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Chapter 663: Leaving the Grave, Strong Cultivators Show Up!

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“Buddy, where’s the Master’s coffin?” asked Lin Feng, putting the Sword of Remote Times away. He didn’t study the peerless ancient sword for the time being. But since it was San Zun’s weapon, it was definitely as powerful as he was. It was also much, much sharper than the Buddha Sword.

Lin Feng wanted to find San Zun. The old man had already given so much to him, so Lin Feng had to find a place to bury the old man so that he could rest in peace, because this place definitely wasn’t the safest.

The primal chaos beast shook his head to call Lin Feng. Lin Feng walked over to him. The primal chaos beast pointed to the ground. Lin Feng knocked on the ground. It echoed, which meant there was a room underneath.

“Brother, break the ground.” With the primal chaos beast, Lin Feng almost didn’t need to use his own strength. The primal chaos beast did everything. That way, Lin Feng also spared himself some efforts. He could imagine that things wouldn’t be easy after coming out of the cave. He might be in an extremely dangerous situation.

The primal chaos beast didn’t hesitate to obey Lin Feng’s order, immediately crushing the ground. Breaking and snapping sounds echoed out, and the ground collapsed. A tunnel with a diameter of ten meters and a ten-meter coffin appeared.

Two images were carved on it, depicting primal chaos beasts. When the coffin appeared completely, Lin Feng noticed that the coffin was thoroughly tied up with iron chains. When he saw that, he frowned.

“Yan Zun’s son didn’t have pure intentions…” whispered Lin Feng. How was thoroughly tying up a coffin with iron chains an act of kindness? How could San Zun rest in peace like that? Lin Feng also sensed a terrifying formation. It seemed like everything had been done so that San Zun would never have any chance of coming back to life.

“A formation?” Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He hadn’t had the opportunity to play with formations for a long time. He had become a Great Scholar back in the days, and had an advanced understanding of formations. However, he hadn’t practiced for such a long time that he had forgotten a lot, too.

The primal chaos beast roared angrily. Lin Feng looked at him. The primal chaos beast raised his paw and hit the coffin. There was an explosion, and the chains broke into a thousand pieces. However, when the chains broke, a terrifying strength erupted.

Lin Feng suddenly saw ten million whistling sword lights moved towards him. They were so fast that it was almost as if they were faster than light itself.

“Fucking hell, primal chaos beast!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. He used all his pure Qi to rise up in the air, then raised his hands and put them in front of him to protect himself. He also released energies to protect himself and the primal chaos beast. But he struggled when the sword lights reached him.

The primal chaos beast felt guilty. He charged ahead and attacked the lights. Lin Feng suddenly sensed an extremely strong wind, and was almost blown away like a leaf.

“What the fuck are you doing?” shouted Lin Feng. He regretted that he hadn’t taken the book which contained the different methods to control a primal chaos beast. He had decided to let him do what he wished, and now he had nearly been killed.

The primal chaos beast remained silent. He looked extremely focused. At that moment, he was making cutting motions with his claws, and he was moving so quickly that it was impossible to follow him with a naked eye. The wind was growing stronger and stronger. The millions of sword lights became chaotic.

The primal chaos beast roared in a thundering rage. He attacked the sword lights with deadly force. The sword lights were pushed backwards and crashed against the walls, then they broke and disappeared into the grave.

The primal chaos beast smiled, but his smile looked terrifying. Lin Feng clenched his fists, his face pale. The primal chaos beast had pissed him off. How stupid could he be?

“Primal chaos beast, you fucking moron! If you ever do that again, I’ll take the book back from you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The primal chaos beast just smiled and nodded. He felt guilty that he had infuriated Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. No matter what he said, the primal chaos beast had still managed to destroy the sword energies. No more Qi emerged from the coffin.

Lin Feng walked forwards. He got ready to open the coffin, but the primal chaos beast jumped in front of him and smiled. He opened the lid of the coffin with full force. Then he retreated to let Lin Feng pass in front of him with a smile.

Lin Feng looked at the primal chaos beast angrily, even if he hadn’t done anything wrong. On the contrary, he wanted to help!

Lin Feng stood in front of the coffin. Lin Feng opened the shroud inside, and saw there was a body in perfect condition. He looked exactly like the broken soul. His face was completely pale and swollen, like any dead person. Ordinary people and Supreme Gods still shared some common characteristics in death.

Lin Feng bowed hand over fist before stashing the coffin in his ring. He wanted to bury him somewhere else. Burying him in the same place would have been useless, because there were too many negative energies here.

“Buddy, let’s leave,” shouted Lin Feng in a loud voice jumping onto the primal chaos beast’s back.

The primal chaos beast growled, and started running as fast as he could. They soon arrived at the bottom of the main abyssal pit, and then they both used Qi to rise and go back to Yellow Sands Canyon.

When they arrived at the surface, Lin Feng was startled because the primal chaos beast suddenly became hundreds of times bigger.

“So that’s your real body?” Lin Feng smiled wryly and looked at the primal chaos beast. It was a thousand zhang long. It didn’t look like a spider anymore. It looked imposing and awe-inspiring. Lin Feng felt proud to be on the primal chaos beast’s back.

The primal chaos beast rumbled in a low voice, but outside, his voice resonating thousands of li away and making the ground tremble.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling, so he jumped off the primal chaos beast’s back and shouted to him hastily, “Try and be discreet, will you!”

Even though the primal chaos beast didn’t know why Lin Feng wanted him to become small again, he did so. He shrunk from a thousand zhang to fifty centimeters long. He really looked like an oversized spider at that moment.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to explain anything, and immediately put him in his Star World. Then he raised his head.

“As expected, someone is here,” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng had already decided what he was going to do. If he managed to fool Yan Zhen, that would be great; if he failed, he’d do his best to escape.

Lights flashed in the sky of Yellow Sands Canyon. Yan Zhen was there with a dozen State Teachers. The Leaders of the different Villages were there, too.

Lin Feng instantly had cold sweats. How unlucky! He immediately understood that escaping would be impossible, because he was facing a high-level Supreme God, several medium-level Supreme Gods, and a dozen low-level Supreme Gods.

Lin Feng watched Yan Zhen. Yan Zhen and his group landed on the ground. In the crowd, Lin Feng recognized Hu Yan Zan, the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King. The other Village Leaders he didn’t know.

“How did it go, Lin Feng?” asked Yan Zhen. San Zun’s legacy was the most important thing to him.

Lin Feng naturally couldn’t tell him the truth. He couldn’t tell them about the primal chaos beast, the Tao skills, or San Zun’s body. He couldn’t tell them about the Sword of Remote Times, either.

Well, he couldn’t tell them he had obtained all those things, but he could maybe mention them so that Yan Zhen would trust him.

“Master, please come closer,” Lin Feng said quickly. That was the only solution he had to escape from San Country.

Yan Zhen looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked serious and honest, so he believed him. Maybe Lin Feng really was going to tell him everything that had happened. Therefore, he rushed over to him.

The atmosphere became grave and serious.

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