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Chapter 682: Biological Brothers?


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Nobody dared offend the ancestor. Supreme God Lang Xie and his grandson left Lang Xie Mountain. Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze followed them closely. They felt embarrassed and anguished, but didn’t show it.

Lin Feng was standing on the ground. He wouldn’t forget about Fu Su Rong for a long time. He had lost this time, it was a fact, but he had lost against Supreme God Zi Dian, who was a terrifying cultivator, not Fu Su Rong!

After a long time, Lin Feng came back to his senses and looked in the direction Supreme God Lang Xie had gone. Lin Feng quickly caught up with them. He didn’t want to chase Supreme God Lang Xie, but the old man had taken the Sword of Remote Times, so Lin Feng had to follow him.


A day later, in the palace of East Lang Xie…

The atmosphere in the meeting hall was oppressive. Apart from Supreme God Lang Xie’s grandson who played and laughed now and then, nobody dared say anything. Everybody just listened to the old man and his grandson chat and laugh. The others all remained silent and looked grim.

Lin Feng was seated on a chair in a corner of the room. He was holding the Sword of Remote Times. Zu Ti had come out of the sword and was floating just above the ground in front of Lin Feng.

Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze were seated opposite Lin Feng. They both looked extremely nervous; they didn’t know what their father thought of them, but they could imagine he wasn’t happy.

There were only five people in the meeting hall. The elders of East Lang Xie and West Lang Xie weren’t qualified to be there, they didn’t want to be there anyway; who would want to face that strict and mean old ancestor?


A long time passed. Jiang Xuan didn’t feel like playing anymore. He pushed Supreme God Lang Xie’s arm and walked over to Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled calmly and took the boy in his arms.

“Teacher, I am sure you will manage to kill that evil demon. Good luck!” said Jiang Xuan confidently.

Lin Feng looked at Jiang Xuan’s smile; he looked resolute and steadfast, yet young and tender. The little boy reminded Lin Feng of his own youth. Lin Feng was suddenly lost in thought.

Supreme God Lang Xie looked a bit angry. Usually, the boy liked to play with him. Supreme God Lang Xie loved his grandson, but since Lin Feng had come, the boy preferred staying with him.

Supreme God Lang Xie looked at Lin Feng angrily. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He had come at the right time, because when he had arrived, Fu Su Rong had tortured the little boy, so the boy had instantly preferred him.

Children were all the same. They didn’t really care about strength, they seized opportunities. If you were there at the right moment for a child and were kind to them, then they automatically liked you.

“Piss off now, useless morons!” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie to his two sons. He was furious. The two brothers glanced at each other helplessly, then glanced at Lin Feng and walked away.

“Close the door and DON’T eavesdrop!” shouted the Ancestor. Jiang Yi Tian didn’t dare show discontent; he closed the door, then Jiang Yi Ze and he walked far away.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and Zu Ti. He shouted angrily, “Where did you go? Where were you during those last hundred thousand years?”

The old man asked things straightforwardly. Zu Ti seemed furious.

Zu Ti glanced at Supreme God Lang Xie, but didn’t reply. He looked grim.

Lang Xie ignored Zu Ti’s angry look and continued, “A hundred thousand years… You disappeared for a hundred thousand years… I was looking for you everywhere!

“You really don’t consider me as your older brother, huh? Don’t you know anything about rules and formalities?

“Zu Ti, I told you not to hang out with that bastard, San Zun. You refused to listen to me, and you were sealed for a hundred thousand years somewhere, huh? Right?” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie furiously.

Zu Ti just lowered his head. He didn’t dare contradict Supreme God Lang Xie.

Lin Feng was astonished. Zu Ti was Supreme God Lang Xie’s younger brother? How astonishing!

Lin Feng now understood why Zu Ti looked so worried when Jiang Xuan was injured. Lin Feng had found that very strange at first, but it was because they were related by blood.

“Greet your great-uncle, little boy,” Supreme God Lang Xie told Jiang Xuan.

Jiang Xuan didn’t understand. He looked at Zu Ti for a long time and finally said, “Greetings, great-uncle!”

Zu Ti lowered his head. When he heard that, he was touched despite himself. “Don’t call me that, we are not directly related by blood,” said Zu Ti coolly, getting in a huff.

“Bullshit. You and me are not related by blood? Are you trying to tarnish the reputation of the Jiang’s?” shouted Lang Xie angrily.

Zu Ti wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out. He just hmphed coldly. He naturally couldn’t say that the Jiang’s were all bad, because his family name was Jiang. He was Jiang Zu Ti, and Lang Xie was naturally called Jiang Lang Xie. They were brothers, but things had been complex at his birth.

Jiang Zu Ti had rebelled during his childhood, refusing to submit to Jiang Lang Xie. They hadn’t argued because of that, but in the end Jiang Zu Ti hadn’t had the advantage and wasn’t happy. For that reason, he had made a drastic decision to put distance between him and Jiang Lang Xie, and he left.

Jiang Zu Ti had decided to go and travel. He had improved his sword cultivation, and become the strongest sword cultivator, the Sword Ancestor’s Soul, and had followed San Zun. They had traveled together, but Jiang Zu Ti never thought he’d end up sealed in San Zun’s grave for a hundred thousand years.

But Jiang Zu Ti didn’t regret it. It was part of his life. If he had followed Jiang Lang Xie, maybe he would have just submitted to him, and he would have never have had the opportunity to become famous himself. Now, everybody in the Country of Eternity knew and remembered him. He was as famous as his brother, Lang Xie.

Therefore, he didn’t regret.

Lang Xie looked at his brother and sighed helplessly. As Zu Ti’s older brother, he understood him, and knew why he had left long ago. He had also closely followed his adventures for a while, including his time with San Zun.

He also knew that Zu Ti had been sealed in a grave, but he hadn’t rescued him; not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t.

Back then, even though San Zun had died, there were still many high-level Supreme Gods in San Country. They were stronger than him. Back then, San Country was still powerful.

Recently, he had thought of going to rescue his younger brother, but then he had heard of what had happened in San Country: A man called Lin Feng had managed to escape from Yan Zhen, a high-level Supreme God, and had come to Lang Xie City.

Lang Xie had guessed that Lin Feng was with Zu Ti. Of course, he had been watching Lin Feng since the first minute he had arrived in Lang Xie City. He had also observed how Lin Feng cultivated.

Zu Ti had felt that Lin Feng and he were being watched, that’s why he had transformed back into his real form to tell Lin Feng everything. Zu Ti had also brought Lin Feng to Lang Xie City because he was sure that Lang Xie would try and help Lin Feng, he would even save him if he was in danger.

The two old men continued arguing. Lin Feng was a bit surprised. He didn’t know what kind of relationship they had, but there was definitely a strong connection between them. Lin Feng had the impression that Zu Ti had fooled him, and wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Brother, I know what you’re thinking. A hundred thousand years have passed and you still won’t submit to me. But I also know that our father’s blood flows in our veins and you can’t deny that.

“Don’t be angry at me, for our dead brother, and for our beloved father who’s been dead for a long time already, alright? We’re a hundred thousand years old already, we’re not children anymore. Let’s act like mature and wise old men,” said Lang Xie sadly, imploring him. He really wanted to solve the issue.

When Zu Ti heard that, he was visibly moved, but a hundred thousand years had passed, and he couldn’t forget all their resentments in the blink of an eye just because of a few sentences.

But he was old and tired too, he naturally didn’t want to continue arguing with his brother anymore. It wouldn’t be good for Lang Xie City, or for the Jiang family.

At the same time, he also set high hopes on Lin Feng.

Zu Ti looked at Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan, then he clenched his fists and said to Lang Xie, “I hope you will not get involved in my personal affairs again in the future.”

The atmosphere calmed down some. Lang Xie smiled and nodded, “I will not, brother.”

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