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Chapter 676: Condition!

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“I think that drinking alcohol is not a bad thing anyway. Even though Little Xuan is still young, he needs to gather experience, and real men drink sometimes. Alcohol has positive effects on the body, so the experience is not entirely negative,” explained Lin Feng, then he smiled at Jiang Xuan, “Try and have a sip, see what alcohol tastes like.” Lin Feng didn’t like restrictions and rules; he was open-minded, even with children. Why forbid Jiang Xuan from doing everything? Children needed to be taught kindness, benevolence and virtue, the rest wasn’t that important.

Jiang Xuan nodded, then he smiled naughtily, looked at Fu Su Rong’s ice-cold expression and raised his glass, then downed it. Quickly, his cheeks turned red, and his throat burned. He didn’t like it.

“You fooled me, teacher?” coughed Jiang Xuan, looking at Lin Feng angrily. Lin Feng laughed and clapped his shoulder, but he didn’t say anything.

After that short time, Jiang Xuan’s father could already see that Lin Feng was a good teacher, and probably the best for Jiang Xuan. Fu Su Rong was probably too strict and aggressive, and wasn’t a suitable teacher for his son.

But he was the Great Leader, and he had spent a few days with Fu Su Rong already, and he didn’t know Lin Feng at all. He couldn’t give up Fu Su Rong because of Lin Feng.

On top of that, Fu Su Rong was a medium-level Supreme God, Lin Feng was just a low-level Supreme God. Even if Lin Feng was a bit different from other people, the Great Leader still attached more importance to their cultivation levels.

As a father, he thought Jiang Xuan needed a good teacher like Lin Feng; as the Great Leader, he thought Jiang Xuan needed a strict and strong teacher like Fu Su Rong, and a cultivator of the medium-level Supreme God layer was better than a cultivator of the low-level Supreme God layer.

“Elders, who do you think is the best teacher for Little Xuan? Teacher Lin Feng or Teacher Fu Su Rong?” He raised his head and looked at the elders. There were younger ones and older ones, but they all had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer.

When the thirty elders heard the Great Leader’s question, they all looked pensive. They also looked Lin Feng over. But Jiang Xuan was on Lin Feng’s shoulders and holding Lin Feng firmly.

They all thought the same as the Great Leader. They had also spoken a lot with Fu Su Rong these days, so they knew him better. He had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, therefore, Fu Su Rong was still a better choice.

“Great Leader, we think that Fu Su Rong is more suitable as a teacher,” said an old man in white clothes after a long time. Everybody nodded approvingly. Less than ten elders were in favor of Lin Feng.

“Great Elder, do you really think so?” asked the Great Leader. The old man nodded and looked at Fu Su Rong. Fu Su Rong seemed gratified.

The old man seemed wise and resolute, so the Great Leader trusted him. Jiang Xuan’s father couldn’t ignore his suggestions.

“Since it’s that way, well, then…” said the Great Leader nodded. He got ready to officially announce Fu Su Rong was his son’s teacher.

“Father, I don’t want that evil teacher. He injured me. He almost killed me! He’s cruel, a monster. I don’t want him as a teacher, I want Lin Feng!” shouted Jiang Xuan stridently. The elders all frowned. In the past, they were afraid of that child, now it was the opposite.

Jiang Xuan hugged Lin Feng firmly. He was afraid Lin Feng would leave; then what would happen to him? Would he stay alone with Fu Su Rong all the time? He was extremely scared of Fu Su Rong, he didn’t want that.

Jiang Xuan’s father looked at his son and frowned, saying unhappily, “Children don’t understand. Everything Fu Su Rong does is for your well-being. You’re always so lazy, he needs to teach you discipline! Otherwise, what will you become?”

“Father, you…” Jiang Xuan burst into tears.

“Enough! Silence! I already made a decision. You will study with Fu Su Rong. Stop being a naughty boy!” shouted the Great Leader angrily. Even though he was sad for his son, it was important for East Lang Xie, he had to give Lin Feng up.

Jiang Xuan jumped down to the floor and cried. He seemed desperate, especially when he saw how wickedly Fu Su Rong looked at him. He remembered the terrifying days he had spent with Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong looked at Jiang Xuan icily and ground his teeth. That little bastard! He had dared humiliated him in front of everybody. Hmph! After going back to the courtyard, he’d teach him a good lesson!

Then Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng proudly and mockingly. No matter how talented and outstanding you are, the Great Leader still chose me, thought Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng ignored Fu Su Rong. He didn’t care about him. He was just worried about Jiang Xuan. That little boy was going to be tortured by Fu Su Rong again. Within half a month, Jiang Xuan might die if he stayed with Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng didn’t know why Fu Su Rong treated Jiang Xuan that way. What did it bring him? What would happen if he killed Jiang Xuan and offended the Great Leader? Would he be able to escape safely?

Lin Feng sighed; since the Great Leader had made a decision, Lin Feng had nothing to say. He walked over to Jiang Xuan and tapped his back. He liked the boy.

“Alright, don’t cry. Do your best, don’t give up, okay?” Lin Feng said, wiping Jiang Xuan’s tears off. He smiled and tried to cheer the boy up.

“Teacher! I don’t want him to be my teacher!” Jiang Xuan sobbed as he hugged Lin Feng tightly and put his head on Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng shook his head and looked at the Great Leader in disappointment.

The Great Leader noticed Lin Feng’s look, and felt guilty. He knew the best teacher was probably Lin Feng, but he had to follow the majority, he had to think of East Lang Xie; he couldn’t be selfish and think of just his son.

Lin Feng turned around and pushed Jiang Xuan aside. Since he had nothing to do here anymore, Lin Feng preferred putting distance between him and the child. He intended to leave Lang Xie City.

“Teacher!” Jiang Xuan flashed back to him and hugged him tightly. He kept crying. The atmosphere became quite heavy and sad, even though it was supposed to be a joyful banquet.

Lin Feng didn’t want to leave, he wanted to go to Qi Yang Tai to improve his primal chaos body. His sworn enemy Fu Su Rong was here, if Lin Feng didn’t watch him, Fu Su Rong would plot against him again.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and finally made a decision. Of course, it would be dangerous, but if he won, then people would look at him with new eyes.

Lin Feng turned around and hugged Jiang Xuan, then slowly walked back to the table and looked at the Great Leader.

“Great Leader, I know what you’re thinking. Therefore, I have one condition; if you accept, I am sure I’ll be able to stay here,” Lin Feng said firmly. He wasn’t joking.

The Great Leader noticed Lin Feng’s serious look. He was curious to know what Lin Feng had to offer.

“What condition?” asked the Great Leader, smiling thinly. The other elders all smiled scornfully.

“Haha! How ridiculous!” shouted the Great Elder, bursting into laughter. Wasn’t Lin Feng a bit ashamed?

“Haha! Who knows?!” said another elder, laughing mockingly, while staring at Lin Feng and shaking his head.

Lin Feng ignored all the elders and Fu Su Rong.

“Shut the hell up, everyone! How dare you make fun of my teacher?!” shouted Jiang Xuan angrily. His eyes were filled with murder. He was really angry. All the elders stopped talking. The aggressive and violent little boy they used to know was back!

The atmosphere instantly became oppressive.

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