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Chapter 677: You’re Not Happy? Let’s Fight Then!


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A cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer couldn’t pose a threat to those elders who were medium-level Supreme Gods, but Jiang Xuan was the Great Leader’s beloved son, so they had to respect him no matter what he said to them. If they ever dared bully the boy, the Great Leader would probably punish them.

Some people had already tried. The last one was an elder who was a medium-level Supreme God; he had bullied Jiang Xuan and taught him a good lesson. The Great Leader had killed him on the spot, then he destroyed that elder’s whole clan.

Ever since, nobody dared to bully the young boy. The problem was that his father also often shielded his faults too much.

The elders didn’t dare say anything anymore, they just looked at Lin Feng. What did he want now?

Lin Feng clapped Jiang Xuan’s shoulder. He was grateful that that little boy had defended him. He had been there for only a day, and Jiang Xuan was honest and kind to him. Lin Feng was even more convinced that he had made the right decision. It was worth it for Jiang Xuan.

“Great Leader, you think Fu Su Rong is more suitable than me as a teacher for your son because you think of the city in its entirety, right?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

Lin Feng told the Great Leader what he thought. Jiang Xuan’s father was startled when he heard that; Lin Feng was really smart and had an excellent sense of judgement.

Jiang Xuan’s father looked pensive. Maybe keeping Lin Feng was the best thing to do. Maybe he could even keep them both?

He wanted to say that but he didn’t, as Lin Feng spoke first.

“Great Leader, since it’s that way, I was thinking, maybe I could fight against Fu Su Rong. If I win, I could be your son’s teacher,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly. Maybe this was a suitable place to fight against Fu Su Rong. He would also be able to assess the situation and see how strong Fu Su Rong had become during these few months. At the same time, he would also show the Great Leader that cultivation level and real strength were two different things.


The thirty elders were astonished. They all stared at Lin Feng, without exception. They couldn’t believe it; Lin Feng was a low-level Supreme God, yet he suggested a fight against a medium-level Supreme God, and sounded confident?

That was a huge difference in cultivation level, how could he even propose a battle? Was he just reckless? Didn’t he know he could die? Wouldn’t Lin Feng be sad to die in this city?

All the elders then smiled mockingly. They didn’t dare laugh though, because they didn’t want to infuriate Jiang Xuan again, but they could grin on the side.

Lin Feng ignored all those people’s expressions because they knew nothing about him. They didn’t know anything about the tensions which already existed between Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong, they didn’t know they had already fought in the past. They didn’t know Lin Feng had already defeated and even nearly killed Fu Su Rong in the past.

Of course, if Lin Feng told them about it, maybe they would all laugh. Nobody would believe him, so the best way was to show his real strength and make them shut up.

“Alright, I agree,” said the Great Leader. At the beginning, he was startled; he found the whole thing really strange, but after considering all the elements, he agreed. First, Lang Xie City was fine these days and had no particular problems. A battle wouldn’t do anything bad to the people of the city; on the contrary, it would make people feel ardent again.

Second, he was also curious to see who was stronger, Lin Feng or Fu Su Rong. He couldn’t see it with his bare eyes, and he was convinced Lin Feng was extremely strong. On top of that, he could see that there were strong tensions between Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong. They both wanted to kill the other.

Third, he was starting to think selfishly; he hoped his son would become Lin Feng’s student. Lin Feng seemed to be a virtuous and kind teacher, and he treated Jiang Xuan really well. As a father, he hoped Lin Feng would win the battle, for his son!

Fu Su Rong didn’t say anything. He also wanted to fight against Lin Feng. He wanted to become famous after defeating Lin Feng. He wanted to use Lin Feng as a stepping stone, but what he wanted the most was to kill Lin Feng, to show everyone he was stronger!

Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng ferociously. He patiently waited for the battle to start.

He had wanted to fight against Lin Feng since the first time tensions had emerged between them.

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong took a deep breath and looked at Lin Feng confidently. Lin Feng also looked at Fu Su Rong confidently.

“Alright, the banquet is over. You can all disperse. Prince Lin Feng and Prince Fu Su Rong, stay here; Little Xuan, stay here too,” ordered the Great Leader, standing up and waving at all the elders. All the elders bowed hand over fist and left the palace.

“Little Xuan, come,” the Great Leader said to Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan walked over to his father and they left for another room. Only Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong were left in the main room.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong stared at each other icily. Lin Feng stayed calm.

“Lin Feng, you shouldn’t have suggested a battle. Maybe that it’s time for you to stop being arrogant,” said Fu Su Rong icily and arrogantly emphasizing every word.

Lin Feng just smiled indifferently, “You think you can win?”

“Why not? You think I haven’t become stronger?” said Fu Su Rong icily. He sounded obstinate and unruly.

Lin Feng didn’t reply. He just sat down and had a drink on his own.

“Lin Feng, you should drink this instead,” said Fu Su Rong, smiling mockingly. Lin Feng raised his head and suddenly saw a glass shooting towards him at an incredible speed. He had no time to react.

He could only throw his own glass as quickly as possible. The two glasses collided and exploded. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s clothes were soaked with splashing alcohol.

Lin Feng frowned, his eyes were filled with killing intent. The atmosphere became heavy.

“Since you’re begging me to kill you…” Lin Feng said. He looked down at his clothes, now stained by wine.

Fu Su Rong glared at Lin Feng angrily. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng. He had to get rid of this enemy who would pose a threat to him in the future. Therefore, he had provoked Lin Feng. He wanted to infuriate Lin Feng because if he was furious, then maybe he would act recklessly during the battle, and Fu Su Rong would have more chances to win.

“Maybe you are the one who wants to die, who knows?” replied Fu Su Rong, slowly raising his head and staring at Lin Feng icily. He didn’t seem afraid. He had changed, so he was confident.

Nothing or nobody could put a spoke in his wheels, not even Lin Feng!

“It seems like you forgot how desperate and sad you were back then. Maybe it’s time for you to remember how miserable you were,” Lin Feng answered indifferently.

“Hehe, the wheel of fortune turns. Maybe it’s your turn now, you’re the one who’s going to be miserable, and desperate, not me!”

“You are really self-confident, you think you can use me as a stepping-stone?”

“What do you think?”

“Fu Su Rong, you think you’re the only one who makes progress in this world? You think the others stall or even regress?”

“Lin Feng, I should be the one to tell you that. You should look at me with new eyes. I am not the same old Fu Su Rong you used to humiliate. I will kill you! Your miserable dog’s life is not worth living. Haha!” spat Fu Su Rong, grinning scornfully.

After that, the atmosphere turned silent and gloomy. Lin Feng cracked his neck, before standing up and turning his back to Fu Su Rong. Then he turned his head and said indifferently, “Since it’s that way, let’s stop talking shit?”

“Are you sure?” asked Fu Su Rong, putting down the new glass of wine he had grabbed. He stared at Lin Feng icily. Energies slowly filled the air.

“Let’s go. Since you think you’re going to win, let’s go and fight, we’ll see,” Lin Feng said, then walked out of the palace.

If you hate me, let’s fight! It was as simple as that.

“That’s exactly what I meant,” said Fu Su Rong icily. He left the hall after Lin Feng.

The two of them were furious and kept provoking one another.


When Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong left the room, the Great Leader came in from the back of the hall. He was carrying Jiang Xuan in his arms. Jiang Xuan seemed worried and nervous.

“Father, Teacher…?”

“Hehe, don’t worry. We’ll go and watch. We’ll see how strong the teacher you like is. I’ll make a public announcement to inform the people about your teachers’ duel. I think many people will come and watch,” whispered the Great Leader, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong was probably going to be a great battle!

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