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Chapter 669: Lin Feng Wakes Up!


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“There’s a notice in Lang Xie City! Come and see!” said someone on the main road of Lang Xie City. There was a notice. The text on that notice was extremely long. People gathered around, all of them curious. There were all sorts of people. People in Lang Xie City all had money, so they were all wearing fine clothes.

“The Young Prince of Lang Xie City was born, at birth, he had the strength of the Huang Qi layer, now, he’s ten years old and has the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He’s about to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. We are looking for three people to become his teachers. Strength required: fifth Godly Emperor layer and above. The higher the better.

“Interested candidates should contact the town’s Great Leader, and he’ll give them an identity card to prove they’re one of the Young Prince’s teachers. Those who achieve the best results will become elders of Lang Xie City and receive a financial reward. Hurry up and come apply!”

When some people saw “Young Prince”, they were angry and disgusted. Most people in Lang Xie City hated the Young Prince, why would they want to become his teacher? Who would want to apply? Nobody wanted to sacrifice themselves!

“Who would want to become the Young Master’s teacher? It’d be the same as being dead,” whispered a man. He rolled up his sleeves and left the crowd. Many people walked away as well. Nobody wanted to become the Young Master’s teacher.

Two guards were guarding the notice, and when they saw that everybody was leaving, they smiled wryly. They glanced at each other and shook their heads. People were so afraid of the Young Master? Seven teachers had died… but they were stupid.

“Let’s go and tell the Leader it didn’t work,” sighed one of the guards. He wasn’t happy. Back then, a few people had applied at least, but since seven teachers had died because of the Young Master, nobody wanted to do the job anymore.

“It’s normal. The Young Prince doesn’t even obey his family members, so why would he obey teachers? Let’s go,” the other guard nodded, and they walked away.

A mysterious man wearing simple clothes appeared. He walked up to the notice and read it out loud hoarsely, “Three teachers are wanted. Interested candidates should contact the town’s Great Leader, and then he’ll give them an identity card to prove they’re one of the Young Prince’s teachers. Those who achieve the best results will become elders of Lang Xie City and receive a financial reward. Hurry up and come apply!”

That voice was so hoarse that it could make anyone shiver, even though they weren’t cold. The voice was as cold as ice.

The sound of tearing paper spread in the air. The man tore the notice off. Even though the sound wasn’t that loud, the two guards heard it and suddenly turned around. When they saw the man, they seemed delighted.

“You took the notice off the board, does it mean you want to become the Young Prince’s teacher?” asked the two guards, looking at the man, who looked like a homeless person. Even though he looked resolute and steadfast and his eyes looked sharp, swift and fierce, the two guards didn’t like his dirty clothes very much, but their task was to find teachers so it didn’t matter.

“Yes,” said the man hoarsely. He flew towards the residence of the town’s Great Leader, but he quickly came back and looked at the two guards who were astonished. “Bring me to the town’s Great Leader’s residence, I can’t find him.”

“Uhhh, alright, alright, come with me,” said the guards nodding hastily. The two men then led the way. The man followed them, looking indifferent as he held the torn piece of paper.

Many people looked at the man and were astonished. That man, who looked like a vagrant, wanted to apply for the teaching job? Did he really think he would be able to get food and a shelter like that? Did he really think he wasn’t going to get killed by the Young Prince, just like the other teachers?

Many people didn’t understand, but they didn’t dare say anything either. If anyone said anything, the guards would crush them. They had been waiting for a while, and now someone had taken the bait!


The man followed the two guards, and in the end they arrived in front of the Great Leader’s residence. The entry corridor was a thousand meters long. In front of the gate, there were two demon beasts’ statues, and purple towers visible within. The man looked at the statues carefully. He was a bit surprised, because those beasts were an azure dragon and a tortoise.

Azure Dragons and Tortoises were members of the four types of godly beasts. The statues even oppressed the Qi around. The man also noticed a formation. The whole mansion was protected by it.

“Please go in, Prince,” said the two guards respectfully. They all entered the residence.

One of the guards ran ahead to go and inform the Leader. The other guard stayed with the man. They walked over a bridge, crossing a river. The man was surprised when he saw a river crossing the residence.

There were pagodas everywhere, hundreds of meters tall. The man could see that those pagodas were extraordinary. They probably all belonged to a medium-level Supreme God.

But it was nothing compared to another thread of Qi the man could sense, the Qi of a high-level Supreme God. That Qi was swift and fierce, very impressive. It was even more dangerous than threads of Qi of the high-level Supreme God layer that he had sensed in the past. This high-level Supreme God was even stronger.

“Alright, please come in.”

After a short while, the other guard came back and called the man. The man followed him into the meeting room.

The atmosphere was heavy. Nobody dared say anything in the meeting room, because a man in fine clothes was seating there. His eyebrows were sword-shaped, and his long hair hung over his shoulders. He looked ice-cold and aggressive.

Nobody dared say anything, whether young or old.

The man followed the two guards inside and stood in the middle of the meeting hall. The man glanced around; the meeting hall seemed quite simple unlike the rest of the palace.

“Great Leader, this is the man who wants to become the Young Prince’s teacher,” said the guards, kneeling down respectfully. The middle-aged man who was seated on the main throne raised his head and looked over the man from head to foot. The middle-aged man suddenly seemed confused.

“He personally took off the notice?” the man asked the guards.

The guards shuddered with fear. One of them nodded and replied hastily, “Yes, Great Leader. He took it off personally.”

“I see. You can leave now,” said the man, nodding at the two guards. When the two guards heard their master, they were relieved. They quickly said goodbye and ran out of the meeting hall. They felt oppressed when they faced their Leader.

The man remained standing in the middle of the meeting hall. A dozen people looked at him. The man raised his head and looked at the town’s great Leader indifferently.

“I need to have a shower and change clothes.”

“Alright, no problem. I’ll prepare everything for you, including good food and beverages. Then, I’ll take you to the Young Prince.”



Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes, coughing. Lights flashed before his eyes, and he felt dizzy. He glanced around and blinked. He was lying in a valley; more precisely, in a crevasse. He tried to sit up, but it was extremely difficult.

“Where am I? What am I doing here?”

His head hurt, but he managed to sit up. He tried to remember what had happened. The Leaders of the different Villages of San Country had chased him. The Sword of Remote Times had taken him away at an incredible speed. The wind had brushed against his skin like needles, and because he had had a fierce battle against Yan Zhen he hadn’t had enough pure Qi to resist and had fallen unconscious.

But Lin Feng remembered that when he had fallen unconscious, the Sword of Remote Times was still with him, it had controlled him, so where was it now?

“Indeed, where is the Sword of Remote Times?”

Suddenly, Lin Feng opened his eyes wide. Where was the Sword of Remote Times? He glanced around but couldn’t see it.

Lin Feng started. He quickly stood up. However, when he started to stand up, he saw an old man’s face above him. It was very clear and scary, and deathly pale, with many wrinkles. He was staring at him. Lin Feng instantly had cold sweats.

“Who are you?” shouted Lin Feng. His expression fell quickly.


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