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Chapter 662: Sword of Remote Times!

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Time passed slowly. Lin Feng kept screaming, but the ice-cold temperature was getting less and less painful for Lin Feng. He was getting used to it. His primal chaos strength had increased as well. Even though it was mysterious ice strength, Lin Feng could transform it into primal chaos strength to improve his primal chaos body. It was the advantage of having a primal chaos body.

One month. Lin Feng could now walk freely on the frozen ground. The formation was starting to weaken, too. The temperature also increased… well, actually, that was Lin Feng’s impression, the formation was weakening and the temperature didn’t go up, he just had that impression because he was getting used to it.


Two months passed, and Lin Feng had walked tens of thousands of meters. No matter where he went he could absorb that mysterious ice strength. Finally, two months later, Lin Feng exhaled, and the ice-cold frost on his body completely disappeared.

Boom, boom! Lin Feng jumped and suddenly, the ground shook violently and cracked. The formation collapsed. Lin Feng started running, and the primal chaos beast followed him.

San Zun’s broken soul had told Lin Feng that after absorbing all the mysterious ice Qi, the formation would collapse, and then San Zun’s ancient grave, which was in the formation, would also appear, as well as his corpse.

Lin Feng first flew up, then landed on the ground. The primal chaos beast crashed on the ground and the floor trembled. Lin Feng turned his head and looked at the poor primal chaos beast. He was lying on the ground.

The primal chaos beast roared angrily. He felt embarrassed, especially in front of his new master. He had just lost face. He stretched out his legs and stood up, then punched the ground.

There was an explosion. The ground under the primal chaos beast blew apart. A room appeared, a dozen coffins inside, all of them at least five meters long.

Suddenly, the beast roared angrily again. Lin Feng lowered his head. He saw a black coffin emerge from the muddy ground. It looked imposing and dignified.

The coffin floated in front of Lin Feng. A black earth Qi emerged from the coffin. A pitch black smoke appeared, Lin Feng smelled something strange and felt dizzy.

The primal chaos beast roared quickly. He used his tail to push Lin Feng behind him. There was an explosion, and Lin Feng was hurled away. He remained focused, and stared at the black earth Qi.

“That thing can hypnotize people?”

Lin Feng was astonished. If the primal chaos beast hadn’t pushed him away, he would have fallen into a coma. That would have been terrible.

Lin Feng was now sure that it was San Zun’s coffin. San Zun had probably done all he could to prevent the Yans from humiliating him in case they found him. It was a trap against the Yans, not Lin Feng.

“Master, sorry for disturbing you,” Lin Feng said to the coffin. He walked towards the coffin, extremely slowly. He stayed vigilant in case there were other traps.

The primal chaos beast growled and walked towards the coffin, as well. He grabbed his hand and hit the coffin, which blew apart. Lin Feng looked at the primal chaos beast with his eyes wide. He couldn’t believe it. The primal chaos beast was crazy! How did he dare do that to his former boss?

But when Lin Feng saw what there was in there, he understood. It wasn’t San Zun’s body… There were San Zun’s skills and techniques, and an unlocked small box. It was open, with three strange books inside.

“Primal chaos beast training??” Lin Feng looked at a small yellow book. It contained different methods to train primal chaos beasts. Lin Feng understood that training a primal chaos beast was essential.

Lin Feng looked at the book, and the primal chaos beast saw it too, when he did, he growled anxiously.

He remembered what that book was. It allowed a cultivator to control primal chaos beasts with or without their permission.

Lin Feng took the book and saw the primal chaos beast’s imploring look. The primal chaos beast was really scared Lin Feng would use it.

Lin Feng smiled and threw the book at the primal chaos beast. He smiled and said, “In the future, you can take care of that book. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll take it back from you and teach you a good lesson,” Lin Feng said. Then he grabbed the two other books.

The primal chaos beast understood what Lin Feng meant, and was very touched. Even though Lin Feng talked that way, he was actually being very kind.

Lin Feng didn’t want to use the book to control the primal chaos beast because if he did, their relationship would turn into a slave-master relationship, and not a friendship. Back in the day, when Yan Di was Qiong Qi, Lin Feng had considered him a friend, and not a pet.

The primal chaos beast roared twice and rubbed his head against Lin Feng. Lin Feng pushed him and smiled mockingly, “You want to give me that book back?”

The primal chaos beast rumbled and hastily put the book away. Lin Feng smiled to himself, and stopped messing with the primal chaos beast. They were slowly becoming friends. Before, the primal chaos beast considered Lin Feng his new master, but now they were becoming friends.

Lin Feng looked at the two other skills. There was one book, it was a blood Tao skill called Blood Skill of the Great Tao.

Tao skill? One level above celestial skills?, he thought, astonished. At first, he was confused, but he quickly understood what Tao skills were; they were the next level after celestial skills.

Lin Feng read the skill over carefully. He was surprised, because it was very similar to Godly Emperor Blood’s Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, Lin Feng even thought that the only difference was that they had different approaches, but equally satisfying results.

Could it be that the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill and the Blood Skill of the Great Tao are connected in some way? He missed Godly Emperor Blood. He felt even more determined to become a high-level Supreme God when he thought about him, and that he could revive him some day.

“Tao skills general principles.” Lin Feng looked at the other book, opened it, and read the title.

Lin Feng turned to the second page. There were ancient words. Lin Feng didn’t understand anything. It was probably an ancient skill specific to Gods Country. Lin Feng was a bit disappointed, but he still took the two books.

The primal chaos beast growled. He rubbed his head against Lin Feng’s shoulder and pushed him towards the other coffins. The primal chaos beast then crushed one of them with his claws, like he had the first one.

“What…?” Lin Feng lifted a small box and opened it. There was a azure jewel inside. When Lin Feng held it in his hand, it felt hot and cold at the same time. It made Lin Feng feel carefree and happy.

The primal chaos beast went back to the other coffins. He crushed the others like he had done with the first two. There was no trace of San Zun’s corpse in all those coffins. There were only precious treasures.

That must be San Zun’s weapon?, he thought when he arrived in front of the last coffin, and saw a three meter long box. The box looked ancient, and old words were carved upon it. It was much more valuable than the others.

Lin Feng slowly opened the box. Before he opened it completely, a azure sword light emerged, and Lin Feng jumped to avoid it. Otherwise, he would have died instantly!

The sword lights dispersed and the original item appeared. It was a azure sword. It seemed ordinary, but Lin Feng could sense an ice-cold deadly Qi emerging from it, but the Qi was hidden by the sword Qi, so it wasn’t too obvious.

“Sword of Remote Times.”

When Lin Feng saw that name, he was surprised; he had never heard of it before.

But Lin Feng could see that the sword was extremely powerful. An attack with that sword alone had the power of the medium-level Supreme God layer.

The Sword of Remote Times was much, much more powerful than the Buddha Sword. Godly Emperor Blood’s Buddha Sword was a supreme godly imperial weapon, which meant that that Sword of Remote Times surpassed that level.

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