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Chapter 673: Old Enemies Meet Again!

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“Alright,” Lin Feng said. The two guards brought Lin Feng to the Young Prince’s residence. The atmosphere was calm and desolate. There weren’t many buildings there. There were all sorts of trees and flowers in the courtyards, though. It showed the Great Leader loved his son.

“Please, Prince,” said the two guards, bowing before Lin Feng. Lin Feng entered the residence and instantly noticed a boy, who looked pitiful and sad.

The boy seemed extremely weak, and was skinny too. He was holding a hundred thousand jin boulder on his head. He was in extreme pain, but he didn’t dare throw the boulder away. He had no choice but to endure the pain, even though it became more and more painful with time.

Lin Feng studied the young boy. When the two guards saw the young boy, they turned around, not wanting to see the Young Prince suffer like that, but then they walked over to him and informed him regarding the situation, having no choice.

“Young Prince, we found you a second teacher,” said the guards respectfully. The way he looked at that moment didn’t matter; he was the Great Leader’s beloved son and they had to respect him.

The child seemed extremely happy, he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He seemed overjoyed, and shouted, “Teacher, please save me, teacher!”

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised, he didn’t understand. Save him from what?

“Prince, you are the Young Prince’s second teacher. Please take good care of him,” said the two guards. They told him what his job consisted of. Lin Feng quickly understood.

Poor little boy. His first teacher was so cruel? Even though being strict was important to educate a disciple, being cruel wasn’t a good thing. That guy was even demented, berserk!

Lin Feng nodded, and slowly walked towards the young boy. The two guards followed Lin Feng. They were worried about Lin Feng. The first teacher was insane, berserk, demented, cruel… The young prince was naughty and unruly, stubborn and obstreperous, but the first teacher had still managed to make him shut up. That man was insane. How would Lin Feng do? The two men didn’t think Lin Feng could compete with the first teacher.

“What’s your name?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the young boy.

The boy was still holding the boulder, his face was purple, looking like it was about to explode.

“Jiang Xuan!” replied the young boy, grinding his teeth. He even looked resolute, despite the pain. The two guards shook their heads. The first teacher had really made the Young Prince change. His personality had thoroughly changed. In the past, he would have never replied to a teacher who had asked his name.

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t know what kind of boy Jiang Xuan was in the past, and he didn’t know the boy had killed a dozen teachers in the past, but he had torn the notice off the wall so he had to do his job seriously. He was this boy’s teacher now. He had to teach him what he could.

“Alright, throw the boulder away,” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently while waving his hand.

Jiang Xuan was overjoyed, he could finally throw the boulder away! However, as he was about to move, he had the impression his skeleton was going to break and crumble apart. He gave a horrible and gloomy cry.

“How dare you think you can take a rest without my authorization?” said a gloomy voice at that moment. Lin Feng frowned. The voice sounded so cold it could make a second layer of ice appear on an iceberg.

Breaking and snapping sounds spread out as someone opened the door. A man in black clothes entered the room slowly. When the boy saw that man, he paled. His eyes were filled with terror, as if he had seen a ghost.

“I… I…” Jiang Xuan was scared to death, and started shaking violently. He didn’t dare speak. The boulder on his head started swinging, on the verge of falling. Lin Feng was stupefied; he raised his hand to grab the boulder, but the man in black clothes suddenly appeared in front of him and threw a punch.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He threw a punch back at the man. Boom, boom!… The whole mansion shook violently. Both Lin Feng and the man were pushed back a few steps, but they still stood steadily. Lin Feng released strength from his left foot not to fall, and the man also released strength to stop himself.

Lin Feng and the man stared at each other icily. The energies which emerged from their eyes sufficed to make an iceberg freeze, but it didn’t seem to affect them.

The two guards and Jiang Xuan shuddered with fear. They hadn’t thought the man in black clothes would actually be so strong, and they had imagined even less that Lin Feng would be able to compete with him. They were astonished.

Lin Feng looked at that extremely familiar middle-aged man. The man looked back at him icily. The world of cultivation was small. They had left the Continent of the Gods, but here was Lin Feng again…

“Lin Feng, I really never thought that we’d see each other after only a few months,” said the man in black clothes, smiling mockingly. He sounded like a demon.

Jiang Xuan and the two guards couldn’t believe their eyes. Not only were those two people similarly strong, but they also knew each other? They also seemed to be enemies. What was going on?

Jiang Xuan looked at the two guards, confused. The two guards glanced at each other; they hadn’t known the two teachers knew each other either!

Time passed slowly. The two teachers were still staring at each other. Jiang Xuan couldn’t stand the pressure anymore, he suddenly coughed blood and the boulder fell down. The two guards’ expressions changed drastically. They shouted, “Young Prince, what’s wrong?” “Young Prince, are you alright?”

The two guards were extremely worried. If anything happened to the Young Prince, the Great Leader would punish them.

Lin Feng looked at Jiang Xuan, who was lying on the floor. He looked extremely weak.

He had no pure Qi left. How could anyone carry a hundred thousand jin boulder on their head for such a long time? Especially since he only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer…

“Bring him to his room. He needs to rest,” Lin Feng said to the two guards. The two guards nodded hastily and ignored the black-clothed man’s threatening look. They couldn’t let anything happen to the Young Prince, so the black-clothed man’s threats were useless.

The two guards grabbed Jiang Xuan and ran away to his room. Lin Feng looked at the man in black clothes. He was surprised to see him in Lang Xie City. It seemed that avoiding enemies was impossible. This time, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to escape easily, because this enemy wouldn’t let him off.

“Even though you changed your face and Qi, I recognize you, Fu Su Rong. Last time, you escaped. This time, I will not you leave Lang Xie City alive,” Lin Feng said icily. His eyes were already filled with murder. Fu Su Rong was one of the people Lin Feng wanted to kill the most.

Fu Su Rong smiled mockingly and disdainfully, then burst into laughter, “Low-level Supreme God? Heehee! You can’t catch up with me anymore, Huh? I am a medium-level Supreme God already.

“Lin Feng, I told you that someday, I’d show you that Yan Ran Xue was right to choose me. It was the best decision of her life,” swore Fu Su Rong ferociously and icily. He also sounded extremely self-confident. He already didn’t attach any importance to Lin Feng anymore, as if Lin Feng were a weakling.

Lin Feng ignored Fu Su Rong’s mocking smile. However, he suddenly recalled Yi Ren Lei, also known as Yan Ran Xue. Lin Feng was surprised, because she didn’t seem to be with him?… He didn’t ask, though. He didn’t really care about Yan Ran Xue at all!

“Cultivation level and strength are two different things. We’ll see whether I can kill you or not,” Lin Feng said icily. Then he walked away, and when he reached the door, Lin Feng turned around and looked at Fu Su Rong darkly and smiled, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you; I talked to your teacher, Lei Gang. He doesn’t care about you anymore, he’s leaving you to your fate. Your death has nothing to do with him anymore.

“Which means that if I kill you, he will not avenge you. You probably didn’t know about that. Hehe,” Lin Feng said, smiling mockingly. Then he walked out of the room and slammed the door.

“Fuck! You want to die!” shouted Fu Su Rong angily. He knew he had been abandoned by Lei Gang. He had had a feeling. After something had happened to Yan Ran Xue, he had already gone crazy. His personality was volatile these days. Now that Lin Feng was making fun of him, he couldn’t stand it. He had to get rid of Lin Feng as quickly as possible; otherwise, he’d pose a threat to him in the future!

But he also knew that Lin Feng wasn’t an easy opponent. He couldn’t act recklessly in front of Lin Feng, that was something he had learned after repeatedly being defeated by him.

Wait and you’ll see. I’ll cripple your cultivation sooner or later! I’ll cut your balls and make you turn into a woman, we’ll see who the best of the Continent of the Gods is!, thought Fu Su Rong, clenching his fists. He looked particularly ferocious and cruel. He ground his teeth so hard they almost bled.

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