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Chapter 661: Primal Chaos Beast!

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“This is where my real body is sealed,” said a voice hoarsely and gloomily. The voice also sounded old. Lin Feng was startled and almost collapsed. The eight-clawed beast behind him shuddered. The eight-clawed beast took a few steps backwards. It seemed anxious and worried.

When the mysterious entity saw that Lin Feng and the beast were afraid, it said, “Hehe, little friend, don’t be afraid. Didn’t you come to see me?” It sounded much kinder than before.

When Lin Feng heard that voice, he found that voice much more majestic than before; it sounded less old, but it also sounded helpless and unhappy.

“Are you Master San Zun?” asked Lin Feng. He hadn’t forgotten his initial goal, so when he heard the voice, he guessed his interlocutor’s social status. He was a bit surprised.

“Kind of.” replied the voice. “I am San Zun’s aspiration. I am also a broken soul. San Zun has been dead for a long time already. And I am oppressed here underground, it’s ice-cold here. And my physical body has never decomposed.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he understood. It was San Zun’s broken soul. San Zun had already died a hundred thousand years before. His body was sealed under the ice-cold ground, unrotting.

“Master, I didn’t want to disturb you. I just want to leave this place, and San Country,” said Lin Fen, bowing hand over fist.

The place became much less dark. The ice-cold ground became shiny blue. An old man appeared indistinctly. His body was illusory as if it didn’t exist.

Lin Feng could now see much farther than before around him. There was ice Qi all around, but it wasn’t ice-cold at all. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Little boy, I know what you want; otherwise, do you think the primal chaos beast would have brought you here?” said San Zun’s broken soul, smiling indifferently and pointing to the eight-clawed beast behind Lin Feng. After that, he smiled teasingly.

Lin Feng was stupefied and looked at the strange beast spider looking beast behind him.

“Master, you mean that the eight-clawed beast is a primal chaos beast?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the old man in astonishment. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that the eight-clawed beast was a primal chaos beast.

Primal chaos beasts were supreme and unique beasts. No beast could be compared to such creatures, not even dragons. Even the four ancient godly beasts couldn’t be compared to primal chaos beasts. Primal chaos beasts were among the oldest demon beasts of the world, the four godly beasts were a little younger.

People didn’t know that primal chaos beasts could be much more powerful than godly beasts. They could even become stronger than high-level Supreme Gods.

Ancestor Kong had told Lin Feng that there were traces of primal chaos beasts in Ao Lai City, and that they were particularly strong. It was said that the Leader of Ao Lai City was incredibly strong.

“Little friend, don’t you believe me?” asked San Zun’s broken soul. He waved at the primal chaos beast, and his smile became even bigger.

The eight-clawed beast lowered its head. It took a few steps backwards and shuddered with fear, obviously extremely scared of the old man. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine why a supreme demon beast would be so scared of San Zun.

“What?  You think you can disobey because I have fallen?” San Zun’s expression slowly became glum, and then he shouted furiously and stared at the eight-clawed beast.

The eight-clawed beast shook violently and crouched down, then crawled closer to Lin Feng. It didn’t dare look at San Zun. It growled in a low voice. Lin Feng understood that the eight-clawed beast was begging him to protect it. The eight-clawed beast looked like a baby at that moment.

Lin Feng looked at San Zun. He wanted to say something, but the old man waved and shook his head helplessly, then he smiled wryly, “Sigh, forget it. I’m old. Even my pet, which was extremely scared of me before I died, now doesn’t respect me anymore. Hehe…”

“Master, the primal chaos beast was your pet?” Lin Feng asked when he heard the old man sigh helplessly. Lin Feng was extremely surprised.

The old man nodded and said slowly, “Indeed. I had two pets before my death, both primal chaos beasts. But one of them died before me. The other one was severely injured and his strength decreased to that of the low-level Supreme God layer.

“That’s why he shook you a little. But he’s free to choose his new master. If he thinks someone will have a bright future and will be able to help him rise in the future, then it’s better for him.

“He thinks highly of you. You can become his master and bring him to the outside world. He wants to be your pet now. Hehe,” said the old man. He didn’t look saddened anymore; on the contrary, he seemed relieved. His pet had disobeyed him for a few thousand years now, but now he had a new master.

Lin Feng couldn’t believe his ears; he was now the new master of a primal chaos beast? He looked at San Zun’s blurry silhouette again, feeling it was a dream.

“Master, how could the primal chaos beast agree to become my pet?” he asked, smiling wryly. Lin Feng had the impression it was a joke; supreme demon beasts were like kings in the world of humans. They were ambitious and proud; how could it agree to become his pet?

Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes.

When the old man heard that, he laughed. Then he looked at the primal chaos beast and said, “Do you want him as your new master, or not?”

The old man stared at the beast. Lin Feng turned and looked at the eight-clawed beast as well. His heart was racing, hoping the beast would nod.

The eight-clawed beast roared twice and nodded. He put his head on Lin Feng’s shoulder. The old man smiled wryly. Lin Feng’s eyes were wide. The beast had agreed!

“Little boy, if he hadn’t agreed, you think he would have let you sit on his back? Or his head? Primal chaos beasts are ambitious and proud; apart from his master, who else could sit on his back and head?” asked the old man.

Lin Feng had to face reality. The primal chaos beast had accepted him as his master! Lin Feng had the impression he was in a dream; in half a month, he had obtained three extraordinary pets… two dragons and a primal chaos beast! Even though dragons weren’t as powerful as primal chaos beasts, having a dragon as a pet was something most people could never imagine.

Now, Lin Feng had two dragons and a primal chaos beast. If he was lucky enough to survive, he would definitely be able to rise and become imposing and awe-inspiring in the Country of Eternity.

“Little boy, stand on it,” said the old man after a long time. He didn’t have any ulterior motives. He just smiled and told Lin Feng to stand on the ice-cold ground.

Lin Feng hesitated, but eventually nodded. He got ready to jump onto the ice-cold ground which was near absolute zero.

“Take off your shoes and don’t use any primal chaos Qi to protect yourself,” ordered the old man sternly. Lin Feng was surprised, but when he saw how serious the old man looked, he understood the old man wasn’t joking.

Lin Feng realized something: the old man probably wanted to transmit something to him.

He didn’t have time to hesitate. He took off his shoes and recalled his primal chaos Qi. Then he jumped onto the ice-cold ground.


When Lin Feng landed on the ground, he screamed. Without primal chaos Qi to protect him, the cold of the ground hurt his feet, and then he felt the chill from head to foot. He had the impression his circulatory system was going to freeze and break, and his dantian had started freezing. Lin Feng coughed, and steam came out of his mouth.

Lin Feng started shivering violently. His teeth chattered because of the cold. It became difficult for him to breathe.

“Hold on. That’s the formation Yan Zun sealed in my body back in the days. It’s a special kind of ice strength. You absorbed a fusion of water and earth strength before, so your body won’t explode, but it will be painful for a few days.

“Good luck, little boy. When you manage to control the formation, then you’ll be done, and you’ll be able to come into the grave. You’ll find all my weapons, skills, and techniques in there. Of course, the most important thing for you is to be able to justify yourself when you face the Leader.”

“See you, little boy. The ice Qi is attacking me and I’m going to disappear from this world. I’m going to tell you one last thing. Listen carefully,” said the old man. His body became more and more illusory, and his face became even paler. He used his last thread of strength to talk to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ground his teeth. Even though his body was covered by ice and he was suffering, he still listened carefully.

“Great Tao strength is boundless, invisible and intangible, the skeleton becomes more powerful, your protection increases,” said the old man. With a quiet woosh, the old man’s broken soul dispersed. His smile stiffened as he faded away, turning into a thread of ice Qi and vanishing. His voice echoed for a long time.

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