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Chapter 666: Dead End?

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The primal chaos beast understood what Lin Feng meant. He hadn’t been so happy in a long time. Making people suffer was one of the things he liked the most. The primal chaos beast naturally didn’t intend to kill Hu Yan Qing.

Hu Yan Qing kept screaming. When Hu Yan Hao heard his brother, he paled even more. He was terrified. He knew that his brother and he were not going to die.

“Lin Feng, don’t be too satisfied. We lost, we failed, we also forgot you could inspect our memories,” said Hu Yan Hao. He was calmer than his brother, but such people were even more terrifying.

Lin Feng looked down at Hu Yan Hao. His eyes were filled with murder. He didn’t want Hu Yan Qing to die, he wanted him to suffer. However, Hu Yan Hao had to die because he was dangerous.

“You can die, so that I can be at peace in this world,” Lin Feng said. He took out his Sword of Remote Times, it flashed, and Hu Yan Hao was already cut in two. Hu Yan Hao’s eyes were still wide open. He couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng had killed him so easily!

Blood splashed out of Hu Yan Hao’s head. His corpse slowly collapsed and fell to the ground.

“Hehe, you’ve always known things would end up like this,” Lin Feng said, smiling icily at the remaining brother.

“Xiao Qing, I’m sorry, I was careless. You died in tragic circumstances because of me. I didn’t do the right thing,” Lin Feng said, looking in the direction of the mountain.

He felt extremely guilty. He remembered how lively she was, she was smart and cute, and now she was… dead?

“Fucking hell!” Lin Feng looked at Hu Yan Qing. He was struggling, trying to get free from the primal chaos beast’s claws. He raised his Sword of Remote Times and cut off Hu Yan Qing’s ears. Then he stabbed his eyes as well.

“OUCH! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! My ears! My eyes!” screamed Hu Yan Qing, putting his hands on his missing eyes and ears. At the same time, he was still struggling to get away from the primal chaos beast’s claws, almost fainting because of the pain. Lin Feng had no compassion at all, because Xiao Qing would never come back to life.

“Let’s go, buddy,” Lin Feng said. He seemed exhausted. He almost fainted because he had used too much strength. He left the meeting hall, holding his Sword of Remote Times.

But outside, someone had appeared. When Lin Feng came out, he saw a man. The man looked at him furiously.

“Lin Feng, you killed my younger son and poisoned my older son, what is this supposed to mean?” asked Hu Yan Zan. He felt desperate, alarmed, furious… He didn’t fear Lin Feng, he was just worried about the future. His older son had gone insane, he had become worthless. His younger son was dead.

He was desperate and furious. But what about Lin Feng? Wasn’t he furious?

“Your two sons killed Xiao Qing. I couldn’t let them off,” Lin Feng said glumly and icily.

Hu Yan Zan was surprised. He now understood why Xiao Qing had disappeared. He hadn’t thought his sons had killed her.

He was furious… at his sons. Why had they plotted against Lin Feng? But he was also furious at Lin Feng. How could he be so heartless? When he wanted to kill, he just killed? He thought he could do what he wished?

“We have nothing to tell each other. Let’s fight to death,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He didn’t feel like wasting time trying to convince Hu Yan Zan of anything. If Lin Feng died, then the issue would be solved. If Hu Yan Zan died, then Lin Feng would be able to leave.

Hu Yan Zan nodded. That was the only solution. One of his sons was dead, the other was severely injured; they had reached a point of no return, they couldn’t be at peace ever again. They were enemies. Hu Yan Zan would never let him off.

The battle wasn’t very loud. It even ended very quickly, Lin Feng didn’t waste time, he joined hands with the primal chaos beast and they killed Hu Yan Zan in the blink of an eye. He didn’t regret at all.

That was the world of cultivation. Weaklings were destroyed by strong cultivators.

“Let’s go and find my two mounts,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t forget about Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long. They immediately flew towards a mountain range.


Half an hour later, Lin Feng and the primal chaos beast arrived on the edge of San Country. It was one of the Black Dragon Village’s mountain ranges, set up in the shape of a dragon.

But Lin Feng didn’t have time to waste to enjoying the landscapes. He immediately went to find Ba Hei Long. He raised his Sword of Remote Times and cut the mountain into two.

A dragon roared. A hundred zhang long dragon rose up in the air; it was Ba Hei Long. He was tied up in golden chains. He broke them apart and turned into his human shape again.

“Lin Feng, is that you?” asked Ba Hei Long. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was astonished. Wasn’t Lin Feng in prison?

“No time to talk. Let’s go. Let’s go and rescue Di Qing Long,” Lin Feng said as he flew away.

Ba Hei Long wanted to know everything; how had Lin Feng found him so quickly? But as he wanted to ask more questions, he sensed a terrifying bestial Qi, he turned around and he was so scared that his soul almost dispersed.

“A primal… primal chaos beast?”


The three of them flew towards one of Azure Dragon Village’s mountains. When they arrived, Lin Feng destroyed that mountain with his Sword of Remote Times once again. Boom boom! And the mountain exploded. An azure dragon rose up in the air. Di Qing Long turned into a human being again.

“Lin Feng, are you not dead?” asked Di Qing Long. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was disappointed. Why wasn’t Lin Feng dead? If Lin Feng had died, he would have never needed to be his mount, but he wasn’t, so now he had no choice but to follow Lin Feng. He had to keep his promise.

Dragons were always honest and trustworthy.

“Let’s go. Let’s leave San Country. We’re going to Ze Country,” Lin Feng said to his three followers. He felt extremely proud. He had three incredible beasts. That was incredible for anyone in Gods Country. Even a black dragon or a azure dragon would have never managed to make a primal chaos beast submit.

Di Qing Long and Ba Hei Long were stupefied. They knew perfectly well what a primal chaos beast was. Dragons were proud and arrogant, but they were afraid of beasts who were stronger, and primal chaos beasts were among them.

“You think you can leave??”

Lin Feng rose up in the air and was about to leave when he suddenly heard a furious shout. Lin Feng almost collapsed and groaned with pain. Lin Feng, Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long were blown away. Only the primal chaos beast wasn’t blown away, he was just pushed back a few steps.

Yan Zhen, the Leaders of the different Villages, and the ten State Teachers had appeared there.

When Lin Feng saw them, he smiled wryly. He had wasted time, and they had caught up with him!

“You can only blame yourself for your own death, Lin Feng,” said Yan Zhen icily. Deadly energies emerged from his entire body.

Lin Feng had killed one State Teacher. Maybe Yan Zhen could forgive Lin Feng for that, but he had then killed another one, and on top of that, the oldest State Teacher! Yan Zhen couldn’t accept that at all.

And even worse, Lin Feng had tried to deceive him. He had joined hands with San Zun’s broken soul to plot against him; Yan Zhen couldn’t accept that at all, Lin Feng had to die!

The atmosphere became heavy and Qi started humming.

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