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Chapter 670: The Sword Ancestor’s Soul, Zu Ti!

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“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng. He was startled and scared of the old man. He looked extremely dangerous.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and laughed. He looked even scarier. Lin Feng looked at him vigilantly and maintained some distance.

“I am Zu Ti!” said the old man hoarsely, smiling broadly. He reached out his hand and helped Lin Feng stand up properly, then he tossed him out of the crevasse. Lin Feng landed on the ground at the top of the crevasse and stared at the man. He was astonished.

“You’re Zu Ti? Could it be that…?” Lin Feng stared at the man, as if he understood something.

The old man nodded. His white hair swung on his shoulders. It seemed like he had less wrinkles suddenly. He looked less scary.

“I am Zu Ti, I am the Sword of Remote Times. I’m the one who helped you escape,” said the old man, grinning strangely. It gave Lin Feng the chills, so he took a few steps backwards.

“So you’re the Sword of Remote Times… You’re the sword’s spirit?” Lin Feng asked quickly.

Zu Ti shook his head and grinned mockingly. Then he looked at Lin Feng disdainfully and said, “A sword’s spirit? I’ve lived for hundreds of thousands of years, how could you compare me with a simple sword’s spirit? I am the sword ancestor’s soul.”

“Sword ancestor’s soul?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what that was.

Zu Ti studied Lin Feng as if he were facing an idiot. It was the first time he had met someone who didn’t know what a sword ancestor’s soul was. He scoffed, “You don’t know me?”

“Uhhh… Why would I?” asked Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was really confused.

The old man pulled a long face and sighed sadly, “Alright, It seems like people in the Continent of Eternity have already forgotten about me.” He lowered his head and suddenly, he looked much older. He had even more wrinkles than before, his skin looked so dry that it seemed like he was dying.

Lin Feng was surprised. Then he smiled wryly, he might be the only one in the world who didn’t know about the sword ancestor’s soul because he wasn’t from the Continent of Eternity. He didn’t want to hide the truth from the old man, so he told him everything.

“Don’t be sad, I am not from the Continent of Eternity, how could I know about you?” Lin Feng said smiling gently.

The old man was stupefied, he looked Ling Feng over for a while and asked, “Are you from a lower world?”

“Yes, from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I recently came from the Continent of the Gods. We all call the Continent of Eternity Gods Country, so it’s normal that I don’t know you. I hope you’re not disappointed. I am sure that everybody knows about the sword ancestor’s soul in this world,” Lin Feng said to the old man, trying to cheer him up.

Suddenly, Zu Ti looked much younger again. He also looked more self-confident. A swift and fierce thread of Qi dashed to the skies. Many beasts ran away when they saw it.

“Haha! I see! I’m relieved then,” said Zu Ti, laughing wholeheartedly. He seemed satisfied. How could people in the Country of Eternity have forgotten about him? This little boy just wasn’t from around here!

“So you’re from the Continent of the Gods… I know the Continent of the Gods. A hundred thousand years ago, many people came to the Country of Eternity from the Continent of the Gods, many young geniuses and other Supreme Gods. There are people from the Continent of the Gods in every country of the Country of Eternity,” explained Zu Ti.

Lin Feng was stunned. He was curious; who were those people who had come from the Country of Gods back then? Where were they? What were they doing?

“Master, can you tell me more?” asked Lin Feng, sitting down on a boulder.

Zu Ti nodded. He was delighted to tell Lin Feng more because Lin Feng had rescued him from San Zun’s grave. Thanks to Lin Feng, he could see the sky again! He was grateful.

“A hundred thousand years ago, I was an incredible cultivator, everybody respected me, no matter how strong they were. They also all hoped I’d help them refine their weapons to make them more powerful, so many people came to me all the time.

“Back then, I met two young geniuses from the Continent of the Gods. One of them was called Dong Fei Yu, and another one was called Yun Shan Ming. When they came to the Country of Eternity, they only had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, and finally, after dozens of years, they managed to break through to the Supreme God layer.

“But back then, I had gotten involved in a great battle between San Zun and a few other high-level Supreme Gods. In the end, I was sealed in San Zun’s grave. Sigh…”

Zu Ti seemed nostalgic as he recalled the good old times. He would never forget that horrible moment when he had been imprisoned in that grave. San Country had lost ninety percent of its territory. People who had collaborated with San Zun had all been killed, or first severely injured and then died because of their injuries. Zu Ti had just been sealed because he was extremely strong and had lots of Qi.

That way, the sword ancestor’s soul had become a sword. That sword’s name was the Sword of Remote Times, nicknamed the ancestor of all swords. Now he could finally see sunlight again.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was stupefied. Yun Shan Ming and Dong Fei Yu hadn’t died? They had come to Gods Country? That meant that apart from Tian Mian, the three extremely strong cultivators of the Continent of the Gods had all gathered in Gods’ Country?

Lin Feng excluded Xuan Yuan, but not Mo Mian; where had he gone? Would Lin Feng bump into him? However, knowing that Dong Fei Yu and Yun Shan Ming were in Gods Country was a real surprise, and Lin Feng was excited. Things were getting interesting!

He remembered the first time he had heard their names, he dreamt of surpassing them. Now, he had already caught up with them!

Lin Feng looked resolute and confident. He had escaped from death again. He needed to continue becoming stronger, and broaden his horizons.

“Master, apart from them, are there other people from the Continent of the Gods?” asked Lin Feng.

The old man looked pensive. After a long time, he shook his head. He didn’t remember any other strong cultivators from the Continent of the Gods.

“No, only those two,” said the old man, shaking his head firmly.

Lin Feng nodded.

“Little boy, what do you think of me, the sword ancestor’s soul? Not bad, huh?” asked the old man. Lin Feng looked at him strangely.

The old man laughed wholeheartedly, “Haha! What I mean is, since I turned into the Sword of Remote Times, don’t you think I’m explosively powerful?”

“Yes, you managed to compete with Yan Zhen. I admire you,” Lin Feng approved. The Sword of Remote Times was indeed extremely powerful. Lin Feng was happy to be able to rely on him. Zu Ti could oppose a high-level Supreme God, after all. He had even injured him! Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how a medium-level Supreme God had managed to do that…

The old man smiled and said confidently, “Haha, of course. I would be ridiculous otherwise. I am the sword ancestor’s soul, after all.

“Back in the days, everybody admired me. Medium-level and high-level Supreme Gods all admired me. Everybody admired me. Nobody dared offend me, because they were afraid I would burst into anger and crush them. Haha! I feel so ridiculous now.

“Back then, I had no problem. After I met San Zun, everything changed, and then I was sealed in his grave. If you hadn’t rescued me, I might have been stuck in there forever.

“How could the sword ancestor’s soul be sealed in there, under the ground?? Argh, what a humiliation!” said Zu Ti.

Lin Feng listened patiently because this man was legendary, and his stories were interesting.


Zu Ti told him stories for three hours. The sun started setting, and it grew dark outside. At that moment, Zu Ti stopped talking. Lin Feng knew almost everything about him by then.

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