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Chapter 679: Lin Feng vs. Fu Su Rong, Part Two


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Lin Feng had a very bad feeling. When his feet reached Fu Su Rong’s chest, he sensed an absorbing strength start absorbing his pure Qi. He had never experienced such a thing before. He had the impression that Fu Su Rong was a completely different person from before. He couldn’t believe Fu Su Rong had changed so much.

But Lin Feng calmed down very quickly. Fu Su Rong’s face was distorted with a ferocious smile as he laughed mockingly and said, “So? You still think you can defeat me easily?”

“You changed a lot, indeed. It seems like you were lucky to obtain some great things,” Lin Feng said icily.

“So you admit it? Hehe, it’s too late though! You’re going to die. You’re doomed, Lin Feng, hahahahahaha!” shouted Fu Su Rong ferociously. He rejoiced, convinced he was going to win this time and defeat Lin Feng.

Haha! How awesome!

“You really seem very confident?”

Fu Su Rong looked at the sky and laughed frantically. Lin Feng suddenly managed to pull his feet back at an incredible speed. His pure Qi wasn’t being swallowed anymore. Fu Su Rong also sensed that his absorbing strength was weakening; on the contrary, his own pure Qi was being absorbed and moving into Lin Feng’s feet!

“How is this possible?” blurted out Fu Su Rong, flustered. What was going on?

Lin Feng smiled and said icily, “Well, my absorbing strength is better than yours, it seems!

“I thought you had a secret weapon, I wouldn’t have thought it’d be absorbing strength though. You didn’t know that I understand absorbing strength really well?” Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He reached out his left hand and a terrifying absorbing strength surrounded Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong’s expression changed drastically. He had never thought Lin Feng would understand absorbing as well, at least not as well as him! Fu Su Rong didn’t think too much; he quickly slapped at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng’s absorbing strength devoured half of Fu Su Rong’s strength, but the remaining threads of energies still reached his chest. He grunted with pain and was pushed back a thousand meters.

Lin Feng understood more and more that Fu Su Rong wasn’t an easy opponent. If Fu Su Rong had only one trump card, he wouldn’t feel so confident.

Lin Feng was more and more vigilant. If he didn’t use his full strength, maybe he would lose, and he might even die. How humiliating would that be?

“Haha! Lin Feng! You’re going to taste my new attack now!”

As expected, after forcing Lin Feng away, Fu Su Rong didn’t stop. He threw himself at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng’s speed Dao had reached the maximum level already, but he was still slower than Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to think. He raised his hands and released a powerful Qi. Fu Su Rong smiled mockingly. Lin Feng had a bad feeling, but he didn’t know why.

But since he had a bad feeling, it was completely justified. Lin Feng didn’t have time to react, so he took back his hands and flashed backwards. However, at the same time, Fu Su Rong roared furiously. He looked like a bloodthirsty beast, growing more and more terrifying.

Fu Su Rong roared almost mindlessly. His eyes were bloodshot. They looked like two blood-red blades. He didn’t waste time talking. He charged, reaching for Lin Feng’s head. Everybody watched him with their eyes wide.

“Teacher, good luck!” shouted Jiang Xuan, extremely worried. He clenched his small fists, his hands cold and sweaty.

Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze were stupefied. Fu Su Rong was extremely dangerous. He looked like an explosive demon, a death god. When they looked at him, they both took a step backwards.

“Lin Feng, you’re in danger,” whispered Jiang Yi Tian, shaking his head. Poor Lin Feng…

Lin Feng did his best to move back. Fu Su Rong continued rushing towards him. He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as he could.

Jiang Yi Ze frowned, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t think that a genius who had escaped from Yan Zhen could lose against Fu Su Rong. He had the impression Lin Feng had a plan, but he needed more time.

Boom boom!…

There was an explosion, and the whole mountain trembled. People heard the expression thousands of li away. Fu Su Rong threw punches at Lin Feng’s chest without hesitation. Lin Feng was blown away and coughed blood, his face paling.

“Haha! Lin Feng, nobody can save you today! Haha!” said Fu Su Rong. When he saw Lin Feng was blown away, he felt extremely proud. This strong opponent couldn’t oppress him anymore!

“Who else will ever put a spoke in my wheel? Haha!” Fu Su Rong laughed manically and opened his arms. He looked bloodthirsty. His Qi scared the whole crowd.

Lin Feng put his hand on his chest, it was warm and wet. He lowered his hand and saw three big wounds. Fu Su Rong’s hands were as sharp as daggers, especially his fingers, which had inflicted the wounds.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He could sense that his primal chaos body was changing. He smiled icily. He had willingly let Fu Su Rong have the advantage for a little while now. It was time for him to start.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and started using his Blood Skill of the Great Tao. The Blood Skill of the Great Tao was one of San Zun’s skills and techniques; it was more powerful than a celestial skill.

But Lin Feng didn’t control it that well, so he combined it with the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill and basic elements of the Demon Emperor’s Celestial Skill.

Lin Feng’s Qi turned dark and gloomy. His muscles twitched. A blood-red aura appeared around his body. His acupuncture points became blood-red, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Lin Feng opened his arms. Everything became red around him. The space around him turned into a sanguinary world, a demon’s world. Many people shuddered with fear, and even the medium-level Supreme Gods looked solemn.

Fu Su Rong was astonished as well. He even started panicking. That terrifying blood Qi was more powerful and more ferocious than his own Qi!

“What kind of skill is that? How come it’s so cold and evil?” Jiang Yi Tian had no choice but to release energies to protect Jiang Xuan. His little boy could get injured by that blood world.

Jiang Yi Ze studied the blood-red world. He was impressed. He had never seen such a skill, but it was really terrifying. Jiang Yi Ze even wondered if Lin Feng had created it himself. If a high-level Supreme God could obtain it and use it, it would be great; if Lang Xie City had it, then they would be safe for many more years.

“It seems like we have to seal the area,” Jiang Yi Ze said to Jiang Yi Tian. Jiang Yi Tian nodded, then the two brothers stretched out their hands silently and formed a twenty-thousand-meter-long world around Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong. All the observers were pushed back twenty thousand meters.

In the end, they didn’t feel personally threatened by the two fighters’ energies, but when the crowd sensed those energies, they had the impression needles had pierced through their skin and would make their blood explode. That skill was just too terrifying.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong glared at each other as the energies enveloped them. Then Lin Feng stretched out his hands and the whole space in the protection bubble became blood-red. People outside couldn’t see anything, but crimson.

Boom, boom, boom!…

After that, there was an explosion. The whole protection bubble shook violently. Blood Qi rolled in waves for ten minutes before it dispersed. After that, the crowd saw a silhouette in the protection bubble. He was standing there steadily.

It was…

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