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Chapter 664: Killing Another State Teacher and Escaping!

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“San Zun’s grave is indeed under the ground,” whispered Lin Feng to Yan Zhen, who was only twenty centimeters away from him. He sounded gravely serious, and very solemn. It was all part of Lin Feng’s plot.

Yan Zhen’s heart twitched when he heard that. He didn’t have time to think, so he immediately believed Lin Feng. Then he asked, “Hurry up and tell me, what did you see?” asked Yan Zhen. He was even excited, but smiled calmly in spite of the excitement.

“Master, I’m going to tell you everything, but the truth is not easy to accept sometimes,” Lin Feng said glumly. Yan Zhen had a bad feeling. Had an accident happened? He started getting nervous.

“Tell me, I’ll be fine,” said Yan Zhen, taking a deep breath, but his expression was ice-cold. He started having doubts. Lin Feng didn’t look nervous in spite of Yan Zhen’s expression. He was convinced Yan Zhen was going to believe his story.

“San Zun’s grave is indeed inside, and a few dozens of thousands of meters deep. If you had dug a little further, you would have found it. Unfortunately, you gave up…

“Not only did I see San Zun’s grave, but I also saw his desire, or more precisely, his broken soul,” Lin Feng said honestly. He knew that he had to be as precise as possible, otherwise Yan Zhen wouldn’t believe him. So Lin Feng used true elements in his lie.

As expected, when Yan Zhen heard that, he calmed down. San Zun’s broken soul existed, and was not something he wanted to see.

“What happened after?” asked Yan Zhen. He needed more information to know whether Lin Feng was lying or not. He didn’t trust Lin Feng, after all, even if he had agreed to all Lin Feng’s conditions.

Lin Feng didn’t panic. He continued lying, “San Zun’s broken soul tried to control me so I left the grave. I nearly died inside, Master.”

Lin Feng was very smart. He didn’t immediately tell Yan Zhen everything, but did it slowly, so that Yan Zhen could process the information. He made Yan Zhen believe that if he hadn’t gone through innumerable hardships and tribulations, San Zun’s broken soul would have killed him. Yan Zhen had nothing to say.

Lin Feng was really good at making up stories. Yan Zhen was captivated, he could almost see vivid images of what had happened in his brain. He even looked at Lin Feng guiltily, thinking about how sad things had turned out.

“Luckily, I managed to destroy the broken soul, then I entered the grave, but things were so strange in there!” Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t finish his sentence. Even though he hated it when people beat about the bush, he did it himself at that moment.

Yan Zhen wanted to hear the rest so he shouted, “Hurry up and continue!”

“There was a formation inside, so I couldn’t get in,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head and sighing helplessly while watching Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen’s expression slightly changed. He stared at Lin Feng in the eyes. Lin Feng seemed to be at peace with himself. Then, Yan Zhen sighed helplessly. He completely believed Lin Feng.

He had obtained his ancestors’ memories. He knew that Yan Zun and Yan Zun’s son had cast a formation over San Zun’s grave back then, especially Yan Zun’s son. He had even cast several formations. He had done that to prevent San Zun from ever coming back to the world and taking his revenge on the Yans.

“Bring me inside,” ordered Yan Zhen icily. He looked at Lin Feng and frowned. If what Lin Feng had said was true, then Lin Feng probably didn’t mind bringing him to the grave. If Lin Feng refused, then it’d be suspicious.

“Alright,” Lin Feng said without hesitation. He didn’t even let Yan Zhen finish his sentence, he nodded immediately.

When Yan Zhen saw that, he felt vile and petty. He shook his head and said, “Sigh, it’s better if you don’t go. It could be dangerous for you. Since you came out, don’t go back in. You’re lucky you came out.

“If you had died or gotten badly injured, Little Qing wouldn’t have forgiven me. You’re the champion of San Country’s Great Competition, after all. No matter what, you can’t take any more risks.”

Yan Zhen felt guilty. What he didn’t know was that Lin Feng was getting extremely nervous at that moment. If Yan Zhen had really wanted him to go down to the abyssal pit with him, then Lin Feng’s plan would have been ruined.

Luckily, his story had worked and Yan Zhen felt guilty. Lin Feng didn’t need to go down the abyssal pit with him, but Yan Zhen didn’t completely trust Lin Feng, either. He looked at the old State Teachers behind him and said, “You stay with Prince Lin; the Leaders of the Villages, come with me!” waved Yan Zhen.

In the blink of an eye, the Leaders of the Villages landed next to Yan Zhen. Then, they all jumped into the abyssal pit.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King looked at Lin Feng. Suddenly, a map and two different locations appeared in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng was stupefied.

“Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long’s locations?” Lin Feng blankly watched the two Dragon Kings disappear into the abyssal hole. He was confused. Were they still willing to let their children follow him?

Lin Feng was convinced that it was the case. He was touched; the two Dragon Kings were really kind. He looked at them with new eyes. Even though Lin Feng knew that their ultimate goal was his demon dragon Qi and primal chaos strength, he still had more respect for them.

But Lin Feng still felt grateful. He sighed, then he looked at the dozen old men. The State Teachers watched him darkly. He had offended all of them by killing a State Teacher in the past, so they wanted to kill him.

However, Lin Feng didn’t care. These State Teachers were just low-level Supreme Gods.

He had even absorbed mysterious ice. Even though he hadn’t broken through, his cultivation level was more stable than ever. He could even feel he was going to break through to the top of the low-level Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng took a few steps and stood on the edge of Yellow Sands Canyon, gazing into the distance. Even the sky was yellow here. Everybody’s throat felt dry in the middle of the dust and sand.

“Anyway, if there’s nothing I can help you with, I’m leaving,” Lin Feng said to the State Teachers indifferently, making ready to leave Yellow Sands Canyon. However, the old men didn’t intend to let him go.

“Wait for the Leader to come back first! He’ll say whether you can leave or not,” said the Leader of the State Teachers grimly. They all looked at Lin Feng disdainfully.

Lin Feng found them ridiculous. He looked at the Leader of the State Teachers mockingly. “Hehe, you really think I’m a prisoner?” Lin Feng said to the State Teacher coldly. The old man looked at him with his eyes wide and shuddered.

The Leader naturally knew that Lin Feng had killed a State Teacher before. That State Teacher had been even stronger than him, but Lin Feng had killed him anyway. Now Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder when he looked at him… Could it be that…?

He didn’t dare imagine what Lin Feng was thinking. He took a step backwards and got closer to the old men behind him. They all looked at Lin Feng angrily.

“What? You want to fight?”

“Fight? No, no, why would I fight?” Lin Feng waved shaking his head and smiling broadly.

When the old man heard that, he looked relieved and calmer and said, “Good, I thought so. Hmph!”

“Hehe, I don’t want to fight, because…” Lin Feng smiled coldly, raising his head. His eyes were bloodshot, and then he finished, “Because I will just kill you!”

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking before he had already disappeared. He suddenly appeared in front of the old man, who didn’t have time to react. Lin Feng drew his Sword of Remote Times and cut. The old man was instantly sliced in two. He didn’t have time to scream because everything had happened so suddenly. Nobody had had time to react actually.

Lin Feng had the primal chaos beast come out, jumped on his back, and then they flew away from Yellow Sands Canyon as quickly as possible. In the blink of an eye, they flew over a dozen li. Lin Feng was stupefied by the primal chaos beast’s speed. He was incredibly fast!

Initially, Lin Feng was worried because he had wondered how he would get away from the State Teachers if they chased him, but now he didn’t need to worry at all!


After a few breaths, the State Teachers realized what was going on. They were dumbstruck and looked at the Leader of the State Teachers, who was cut in two. Blood kept flowing on the ground. His throat had been slit by the sword energies, and he had a ferocious expression; he hadn’t died content!


Lin Feng had killed a State Teacher again, and now he had escaped!!

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