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Chapter 685: Ocean of Flames


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Two more weeks passed. Lin Feng’s primal chaos body had been refined over a hundred times. Each time, superfluous elements were expelled from his body. His body had almost become perfect. It was dazzling and shiny white, like a new layer on his primordial spirit. His primordial spirit was protected by his primal chaos body that way.

There was a jewel-like light in his dantian as big as a thumb. His whole circulatory system sometimes flashed. Lin Feng could sense that the jewel contained an incredible amount of primal chaos Qi.

Half a month later, the primal chaos Qi in that jewel became smaller, but it didn’t dry up. On the contrary, Qi Yang Tai started refining his primal chaos Qi, too. His primal chaos Qi was being refined and purified.

It took Lin Feng two more weeks to refine his body and primal chaos strength, the results obvious. Lin Feng felt extremely annoyed because his strength had decreased during the process! At the beginning, he had the strength of the top of the low-level Supreme God layer, now it was like he had just broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer.

The process had allowed his primal chaos body to get rid of all superfluous things, it was now pure. Lin Feng’s strength and cultivation level had changed during the process, that was normal; it didn’t mean that Lin Feng had become weaker at all. It was like the difference between a boulder and a diamond: a boulder was gigantic, but it wasn’t as hard a small diamond.

Lin Feng was now like a diamond, containing an incredible strength. Lin Feng really wanted to fight now to try his new strength.

Lin Feng wanted to stand up, but then he decided to stay there a little bit longer. Even though Qi Yang Tai couldn’t bring him anything more, he wanted to enjoy the area a bit longer.


A month later, Lin Feng exhaled. Vapor appeared. His body was completely purified. His energy circulatory system, his internal organs, and skin were as fine and smooth as jade. His skin was fine, glossy, tender and white, like a child’s skin.

Lin Feng had the impression he was a child again. He felt like a twenty-year-old, not a cultivator, but a twenty-year-old ordinary person.

Lin Feng stood up and looked at the fine and smooth jade-like stage of Qi Yang Tai on which he was standing.

At first, he had thought Jiang Xuan wanted to trick him, he hadn’t thought he’d send him to Qi Yang Tai. No matter what decision Lin Feng had made, the boy wasn’t angry at him. Lin Feng felt guilty. He had misunderstood the boy, he had thought Jiang Xuan had plotted against him.

Jiang Xuan would never hurt him.

Lin Feng got ready to fly up again, but at that moment, he frowned, because he heard rumbling sounds and then sound of sputtering fires.

Lin Feng glanced around and then at the ground; the sound came from underneath him.

Lin Feng walked to the edge of the pit. Sometimes the sound was clear, sometimes it was extremely faint.

Lin Feng looked at the stage. It was shiny, but then he noticed it was divided into four parts; there were flaws in the middle. Lin Feng wondered if he could open that stage.

He looked for a button, but there was none. He searched for half a day but found nothing at all. He also inspected the walls several times. He even knocked every single inch of wall, nothing, no particular sound, no movement…

Lin Feng sat down again. He had a strange feeling. He wished he hadn’t seen anything; now that he had noticed something strange, he didn’t intend to leave without solving the mystery.

What is that thing now?, thought Lin Feng, shaking his head. Then he tapped the stage and frowned. He was suddenly excited. He raised his left hand and saw a recess on the edge of the stage, the size of a thumb. If he hadn’t felt it with his hand, he wouldn’t have seen it.

“Is it a kind of mechanism?” whispered Lin Feng. He put his thumb in it and pushed.

Boom boom!…

Suddenly, rumbling sounds arose, caused by boulders rubbing together. Because Qi Yang Tai was already a small space, only a hundred meters wide, the sounds echoed even louder. Lin Feng couldn’t help but put his hands on his ears. Luckily, the sound quickly stopped.

The four parts of the stage moved apart, and a ten-meter-wide hole appeared. There were bright red lights inside, and the temperature suddenly increased drastically. When his body and Qi had been refined, the temperature had reached a few thousands of degrees, but in that hole, the temperature was tens of thousands of degrees.

Luckily, Lin Feng thought of using his primal chaos body to protect himself, and it had been refined already. Otherwise, he would have suddenly burst apart and turned to ashes.

However, it was still difficult to resist such high temperatures. He had the impression he was in an ocean of flames. Lin Feng glanced at the hole; as expected, flames rolled around inside and the hole kept erupting like a volcano.

There really was an ocean of magma inside. It seemed boundless, maybe there really was an ocean of flames under Lang Xie City.

Lin Feng wasn’t very happy. He wanted to enter the ocean of flames to see what was inside, but the temperature was unbearable.

What should I do? What if there is something extraordinary inside?, he thought. That place was definitely extraordinary, but he wouldn’t be able to survive in such temperatures…

Lin Feng remained pensive for a while… After a long time, he suddenly raised his left hand and took out the mysterious water and earth he had found in the tunnels of the canyon of San Country.

Lin Feng took out the emerald green moss, which was the mixture of water and earth.

It could probably push fire away. If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, the fire here was abstruse fire, and the moss was made of abstruse earth and abstruse water. Abstruse earth and abstruse water could repel abstruse fire.

Lin Feng didn’t waste that precious treasure. He just put a little bit on his hand and then he put his whole arm in the fire. It was a little bit painful, but that was all. Lin Feng was overjoyed, and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Finally, I found a solution!”

Then, Lin Feng put a little bit of the moss around his eyes, on his cheeks, on his neck, and on his arms and legs. He decided to protect the uncovered parts of his body with a bit of Qi; he wouldn’t get injured, but it would be a little bit painful. However, he had to save moss, especially since that primal chaos beast would probably be happy to use it, and he didn’t have much.

Lin Feng didn’t forget about that silly primal chaos beast. He didn’t intend to abandon him. He would definitely go back to San Country and save him. Lin Feng knew the primal chaos beast loved eating this precious moss, so Lin Feng kept some for him.

After getting ready, Lin Feng descended into the hole and fell into the ocean of flames.

He closed his eyes so that the flames didn’t hurt his eyeballs, looking around with his godly awareness instead. It was the same, but he didn’t act recklessly either, because his godly awareness could get injured. At least that way, he could see ten meters around him.

Lin Feng flew around in that bright red ocean of flames. His clothes burned away directly. He was instantly completely naked.

The ocean of flames seemed boundless. Lin Feng didn’t know where it started or ended, but he didn’t really care, he just explored.


After half an hour, Lin Feng was already far away. Above ground, he could have flown over ten thousand li, but in that ocean of flames, he was much slower and he had flown only thousands of li.

“Lang Xie City must be above my head. I don’t know if it’s East Lang Xie or West Lang Xie, though,” murmured Lin Feng. He didn’t stop flying, and kept exploring all around him with his godly awareness. He didn’t notice anything strange yet…

Time passed, Lin Feng flew over ten thousand li. At that moment, he noticed that the temperature was increasing. The ocean of flames wasn’t bright red anymore; it was purple, and the flames looked like venomous snakes.

Lin Feng guessed that the abstruse fire had been in here for a very long time, the abstruse moss he was using could barely protect him anymore.

Lin Feng stopped. He couldn’t continue, otherwise, it’d be dangerous. He had already explored a vast area. He also noticed a skeleton in the flames at that moment.

He looked carefully and noticed lots of white skeletons, close by and numerous. Some of them had turned into ashes already. Some of them were partially preserved, some of them were in perfect condition.

Lin Feng landed on the ground and inspected the skeletons with his godly awareness. He inspected a dozen skeletons which were in perfect condition and tried to see if there was still some strength in them.

“If I’m not mistaken, they must all be high-level Supreme Gods, but they died in here, poor them…”

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