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Chapter 684: Qi Yang Tai!


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At night, Lin Feng, went to Jiang Xuan’s residence and entered his room. The two guards didn’t prevent him from passing. Lin Feng knew that the boy had probably told them to let him pass if they saw him. Even though the boy had a plan, he also knew Lin Feng had a request, so he had to come to him first.

Lin Feng could imagine how strong Jiang Xuan would become ten years, twenty years, or even a hundred years from now.

Lin Feng was lucky to have a good relationship with this little boy. Luckily, he hadn’t abused him like Fu Su Rong. Other people couldn’t imagine what this boy was thinking deep inside.

Lin Feng opened the door and entered the room. It was dark. Lin Feng saw a shadow run towards him, and the boy flashed into Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng smiled wryly and closed the door, then hugged the boy.

“You knew I was coming?” Lin Feng said.

“Of course. You want to go to Qi Yang Tai, so I knew you would come,” said Jiang Xuan, smiling confidently.

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed speechlessly. He put Jiang Xuan back down. The boy said, “Brother Lin Feng, do you want to be my teacher or not?”

“I can’t,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t, because he wanted to leave.

When Jiang Xuan heard that, he wasn’t angry, he knew Lin Feng would say that, but then he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I really can’t,” Lin Feng said shaking his head resolutely.

“Alright, since it’s that way, bye-bye, Brother,” said Jiang Xuan, smiling slyly. Lin Feng had a bad feeling. Suddenly, Jiang Xuan burst into laugher and hammered his bed with his fist. Lin Feng heard a rumbling sound, and the floor under his feet disappeared and a gigantic pit appeared.

“Bye-bye, brother!” Jiang Xuan stood on his bed and laughed happily. Lin Feng fell in the hole and disappeared.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to react. Lin Feng now understood how Jiang Xuan had killed a dozen teachers, and why people were terrified when they saw him. It wasn’t unjustified!

Lin Feng was a bit angry. That boy really needed to be educated, otherwise, he might become like Di Shu.

The pit was pitch-black. Lin Feng could feel that he was falling, but he couldn’t do anything. He had to try and control his fall and get ready to face anything unexpected.

Lin Feng then realized that since he had arrived in the Country of Eternity, he had fallen in such pitch-black holes four times already. What was wrong with this place?

Bam! Lin Feng landed on the ground and a cloud of dust appeared. The ground crackled. In front of his eyes, there was something shiny, a golden light, it looked like a small warm sun.

Lin Feng didn’t know what this place was, it was only a hundred meters long, and apart from that, there was no passage out.

Lin Feng was standing next to a wall. The floor tiles had broken when he had landed and now the ground was just dusty and sandy. However, it was also very shiny reflected light.

Lin Feng’s primal chaos body started shaking stronger and stronger. The golden lights around him became more and more dazzling. Very quickly, a golden aura appeared around him. If one didn’t look properly, one could have thought he was a gold statue.

Could it be that this place is Qi Yang Tai?, thought Lin Feng suddenly. Was it Lang Xie City’s cultivation place, Qi Yang Tai?

But how could such a place be Qi Yang Tai, Lang Xie City’s holy cultivation place? Lin Feng didn’t dare imagine that this insalubrious place was a holy cultivation place, but actually, it was the truth. He was really in Qi Yang Tai, the place which had the potential to improve his primal chaos body.

Lin Feng looked up at the pitch-black pit. He couldn’t see any sunlight at the top, it was already closed. The only lights he saw were the lustrous lights on the walls. Lin Feng didn’t try to think of a way to get out. He glanced around and saw a sort of low stage emerging from the ground. He immediately jumped over on it.

When he landed on it, it felt as if he had flashed onto needles. In less than a second, his body became completely golden and his body temperature increased drastically. It didn’t feel like he was on a stage, it felt like he was in a scorching cauldron. It was at least a few thousands of degrees inside.

Lin Feng didn’t need to activate his strength, his primal chaos body started changing automatically. Lin Feng didn’t control it anymore. It was like his body had seen a delicious dish and wanted to devour it.

Lin Feng found the temperature too hot, so he raised his feet and sat down in the air half a centimeter above the stage. His primal chaos body temperature kept increasing.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng was soaked with sweat from head to foot. His body was bright red, as if he were a cooked lobster. The temperature almost made him faint. His primal chaos body felt like it was melting.

Lin Feng paled, but because his face was already bright red, it was difficult to tell. His whole body felt sore. The higher the temperature, the stronger the pain.

His primal chaos body was literally melting. Lin Feng was scared and worried. What if his primal chaos body melted and disappeared? That would be a real nightmare!

However, time proved to Lin Feng that he was completely wrong. Qi Yang Tai didn’t make his body melt, it just made his primal chaos strength turn into a kind of scorching hot strength. Every part of Lin Feng’s body became searing hot and filled with primal chaos strength. His dantian turned into a white dot as big as a thumb.

The pain turned into a pleasant warmth after a while. The temperature decreased. Lin Feng felt extremely good after that. He had never felt like this before, it was a unique sensation. The atmosphere around him was entirely golden and warm. Red and golden lights kept intertwining.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had to exhale properly to expel the heat from his body.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng’s body was slowly being refined, every single part of his body.

But Lin Feng had the impression that each time a part of his body was being refined, something was disappearing. Maybe that it was exactly the purpose of that process? Maybe only the true essence of his strength was being kept?


Three days passed. Lin Feng’s primal chaos body and Qi Yang Tai had completely fused together. Each time Qi Yang Tai refined his body, his body reacted instantly and flawlessly.

Five days later, each time Lin Feng exhaled, there was gas, but the vapor had black stripes. Each time he breathed, the vapor looked like a poisonous zebra cloud.

Lin Feng looked at the black stripes and couldn’t help but think of back then when Di Shu had poisoned him. Even though he had been healed by Mu Yun, and then by Ancestor Kong, there were still traces of the poison in his body, and now he was expelling the remaining traces of it.

Lin Feng had a lingering fear when thinking about it, it was a kind of trauma. Luckily, Di Shu was dead, or he would have continued plotting against him!

Mu Yun was now a renowned doctor, but she hadn’t even managed to remove all the poison from his body. Ancestor Kong was a medium-level Supreme God and he hadn’t managed to remove all the poison from Lin Feng’s body, either. Di Shu had been dead for some time and there were still traces of poison in his body. Di Shu had really hated him…

A week later, Lin Feng was used to the heat, and he even enjoyed it…

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    What’s with the falling? With his cultivation level, isnt flying is as natural as breathing for him already?

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    Didn’t his 3rd disciple absorbed what was left of the poison before? Hmm.

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