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Chapter 667: The Primal Chaos Beast’s Loyalty!

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“It seems like you were too slow,” said Yan Zhen mockingly. Lin Feng had lied to him, then killed a State Teacher and escaped. Yan Zhen was absolutely furious. At the grave, he had decided to come back with only a few Leaders.

However, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would dare kill so many people. Yan Zhen took a deep breath. Luckily, he had found Lin Feng; otherwise, it would have been a catastrophe. Lin Feng might have come back to take his revenge.

He had to get rid of Lin Feng as quickly as possible to avoid getting into trouble in the future. Lin Feng was extremely talented and strong, so killing him on the spot was the best thing to do.

Lin Feng watched him icily. He glanced at Ba Hei Long, Di Qing Long and the primal chaos beast. The three beasts of them looked glum as well. Lin Feng had come to their rescue, which definitely had consequences.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King paled. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so slow, they had thought he’d leave quickly. Now, he wouldn’t be able to leave. He was doomed… and their sons would…

“You don’t have to follow me. You can leave. Go back to the members of your respective clans,” Lin Feng said taking a deep breath, and looking at Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long. Everybody was stupefied. Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long were astonished, and couldn’t believe it. They didn’t know what to think.


Ba Hei Long wanted to say something, but Lin Feng interrupted him and shouted, “What? You want to fight against me?”

“Lin Feng, how audacious! You dare provoke my son! You want to die!” shouted Ba Hei Long’s father, the Black Dragon King. He understood what Lin Feng was trying to do. Lin Feng knew his son would get killed if he stayed on Lin Feng’s side, so the best way was to find an excuse to get rid of them.

The Black Dragon King was sad to talk to Lin Feng that way, but he had to. He felt sorry for Lin Feng. He had already given Lin Feng a great opportunity, but Lin Feng had let it slip, so the Black Dragon King had no choice. Even though it seemed like he was dropping stones on someone who had fallen into a well, it was also what Lin Feng wanted him to do.

“Lin Feng, you injured my son. No matter where you go, I will never let you escape. Release my son!” The Azure Dragon King also looked at Lin Feng icily. Qi started humming.

Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long looked grim. They were impressed, too, not knowing what to say. They couldn’t say anything either, because what Lin Feng was doing was for their own good.

“Since it’s that way, Lin Feng, release them and I will respect your dead body, I won’t dismantle it,” shouted Yan Zhen coldly.

Lin Feng glanced at Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long indifferently, “Piss off!” Lin Feng punched Ba Hei Long in the chest, and the dragon was blown away. The Black Dragon King’s expression changed quickly. He flashed and caught Ba Hei Long, before throwing a punch at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng could see that the Black Dragon King felt guilty. Lin Feng smiled tightly and slapped the Black Dragon King’s fist, pushing it away. Boom, boom! Lin Feng was blown away by the energies anyway. He crashed against a gigantic boulder, which exploded.

The primal chaos beast roared furiously. Everybody paled and put their hands on their ears. Apart from Yan Zhen, the others, including the Black Dragon King, all struggled to resist the primal chaos beast’s powerful energies. But the King still managed to descend from the sky and grab Ba Hei Long firmly before taking a few steps backwards. His face was extremely pale, though.

Di Qing Long went back to the Azure Dragon King and looked at Lin Feng guiltily; he was severely injured. The primal chaos beast stayed in front of Lin Feng to protect him.

The primal chaos beast was ready. He had activated all his venom glands. if anyone attacked Lin Feng, he’d attack them without any hesitation. He was ready to protect Lin Feng at the risk of his life. The primal chaos beast grew bigger and bigger, until he reached a thousand zhang in length.

Lin Feng was still behind him. He put his hand on his chest, deeply moved that the primal chaos beast was ready to risk his life to protect him.

“Buddy, leave, don’t worry about me, you don’t deserve to die because of me! You deserve a free life!” Lin Feng shouted to the primal chaos beast. He wanted the primal chaos beast to go away, but the primal chaos beast didn’t react, he stayed there as if he hadn’t heard Lin Feng. Ba Hei Long and Di Qing Long started looking at him disdainfully.

Ba Hei Long was upset, especially when the primal chaos beast eyed them mockingly. Ba Hei Long felt humiliated, because he felt like a traitor. He had abandoned his master. Ba Hei Long clenched his fists; he wanted to go back to Lin Feng, but the Black Dragon King prevented him from moving.

“If you dare make a move, all the dragons will kill you and bury you!” the Black Dragon King shouted at Ba Hei Long telepathically.

Ba Hei Long’s face fell. He knew that if he left his group, it would prove he was on Lin Feng’s side and then he’d die, and the Black Dragon Clan would face a catastrophe as well because everyone would consider the members of the Black Dragon Clan Lin Feng’s accomplices. He understood what humans meant when they talked about loyalty. His eyes were bloodshot and he ground his teeth.

Yan Zhen looked at Lin Feng and the primal chaos beast. He was stupefied. A primal chaos beast was following Lin Feng? He was even extremely loyal and devoted. He knew that back in the days, San Country had two primal chaos beasts who were extremely loyal and devoted. That’s how San Country had become extremely powerful back then.

After one of the primal chaos beasts had died, the other one didn’t feel like parting with his master, so he had followed San Zun into the grave. Because he had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, he hadn’t died, but he had been sealed. If Lin Feng hadn’t found him, he might have died.

When Yan Zhen saw how loyal and devoted the primal chaos beast was, he thought of a solution: if he managed to get rid of Lin Feng and obtain the primal chaos beast, he would kill two birds with one stone, or more precisely, three birds, because the three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire would also be satisfied.

If Lin Feng died, then San Country would be safe and sound. If he also had a primal chaos beast, San Country would definitely rise again. What else could he wish for?

“I know you want to protect Lin Feng, primal chaos beast, I can promise you something: if you submit to me and become mine, I will let Lin Feng off, what do you think?” said Yan Zhen, staring at the primal chaos beast.

The primal chaos beast raised his head, his eyes gleaming. He almost looked like a human being.

“No, buddy, don’t let anyone else control you, you are free, you cannot submit to anyone, don’t accept,” Lin Feng said. He knew what Yan Zhen was trying to do.

However, the primal chaos beast didn’t care; to protect Lin Feng, he was ready to do anything, so if submitting to Yan Zhen sufficed to save Lin Feng’s life, he was ready to do it. Therefore, he lowered his head and roared gently.

“Haha! Good! Good!” shouted Yan Zhen, laughing deeply. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He now had a primal chaos beast; this was incredible, how majestic! How dignified! How fantastic! He would definitely surpass San Zun someday, and San Country would rise; he would become the most powerful of all Leaders.

“Come to me,” said Yan Zhen, looking at the primal chaos beast voraciously.

The primal chaos beast roared twice and moved towards Yan Zhen. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He grabbed the primal chaos beast’s tail and said worriedly, “Buddy, don’t go! Don’t!”

The primal chaos beast looked at Lin Feng, then he moved his tail and pushed Lin Feng away. The primal chaos beast then ran towards Yan Zhen. Yan Zhen jumped onto the primal chaos beast’s back, raised his head to the skies and laughed, “Haha! Anyone else?! Anyone else? Haha!”

“Someone come here and kill Lin Feng!”

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