn’t going to face danger here.

Lin Feng shivered even though he wasn’t cold.

Suddenly, Lin Feng almost fell down. The eight-clawed beast lurched, as if it had fallen into a hole.

“Slowly! Don’t rush!” shouted Lin Feng hastily. He tapped the beast’s head. The beast growled to indicate it had understood and slowed down.

After that, Lin Feng heard some sounds around them. The eight-clawed beast’s heartbeat kept accelerating. Boom boom… Boom boom… Now matter how strong Lin Feng and the eight-clawed beast were, they were both afraid.

Tap tap… Tap tap... The beast’s steps were getting heavier and heavier, and more cautious too, as if they were about to fall into an abyssal hole anytime. Lin Feng did his best not to fall down.

If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, they were going down a flight of stairs. Besides, the distance between each step could be as long as thousands of meters, otherwise, considering the beast’s size, if the steps had only been tens of meters long, they wouldn’t have had the impression they were going to collapse when they landed.

The sensation last for over a dozen minutes. Lin Feng had lost track of time. When he didn’t have the impression he wasn’t falling anymore, he struggled to get used to it. Maybe the flight of stairs wasn’t finished, but in any case, they were definitely at the bottom.

Since Lin Feng had jumped into the abyssal hole in Yellow Sands Canyon, he had gone down and down. Lin Feng didn’t know how mysterious San Zun’s grave was, but he wondered what had gone through Yan Zun’s son’s head when he had buried San Zun.

Yan Zun’s son had buried San Zun, but why hadn’t he made an ordinary grave? Why make such a mysterious underground grave? No matter what his goal was, Yan Zun’s son had definitely done this with ulterior motives.

Suddenly, Lin Feng thought of an issue. Maybe this was all part of Yan Zun’s son’s plot?

But Lin Feng quickly excluded that idea. If Yan Zun’s son had wanted to plot against anyone, then Yan Zhen would have definitely known about it and he wouldn’t have wasted all this time trying to find San Zun’s grave. Besides, all the Leaders of San Country had tried to find San Zun’s grave.


Lin Feng didn’t understand everything, but what he understood was that San Zun’s grave raised fundamental issues. Maybe even the eight-clawed beast which had grown up here didn’t know these mysterious things.

For example, the eight-clawed beast didn’t know where they were at that moment, but it could sense the place wasn’t ordinary. Beasts’ perceptions were extremely acute. The eight-clawed beast growled because it didn’t feel safe. It didn’t look good.

“Buddy, stop, I’ll go and see first,” Lin Feng said when he heard the eight-clawed beast’s growl. He jumped off its back and landed on the ground.

When he landed on the ground, he quickly jumped back up, because the ground was frighteningly cold. He couldn’t stand on it, it was nearly absolute zero. Even a medium-level Supreme God wouldn’t have been able to endure such a temperature.

Lin Feng looked at the eight-clawed beast, surprised. The eight-clawed beast could walk on the ground without any issues, but Lin Feng couldn’t.

Apart from that, Lin Feng was surprised, because the air was dry and not that cold, only the ground was.

What is this place…?, thought Lin Feng. His curiosity was growing.

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