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Chapter 675: Who Will Humiliate Whom?

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“Your Excellency, the Great Leader is back. He wants to see you.”

A disciple came into Jiang Xuan’s library and called him. The disciple seemed scared. Usually, Jiang Xuan bullied him each time he came to see him, so each time, he was on tenterhooks.

Jiang Xuan looked at the disciple on his knees. The disciple stood up. Jiang Xuan walked to the disciple and looked at him naughtily. Then he stretched out his hand, wanting to push him and bully him like in the past.

However, when his hand was only a few centimeters away from the disciple, he saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng was seated in a corner of the room. Jiang Xuan smiled. He seemed amused, but he took his hand back and told the disciple, “Go back and inform my father that I will go with my teacher.”

“Yes,” replied the disciple happily. The Young Prince didn’t hit him? It was incredible! The man looked at Lin Feng. He was seated in a corner and looked indifferent. The disciple understood the Young Prince had a new teacher.

But the Great Leader and the Young Prince’s first teacher were chatting in an antechamber, how come he had a second teacher now? He didn’t understand, but he didn’t dare ask anything, either; otherwise, the Young Prince might hit him, so he hastily ran away.

Jiang Xuan watched the man disappear in the courtyard. Then he walked to Lin Feng and said, “Teacher, come with me to see my father.”

“Alright, I’ll come with you,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t refuse because he wanted to see the Great Leader. He hadn’t had time so far. Now was an opportunity.

Jiang Xuan grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and they walked away together. The two of them walked for ten minutes. Lang Xie City didn’t allow people to fly and the place was quite far from Jiang Xuan’s mansion.

Ten minutes later, Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan arrived in front of a palace. They entered it and went into the meeting hall.

The meeting hall was bustling. However, when Jiang Xuan entered the room, everybody stopped talking.

The Great Leader looked at his youngest son but quickly frowned. His son was holding a man’s hand, but who was that man? Why did Little Xuan seem to trust him so much? He had never seen his son like that.

The Great Leader looked at Fu Su Rong, which meant, “Is my son still your student?” How come he was with someone else at that moment? Besides, he didn’t know that new man.

Fu Su Rong looked glum, and felt humiliated. When Jiang Xuan was with him, he kept crying and insulting him. Apart from scolding the boy, they never talked.

Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng darkly. Lin Feng ignored him and the people around. He just followed Jiang Xuan to the center of the room.

“Teacher, please sit down,” said Jiang Xuan, ignoring everybody’s expression. He even ignored his father. He immediately had Lin Feng sit down. After that, he swatted an elder away and sat down too.

“Little boy, you forgot what I taught you?” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently.

Jiang Xuan hmphed, then he jumped onto Lin Feng’s back and sat down on his shoulders. Lin Feng didn’t mind, but some people were jealous.

“Little Xuan, what…?”

Jiang Xuan’s father wasn’t stupid, otherwise, he could have never worked as the Great Leader, but when he saw his son on Lin Feng’s shoulders, he was astonished. The Great Leader immediately understood that Lin Feng probably had a complex background. Then he remembered that one of the guards had informed him about the situation and told him that the Young Prince had a new teacher, could it be that…?

“Your Majesty, this Little Xuan’s second teacher, Teacher Lin Feng.” Jiang Xuan looked at his father in satisfaction. Then he glanced at Fu Su Rong. He hoped Fu Su Rong would get kicked out of Lang Xie City. That would be the best!

The Great Leader noticed there was something wrong and glanced at Fu Su Rong. He had a bad feeling. His son didn’t seem to like Fu Su Rong very much. So why had he only heard good things about Fu Su Rong? People all told him that Fu Su Rong was a great teacher, that his son wasn’t naughty and unruly since Fu Su Rong was his teacher, and that he practiced cultivation properly and seriously.

“Oh, Your Excellency, you are the second teacher? Hehe, good. I’m sorry. If I had known earlier, I would have welcomed you myself,” said Jiang Xuan’s father hastily and apologetically. At the same time, he bowed hand over fist and walked to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng naturally had to give him face, since he was a high-level Supreme God, after all. Lin Feng had also noticed, as soon as he had entered the room, that the Great Leader was stronger than Yan Zhen.

The difference between high-level Supreme Gods could be gigantic. Lin Feng was sure that defeating Yan Zhen would be easy after breaking through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, but defeating Jiang Xuan’s father would be impossible.

“Great Leader, you are too polite. I am just a simple teacher. I don’t deserve your kindness and respect,” Lin Feng said, smiling and returning the salute humbly. Politeness was always like a play, someone gave you face even though their status was higher, so you had to go even further to give them face back.

“Don’t say that. When Prince Fu Su came, I organized a welcome dinner for him. How could I not do the same for you?” said Jiang Xuan hastily. “Come, come. Let’s all have a few drinks and toast! To Your Excellency!”

He immediately raised a glass and looked at Lin Feng. The others also stood up and raised their glasses, since the teacher was doing that, they had to. They all looked at Lin Feng.

“Come, everybody, let’s toast! To Prince Lin Feng!” Lin Feng also stood up and raised his glass respectfully. He had to respect Jiang Xuan’s father, first because he was the town’s Leader, and second because he was a high-level Supreme God.

“Prince Lin Feng, please.”

“Prince Lin Feng, please.”

Thirty elders stood up and raised their glasses.

Lin Feng also downed his glass. Jiang Xuan also wanted to taste alcohol, he poured himself a glass when nobody was looking.

“Hmph! How could a child drink alcohol? Prince Lin Feng, did you teach him how to drink?” shouted an icy voice suddenly. Everybody looked at Fu Su Rong. Jiang Xuan’s father looked at his son, who was holding a glass of alcohol. He suddenly looked glum.

“Little Xuan, what are you doing that glass of alcohol?” He was angry too. He looked at Lin Feng angrily and shouted coldly, “Prince Lin Feng, are you the one who told him how to drink alcohol??”

Fu Su Rong felt extremely happy on the inside, he had to control himself not to burst into laughter. Hmph! Lin Feng was going to lose face!

Lin Feng put his glass down and looked at Fu Su Rong’s evil and angry look. Lin Feng wanted to kill Fu Su Rong even more.

But Lin Feng didn’t have time to say anything anyway because Jiang Xuan talked first, shouting at Fu Su Rong, “Nonsense! He would never teach me anything bad! You are evil! You keep abusing me! You almost killed me! It’s all your fault!”

Jiang Xuan was really furious and serious. When his father saw his expression, he had no choice but ask himself whether what his son said was true or not.

Fu Su Rong hadn’t thought that a snotty-nosed kid would dare contradict him! He started shaking and clenching his fists. If the Great Leader hadn’t been there, he would have crushed Jiang Xuan, that little piece of shit!

“Little Xuan, how dare you talk to your teacher like this?” asked Fu Su Rong disdainfully.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled mockingly. Fu Su Rong was really a good actor.

Jiang Xuan just looked at Fu Su Rong furiously; how come his father didn’t punish him?

“It’s alright, buddy,” Lin Feng said, tapping Jiang Xuan’s shoulder, smiling indifferently.

Jiang Xuan turned around and looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, “Teacher, he criticized you!”

“Hehe, it’s alright. I am not afraid of people who criticize me. But you have to respect teachers, you know? He’s also your teacher,” Lin Feng said, pointing to Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong would have burst into rage, but he controlled himself. Lin Feng was pissing him off on purpose. Fu Su Rong had been Jiang Xuan’s teacher for even longer than him and now Lin Feng acted as the wiser and best teacher.

“I know,” said Jiang Xuan. He was annoyed, but listened to Lin Feng and nodded.

Jiang Xuan’s father started understanding things.

Lin Feng looked at Fu Su Rong in satisfaction, then he smiled mockingly; Fu Su Rong wanted to humiliate him? Who had humiliated whom though?

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