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Chapter 668: Sanguinary Battle!

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Suddenly, Yan Zhen’ stopped smiling and looked at Lin Feng ferociously and glumly. Then, he looked at the State Teachers and gave them the other to kill Lin Feng.

The primal chaos beast roared in a thundering rage. He realized that Yan Zhen had fooled him. He wanted to run back to Lin Feng, but Yan Zhen controlled him easily. He was a high-level Supreme God, so controlling a medium-level Supreme God beast was very easy for him. The primal chaos beast couldn’t move. He kept roaring, but it was useless.

Lin Feng was desperate. His hair and robe fluttered in the wind messily. He was still holding his Sword of Remote Times. Even if he was going to die, he had to fight back. He couldn’t let these people kill him easily.

The battle started. Lin Feng flashed away, attacking a State Teacher and cutting. The State Teachers were scared of Lin Feng, so when they saw him come towards them, their expressions changed instantly.

The old man shouted furiously, then took out a weapon to block Lin Feng’s Sword of Remote Times. When the other State Teachers saw that, they all came back and attacked him, but their attacks were chaotic. Lin Feng didn’t intend to give up. He shouted, releasing primal chaos strength. Because the Sword of Remote Times contained primal chaos strength already, it became even more powerful.

Lin Feng didn’t control the Sword of Remote Times that well, so after a few seconds, the sword started fighting on its own. It moved towards the old man and chopped him! Slash! Blood splashed, the sword stabbed the old man in the chest. Then, Lin Feng jumped and kicked the corpse away.

Slash, slash, slash…

The Sword of Remote Times continued controlling Lin Feng’s hand. Sharp sword lights kept flashing and moving towards the remaining nine State Teachers. Lin Feng was almost scared of the Sword of Remote Times’ deadly Qi.

It didn’t look like a sword anymore, it looked like a medium-level Supreme God. It seemed even stronger than an ordinary medium-level Supreme God. When Lin Feng saw that, he was convinced that the Sword of Remote Times could fight against Yan Zhen. It wasn’t just a sword!

The nine State Teachers were surrounded by sword lights. They instantly disappeared in the middle of them. Lin Feng was astonished; what was going on? How come they had suddenly disappeared?

Everything became solemnly silent, everyone even stopped breathing. The sword lights disappeared suddenly again. When the State Teachers saw that, their expressions became normal again and they looked at Lin Feng ferociously.

They got ready to attack, but it was like their feet refused to move. There was an explosion, and sword lights surrounded the State Teachers again, they disappeared inside once again.

Slash, slash, slash! The nine State Teachers’ skin and muscles were flayed. They turned into shiny yet miserable white skeletons. They had no skin or muscles left at all. The skeletons fell down on the ground, making a rattling sound.

Eerie silence. Yan Zhen was stunned, and stared at Lin Feng.

How was that possible? How could Lin Feng be so strong? That was simply terrifying!

However, they didn’t know that Lin Feng was even more astonished than them. He hadn’t done anything! He hadn’t killed those people. The Sword of Remote Times had just moved on its own. It had controlled his hand. Lin Feng had tried to control it, he had tried to release strength, but he had noticed that if he tried to release more strength, his blood would explode.

Lin Feng had thus given up. He just wanted to leave as quickly as possible now. After that, he would try and see if he could control the sword trying different methods. San Zun’s sword was really terrifying, though…

Boom boom boom!…

Suddenly, an incredible strength emerged, and the ground shook violently. Energies rolled in waves over a dozen li. Yan Zhen attacked. The State Teachers had died tragically, which also meant that San Country was as good as destroyed. They were very weak already, but now, what would they do with only a dozen low-level Supreme Gods?

“I will definitely kill you today, or San Country will never be able to get back on track!” shouted Yan Zhen furiously. His voice made the earth and the sky tremble, as they were afraid. Lin Feng felt great pressure. He was facing a high-level Supreme God, after all!

Lin Feng paled. He was desperate again, and couldn’t possibly escape anymore. However, as he was panicking, the Sword of Remote Times buzzed and hummed again. It was excited by Yan Zhen’s murderous intentions, it seemed. Swish! Lin Feng didn’t do anything, but he was holding the sword still, and the sword suddenly shot towards Yan Zhen at an incredible speed.

“You want to die!” shouted Yan Zhen gloomily. Lin Feng provoked him on purpose? A high-level Supreme God? Yan Zhen was extremely angry. He raised his left hand and a golden axe appeared. He chopped his hand in Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng knew this was an opportunity, so he used his full strength. No matter whether he could control the Sword of Remote Times or not, he had to assist it; he needed to win to be able to leave afterwards. Nothing else mattered anymore. Lin Feng took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and put his consciousness in the Sword of Remote Times.

It was a starry world. Lin Feng was standing in the middle, surrounded by darkness and stars. There was a dazzling white star. Lin Feng and the Sword of Remote Times’ consciousnesses fused together.

Lin Feng shouted out; his voice and the buzzing hum of the sword seemed to be the same. It was incredible. Lin Feng opened his eyes, they were filled with sword lights. Lin Feng raised his left hand, and the Sword of Remote Times faced Yan Zhen’s axe.

Ka Ka… Boom, boom! The Sword of Remote Times and the axe collided. There was an explosion and energies swept out. The energies almost destroyed Lin Feng’s circulatory system, but Yan Zhen wasn’t having a great time either. He groaned with pain and his face paled. He was pushed back thousands of meters.

All the Leaders looked at Lin Feng, astonished. They couldn’t believe their eyes. A low-level Supreme God could compete with Yan Zhen, a high-level Supreme God?? He had even pushed Yan Zhen back thousands of meters?? How could a low-level Supreme God achieve such an incredible thing? Even a medium-level Supreme God couldn’t!

That battle was incredible and bloody. It might be one of the strangest in history already.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and roared like thunder. The Sword of Remote Times attacked again. Yan Zhen was also furious; he raised his axe and attacked again. His axe, which weighed ten million kilos, descended towards Lin Feng again. Lin Feng’s Sword of Remote Times slashed towards Yan Zhen’s arm again.

The two of them were blown away again. Lin Feng coughed blood and his face became as pale as a paper sheet. His Qi also became extremely weak.

Yan Zhen sensed an ice-cold energy flowing through his veins. He had the impression his circulatory system was going to explode. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng had managed to do it. Yan Zhen couldn’t believe it. He had to release Qi to protect his circulatory system!

Lin Feng looked at Yan Zhen, then at the primal chaos beast who was oppressed by Yan Zhen. He felt sad for him. The primal chaos beast had sacrificed himself to protect him. Lin Feng couldn’t abandon him, so he decided to save him.

However, when Lin Feng decided to do that, the Sword of Remote Times suddenly flew out again. A terrifying Qi appeared; Lin Feng couldn’t compete with it. He was dragged along by the Sword of Remote Times. Lin Feng used his full strength to control the Sword of Remote Times, but in vain. He tried to throw the Sword of Remote Times, but that didn’t work either.

The Sword of Remote Times wanted to take Lin Feng away. Yan Zhen had his hand on his chest, and when he saw Lin Feng leave, his expression changed drastically. He shouted to all the Leaders, “Chase him! Chase him! Don’t let Lin Feng escape! Otherwise, he’ll come back someday and he’ll pose a threat to all of us!”

Yan Zhen was scared. Lin Feng was already terrifyingly strong; how strong would he be if he came back a few years from now? How terrifying would he be? Yan Zhen didn’t dare imagine and he couldn’t let that happen, he had to prevent Lin Feng from leaving and kill him!

The Leaders all threw themselves after Lin Feng, including the Azure Dragon King and the Black Dragon King. However, the Sword of Remote Times moved at a terrifying speed. Lin Feng was astonished. The Leaders couldn’t catch up with him!


In the end, Lin Feng escaped.

Yan Zhen heard a sonic boom, Lin Feng had disappeared in the blink of an eye. Yan Zhen’s face was even paler. He was terrified. The strength Lin Feng had displayed on today was astonishing. He also guessed that the Sword of Remote Times had something to do with that, but so what? What would happen if Lin Feng came back in a few years? Lin Feng progressed extremely quickly on the path of cultivation!

Yan Zhen didn’t want to imagine he had offended a cultivator who was going to become a peerless cultivator someday in Gods’ Country. However, he had offended Lin Feng. If Lin Feng lived, then San Country would never be completely safe.

“Fuck! Fuuuuuuck!!” shouted Yan Zhen furiously. He hammered the ground with a punch, blowing open a hundred-meter-wide crater. He had rarely been so angry in his life.

Yan Zhen looked at the primal chaos beast, which made him calm down. As long as he had the primal chaos beast, San Country was actually safe.

Anyway, I’m sure he’ll travel around the world and offend some strong cultivators who will kill him!, thought Yan Zhen looking in Lin Feng’s direction ferociously.

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