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Chapter 674: Strange Zu Ti!

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Lin Feng went into Jiang Xuan’s room. Jiang Xuan was sleeping on his bed. His face was extremely pale. Lin Feng hated Fu Su Rong even more.

Fu Su Rong even dared abuse and brutalize a child like Jiang Xuan… but people didn’t consider that child abuse because they thought it was normal as a teacher to be strict. Now Jiang Xuan was actually in a coma. Who would have thought the situation could get this bad?

Jiang Xuan’s body was even covered with bruises and scars. It was probably because of Fu Su Rong who had given him “good reminders”. Jiang Xuan was quite strong for his age, he had endured a lot.

“Go out. When I call you, you can come in,” Lin Feng said to the two guards. He grabbed the boy and lifted him.

The two guards hesitated, but then they thought that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly abuse the child, so they agreed. They cupped their fists in their other hands before their chests and closed the door after leaving the room.

When the two guards arrived outside, Fu Su Rong wasn’t in the courtyard. They didn’t know where he was.

Lin Feng looked at Jiang Xuan, and put him in a sitting position. He grabbed the boy’s arms and touched some of his acupuncture points, sealing Jiang Xuan’s circulatory system. His blood could barely flow anymore. Lin Feng did that on purpose, before making his blood flow extremely quickly.

“Lin Feng, he must be that monster’s grandchild,” Zu Ti said at that moment. Lin Feng was used to getting interrupted by Zu Ti all the time. When he heard him, Lin Feng wondered who the monster was supposed to be. Jiang Xuan was the Great Leader’s son, so the monster was the Great Leader’s father? He was probably of the same generation as Zu Ti.

“Are you connected to Lang Xie City in any way?” asked Lin Feng, glancing at Zu Ti behind him. He had wanted to ask that question for a while, but now the perfect opportunity.

“Yes, kind of. A hundred thousand years have passed. I wonder if that monster is still alive,” said Zu Ti. His tone of speech suddenly changed. He felt nostalgic.

“It’s alright, hurry up and look,” said Zu Ti worriedly. Jiang Xuan was like his own grandson and he was worried about him.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything else. He focused on the child who was in bad shape. He would probably become very handsome in the future. Even though he was only ten years old, he looked noble and heroic.

“He’s been cruelly tortured for days. His pure Qi was severely affected,” Lin Feng said, frowning and shaking his head. Fu Su Rong was really cruel. How could he do that to a child? What was he actually doing in Lang Xie City?

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed Jiang Xuan’s small hand. He transmitted his own pure Qi to the child. Gradually, Jiang Xuan’s face returned to normal again.

His cheeks turned rosy. His Qi slowly became stable. Lin Feng didn’t need too much pure Qi because Jiang Xuan only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. For Lin Feng, that wasn’t much. He didn’t need to use too much energy.

Lin Feng didn’t stop in time, and noticed that Jiang Xuan now had the strength of the top of the fifth layer thanks to his pure Qi. One more step and he’d break through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Jiang Xuan could consider that profit by misfortune. Even though he had been cruelly tortured by Fu Su Rong for days, now he would have an opportunity to break through faster.

Lin Feng didn’t mind doing that because he was now the young prince’s teacher. He needed to teach him as much as he could and help him. Of course, he didn’t consider the boy his disciple, he considered him a student. Lin Feng only had three disciples: Ye Chen, Fu Chen, and Ling Xue!


Time passed slowly. When it became too dangerous for Jiang Xuan, Lin Feng stopped transmitting pure Qi to him. After that, Jiang Xuan would have to rely on his own self to break through. Lin Feng looked at Zu Ti, who still looked at Jiang Xuan in worry. Lin Feng walked out of the room without calling Zu Ti. He was there floating in the air.

The two guards hadn’t left, they were still outside. They were afraid that Lin Feng would do something bad to Jiang Xuan, he had just arrived, after all; how could they fully trust him? Of course, they still trusted Lin Feng more than Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng glanced at the two guards and smiled indifferently, ignoring their expressions. Lin Feng slowly walked towards the courtyard full of red trees. There were red petals on the ground. The whole courtyard looked magnificent. It felt extremely good to stand there. The air was fresh and filled with a fruity fragrance. Lin Feng was fascinated and bewitched.

Lin Feng sat down on a stone bench in the courtyard. The guards brought a teapot to Lin Feng. Lin Feng started sipping the delicious tea while enjoying the landscape. He waited for Jiang Xuan to wake up.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng raised his head; the sun was setting. It was in the horizon behind a mountain already. He could already see stars. It was going to be dark soon.

“He’s probably going to wake up now…?” whispered Lin Feng, worried. Had anything happened to the little boy?

Boom boom!…

Suddenly, there was an explosion and the whole courtyard shook. A terrifying strength emerged, and the two guards were blown away. Lin Feng didn’t move and remained calm; when he sensed the strength, he smiled indifferently. That little boy had broken through.


The door opened. Jiang Xuan, who was less than a meter fifty, came out, he looking resolute and steadfast as always, but he also seemed much more confident than the first time Lin Feng had seen him. He didn’t seem worried and scared anymore; on the contrary, he looked naughty and mischievous again.

Lin Feng didn’t like children who were too mature. On the contrary, he liked children who were stubborn and obstreperous, mischievous and naughty. His sons had grown up too quickly and had suffered because of it. No matter where, in the world of cultivation or on Earth, it was difficult to explain how he really felt about that.

But Lin Feng hoped that every child could have a real childhood. He didn’t want children to become like him, a grown-up who had suffered a lot. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of Lin Heng and Lin Nian at that moment.

How were they doing? Could they talk already? And their mothers? Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin… How were they doing?

When Lin Feng saw children, he often thought of his own, and his grandchildren, and his wives. He missed them all. He hadn’t seen Lin Qiong Sheng for a long time either. Lei Gang had told him a little about him, but it was different; Lin Feng knew absolutely nothing about his son anymore.

Of course, Lin Feng knew that Lei Gang hadn’t lied. Lin Qiong Sheng would come to the Country of Eternity sooner or later, so Lin Feng couldn’t do much but wait. He couldn’t wait to see his disciples shine and demonstrate their extraordinary talent and skill, either.

“That’s what the great world is,” Lin Feng sighed.

“Teacher, what are you looking at?” asked the boy, suddenly interrupting Lin Feng in his thoughts. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the boy, Jiang Xuan. At that moment, Jiang Xuan smiled naively, like a child. He didn’t look scared anymore.

“I am looking at the flowers in your garden, they’re beautiful,” Lin Feng replied, smiling indifferently.

Jiang Xuan nodded and smiled, “Teacher, thank you for saving me and helping me get rid of that demon,” said Jiang Xuan, smiling broadly. Lin Feng tapped his shoulder, but didn’t say much. Jiang Xuan was overjoyed. He had always hoped he’d find such a teacher someday. He was sick of those “teachers” who always tried to make him obey them blindly without questioning anything. He wanted someone to support and help him, not force him to do things all the time.

Of course, he also realized that it was difficult to find someone as bad as Fu Su Rong, who potentially posed a threat to his life. Jiang Xuan hadn’t even dared tell his father about it because he was afraid. His father didn’t believe him, anyway.

Now, everything was fine. He had a new teacher. That teacher wasn’t like Fu Su Rong, and he didn’t fear the demon either, because he was similarly strong. Now, Jiang Xuan had someone to rely on. Even if there were things he couldn’t tell his father, he would be able to tell Lin Feng about them, and Fu Su Rong wouldn’t dare act too recklessly anymore.

Besides, he had now broken through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he knew that it was all thanks to Lin Feng. He would never forget that. With Lin Feng, he’d become stronger; with Fu Su Rong, he’d just become more and more afraid.

“Teacher, what’s your name?

“Teacher, are you not a Supreme God?

“Teacher, where are you from?

“Teacher, what do you think of me? They all say I’m cruel! You think I’m cruel?

Jiang Xuan started asking a million questions. The two guards glanced at each other. Since when was this child such a good boy? With Fu Su Rong, he didn’t dare act cruelly because he was tortured in return, but now, even with Lin Feng, he didn’t act cruelly. He was even kind.

How strange… How strange… Where did these two strange people come from?

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