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Chapter 672: Taking the Notice Off!


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“Sigh, have you heard that the cruel Young Prince has completely changed. It is said that the man who tore off the notice last time keeps teaching him good lessons. When people see him, they always greet him respectfully now.”

Lin Feng was walking on the main road and heard the people around. He didn’t hear all the details, but he stopped to listen more carefully. He had no place to stay so far, so listening to people was the best he could do.

Lin Feng mingled with the crowd and listened to what they were saying.

The one who had just said that was a fat guy. He was wearing fine clothes, which meant he didn’t have a low social status, but he definitely wasn’t a member of the government; he was probably an external high official or a noble lord.

What he said aroused many people’s curiosity. The place was bustling with activity.

“Really? The Young Prince really changed?” asked a man. He couldn’t believe it. He kept shaking his head.

“It must be true. I’ve heard that the man who tore off the notice is extremely strong. Every day, he scares the Young Prince to death. His methods are explosive. The Young Prince started changing only a few days after the new teacher took up his post.”

“Really? That man is that strong? I remember that he looked like a vagrant. His clothes were completely torn. I would have never thought he’d manage to do something nobody had ever achieved.”

“Who knows? Maybe that we don’t know everything. In any case, it is said that the Leader of East Lang Xie put all his trust in him and intends to entrust him with a position as one of the ten Great Leaders.”

People kept chatting. Lin Feng was a bit interested; he didn’t know anything about the Young Prince or the mysterious man. But when he heard those people, he understood he was in the eastern part of the city.

Lin Feng got ready to find an inn to take a rest. Then he’d leave and go to the Lun Bi Empire to find Lun Bi Ba. He needed to retrieve Emperor Yu’s memories, then he’d kill Lun Bi Ba to avenge him.

“Hurry up and look! There’s a new notice!”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to leave when the whole crowd started running. Lin Feng ended up alone in the middle of the road. He looked at the crowd, who were all at the foot of a wall. Lin Feng looked in that direction. There were two guards; one of them was holding a notice, which he hung on the wall.

It was the same two guards as before. They had successfully found a first teacher, so they hadn’t been dismissed; they were now in charge of finding a second one!

But for the guards, it wasn’t an honor, it was an annoying task. Good teachers weren’t easy to find. In a few months, they had only found the one.

But they had no choice; the Leader of East Lang Xie had assigned them a task and they had to do it. If they refused to obey, they’d get punished. They really hoped they’d find another teacher, not only because the Great Leader wished to, but because the Young Prince did, too.

They knew that the Young Prince had been going through hard times these days. The new teacher tortured and humiliated him everyday.

Each time the Young Prince complained to the Great Leader, the Great Leader scolded and beat him up, so the Young Prince didn’t dare say anything anymore. The Young Prince now looked like a pitiful orphan.

The two guards hoped the teacher they’d recruit would understand the Young Prince. That way, the Young Prince wouldn’t suffer so much anymore.

The two guards stuck the notice on the wall. The contents of the notice were the exact same as the first one. A new teacher for the Young Prince was wanted. if anyone was interested, they could take the notice off the wall and go to the Great Leader’s residence to obtain their identity card.

Lin Feng walked up to the notice and read it. He wasn’t excited at all. He didn’t care about such things. When he finished reading, he turned to leave. He had nothing to do with the Young Prince, after all.

“Lin Feng, take the notice off the wall,” said the Sword of Remote Times at that moment. Lin Feng had to take Zu Ti’s advice into consideration. He had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, after all. He even used to be San Zun’s partner. He was wise and knowledgeable. The old man would never advise him to do that without reason.

“Master, is there something you want from the Great Leader?” Lin Feng asked telepathically.

“Not me. YOU. It could be very beneficial for you,” replied the old man.

Lin Feng’s expression slightly changed. He waited for the old man to explain.

“East Lang Xie has a great place to practice cultivation, it is full of resources. It is called Qi Yang Tai. You have a primal chaos body, it’s a very particular kind of body, but you don’t know how to use it properly. Therefore, if you go to Qi Yang Tai, maybe you’ll understand more about your primal chaos body and you’ll be able to use it even better; that would make you stronger.

“When your primal chaos body changes, if I’m not mistaken, you will obtain even more, you will not break through thanks to that, but you’ll be on the verge of breaking through to the medium-level Supreme God layer. Actually breaking through to it will be difficult.

“That’s the reason why there are so many low-level Supreme Gods. Breaking through to the medium-level Supreme God layer is difficult. You need to face difficulties, and you need to work very hard.

“In any case, Qi Yang Tai is a great place to practice cultivation, it won’t do you any harm. It’s a rare opportunity for you to learn how to use your primal chaos body properly. You’re free to do whatever you want now that I told you all this though,” said the old man.

Lin Feng remained pensive. He didn’t know what kind of holy cultivation place Qi Yang Tai was, and even if he managed to become the Young Prince’s teacher, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that he’d be able to go to Qi Yang Tai. But after thinking for a few minutes, he also realized that even if he went to the Lun Bi Empire straight away, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Lun Bi Ba anyway.

There were even more strong cultivators in the Lun Bi Empire. The three high-level Supreme Gods had been very clear that they wanted to kill him. If he went to the Lun Bi Empire and the three high-level Supreme Gods found out about him, they’d definitely kill him, and Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to avenge Emperor Yu.

Besides, he hadn’t saved the primal chaos beast yet; he needed to save him first!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng nodded. In the end, he looked at the notice again, everybody had already stepped away from it, only the two guards were left, they stood there listlessly.

Lin Feng slowly stepped closer to the wall. The guards didn’t pay attention to him. So many people came over, glanced at the notice, and left right after. The guards couldn’t pay attention to everybody. However, what Lin Feng did next made them very happy.

He took it off. Same sound of tearing paper. Lin Feng ripped the notice off the wall and held it in his hand.

“Are you sure, Prince?” the two guards asked hastily.

Suddenly, the whole crowd surrounded Lin Feng and looked him over. Lin Feng looked much better than the vagrant. His Qi was as sharp as a sword.

“No need to waste time. Bring me to the Great Leader,” Lin Feng said, waving his hand. He didn’t want to waste time, but he also wanted to pretend he was cold and noble.

The two guards weren’t angry because the first teacher, the vagrant, was even colder and more apathetic than Lin Feng.

“Please, Prince,” said the two guards, leading the way. They knew the path too well. Lin Feng followed them. His feet didn’t touch the ground, floating above it like the two old men.


After a short time, they arrived at the Great Leader’s residence. Lin Feng studied the palace; it was magnificent, with extremely high pavilions and many other buildings.

There were two statues at the entrance of the palace. Lin Feng recognized them instantly. He was very familiar with those beasts… a white tiger and a black tortoise! (Translator’s Note: the author said an azure dragon and a tortoise the first time, now he’s saying a white tiger and a tortoise. We’ll see if it plays a role in future chapters…).

“Prince, please wait here for a while. I’m going to inform the Leader,” said one of the guards respectfully. He ran away through the corridors of the palace.

“Prince, I’ll take you into the palace, if you please?” asked the other guard. When Lin Feng agreed, and started walking.

Lin Feng saw all sorts of buildings in the palace. There were very tall pavilions, a terrifying Qi emerging from them. Lin Feng knew there were extremely strong cultivators inside, probably medium-level Supreme Gods.

They continued walking. Lin Feng saw a forest of red trees in a gigantic courtyard, their leaves red as well. It felt good to be there, something natural in the middle of a city.

“Prince, there are two gates in this palace, a northern gate and a southern one. The one we just used was the northern one. The other teacher came through the southern one.”

“What does that mean?” asked Lin Feng indifferently.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought you probably didn’t want to take the same path as someone else so I chose this way,” said the guard carefully. Lin Feng nodded. Even though he didn’t care at all, since the guard was trying to be nice, why not?

“Prince, Prince, sorry! The Great Leader just left! I’ll first bring you to the Young Prince’s mansion house, if that is alright?”

As Lin Feng and the guard were chatting, the other guard came back, flustered and waving at Lin Feng.

“Prince, the Great Leader is not here; should we bring you to the Young Prince’s mansion house?” asked the guard.

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