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Chapter 678: Lin Feng vs. Fu Su Rong, Part One


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The Great Leader informed all the people of the city about Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s battle. Very quickly, many strong cultivators from East Lang Xie and West Lang Xie rushed over. They all wanted to see how strong the Young Prince’s teachers were.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong were waiting in midair. They had already left the very center of Lang Xie City, and were in the sky above a lofty mountain called Lang Xie Mountain. It was the place where people had first started building Lang Xie City. The ancestor of Lang Xie City had broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer there, and then he had started building Lang Xie City.

Therefore, people from Lang Xie considered it as a holy mountain. The fact that Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s battle was going to take place there attracted even more people.

When Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong reached the top of the mountain, there were thousands of people there already, and more and more people were still coming.

Apart from the annual competition between the two sides of the city, the city hadn’t been so bustling for many years. People in Lang Xie City liked fierce battles a lot.

The Leader of East Lang Xie arrived with Jiang Xuan and chose a spot where the view would be nice. A few tens of thousands of meters from the Great Leader was a middle-aged man who looked heroic. He was wearing golden clothes, and had a fan in his hand. He didn’t seem any weaker than the Leader of East Lang Xie.

“My nephew, which teacher do you like the most?” asked the man, smiling at Jiang Xuan indifferently.

“Teacher Lin Feng, of course!” replied Jiang Xuan, pointing to Lin Feng with his finger. A few tens of thousands of meters separated them, but everybody could clearly hear them.

When Lin Feng heard Jiang Xuan, he felt warm in his heart. However, Fu Su Rong looked at Jiang Xuan ferociously. He wanted to crush the little boy’s face.

The man in golden clothes laughed when he heard Jiang Xuan and nodded, “My nephew has a good sense of judgement.”

“Why do you say that, brother?” asked the Leader of East Lang Xie when he heard the man. He didn’t understand. His younger brother was extremely smart. A simple low-level Supreme God couldn’t draw Jiang Yi Ze’s attention like that.

“Jiang Yi Tian, haven’t you heard of what happened in San Country recently?” asked Jiang Yi Ze in a low voice. The atmosphere between them became isolated. Apart from the two of them, nobody else knew they were saying. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong both wondered what they were talking about.

“What happened in San Country?” asked Jiang Yi Tian. He didn’t understand. He rarely left East Lang Xie, and didn’t care about what happened in neighboring lands. He rarely went to San Country.

His brother, Jiang Yi Ze, smiled indifferently. Jiang Yi Tian really didn’t know what was going on there. However, there were two major things he didn’t know. The first thing was that Lin Feng had completely shaken San Country. The second thing he didn’t know was that three high-level Supreme Gods from the Lun Bi Empire wanted Lin Feng dead and they had ordered the Leader of San Country, Yan Zhen, to kill him!

Jiang Yi Ze told Jiang Yi Tian everything about Lin Feng. When Jiang Yi Tian heard all that, he was astonished, and couldn’t believe it. Was that even possible?

“Brother, are you serious?” asked Jiang Yi Tian. A low-level Supreme God had injured a high-level Supreme God? That was impossible!

Jiang Yi Ze shook his head. He didn’t know the details. He just knew that it was Yan Zhen’s version. He had good relations with Yan Zhen. Yan Zhen had told him that if he saw Lin Feng, he had to hand him over to San Country. But when Jiang Yi Ze had seen Lin Feng, he had changed his mind; why would he offend someone who would become an extraordinary cultivator in the future?

He had good relations with Yan Zhen, but he was also the Leader of West Lang Xie, he needed to think of Lang Xie City before anything else. East Lang Xie and West Lang Xie both needed someone like Lin Feng. Therefore, they couldn’t offend him because of San Country.

When Jiang Yi Tian heard Jiang Yi Ze, he changed his mind. Of course, he found Fu Su Rong strong, he was a medium-level Supreme God after all, and he might even be stronger than Lin Feng, but it didn’t matter because in terms of talent, Lin Feng seemed to be better. Jiang Yi Tian had the impression he had missed something.

Jiang Yi Tian glanced at Jiang Xuan. If his son hadn’t done all he could to keep Lin Feng, maybe he would have really missed a great opportunity, as Lin Feng would have left.

Jiang Yi Tian felt ridiculous and regretted his choice. Why did he attach so much importance to people’s cultivation levels?

The two Great Leaders quickly finished talking. The energies which isolated them disappeared. At the moment, everybody was watching Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong. The kind of tensions which existed between Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong couldn’t disappear fron one day to another, but at least, they’d be able to release their anger.

“There are so many witnesses today; I will show them all what strength really is,” said Fu Su Rong, glancing at the crowd and smiling mockingly. Lin Feng seemed extremely calm.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd; they all looked excited. Lin Feng knew that this battle was an opportunity to become famous in Lang Xie. No matter who the winner would be, both fighters would become famous.

“I’ve already seen how strong you are. I know everything about you,” Lin Feng said indifferently, smiling icily.

Fu Su Rong looked at him glumly. His eyes were filled with ferocity and hatred. He clenched his fists hard enough to pop his knuckles.

“We haven’t seen each for a few months, you think I’m still the same? You think I’m the one you chased back then?” sneered Fu Su Rong scornfully. He was very confident of his strength, and convinced he could defeat Lin Feng.

“Since it’s that way, let’s stop talking shit? Let’s start!” Lin Feng frowned. He hated people who wasted time. He pointed at Fu Su Rong with his left hand.

Lin Feng provoked Fu Su Rong. Fu Su Rong laughed caustically. He stopped talking and flashed, disappearing. Most people were startled. Where was Fu Su Rong?

Lin Feng frowned. He realized defeating Fu Su Rong wouldn’t be as easy as it used to be. Lin Feng didn’t know where Fu Su Rong was, but he didn’t intend to sit and wait for death. He flashed and disappeared as well.

Both of them had disappeared. Everybody wondered what was going on, but medium-level Supreme Gods and high-level Supreme Gods suddenly saw two threads of pure Qi collide three thousand meters up in the air. They kept colliding and being pushed back.

Lin Feng threw a punch and charged Fu Su Rong, aiming at his chest. Fu Su Rong didn’t panic in spite of the incredible Qi. He raised his left hand and made a slapping motion. A hand shadow appeared, it looked like a demon’s hand, the Qi emerging from it ice-cold.

Boom, boom! Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s hands collided. Both of them were pushed back violently. They started falling down, but Lin Feng managed to get back on his feet in midair. He flashed again and appeared in front of Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong released strength and managed to stop and stand steadily. At the same time, Lin Feng was already half a meter away from him. Lin Feng shouted explosively and released even more strength through his feet. His threads of Qi looked like cloud-penetrating arrows and were extremely sharp as he threw a kick at Fu Su Rong’s chest.

Fu Su Rong laughed ferociously, and didn’t flinch. He let Lin Feng’s feet approach his chest but a dazzling white light started flashing around him. Absorbing strength started rotating around him.

When Lin Feng’s feet reached Fu Su Rong, he sensed a terrible pain in his legs. It felt as if he were kicking a black hole, and that black hole was absorbing his pure Qi.

Oh no!

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