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Chapter 686: Ten Great Transmissions!


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The skeletons are so resistant. They must be well-known high-level Supreme Gods. Maybe they were as strong as Supreme God Zi Dian and the others. Their skeletons can’t be destroyed by abstruse fire though. Not bad!, thought Lin Feng, surprised. If he managed to become that strong someday, he’d be happy. He also knew that at such levels, it was much more difficult to become stronger.

“What’s that?” Lin Feng was about to leave when he saw a shiny bright emerald green light flashing on a skeleton. It was difficult to see, one had to be look carefully to see anything. But Lin Feng was in an ocean of red and purple flames, so he noticed different colors even better than outside.

He crouched down and looked at that skeleton. A word was flashing on it, then he noticed sentences.

I am Supreme God Xiao Sa, I became a high-level Supreme God after a thousand years of practice. Now, I am already over twelve thousand years old. I was sick of being lonely and trying to become stronger without any real purpose, so I came into this ocean of flames. But I was the victim of a plot, and I died in here. How sad…

If someday someone finds my body in here, please take it, I can’t thank you enough for that. No need to go and avenge me. As a sign of gratitude, I have a Tao skill, I can transmit it to you, but remember, you may never transmit it to anyone else.

Lin Feng read the emerald green words on the skeleton. He was astonished. This was a cultivator of the top of the Supreme God layer, and he had been the victim of a plot?

“Tao skill of Nature and Freedom.” Lin Feng took the Tao Skill off the skeleton and read it. He couldn’t understand everything yet, he had to practice and study it. It was an incredible Tao skill after all, it wasn’t possible to understand it in the blink of an eye. This was also Lin Feng’s third Tao skill.

He had obtained two Tao skills from San Zun, the Blood Skill of the Great Tao and the Tao Skill of General Principles. But San Zun’s skills were written in a language Lin Feng understood, Supreme God Xiao Sa’s Tao skill was entirely written in an ancient language which Lin Feng didn’t understand. Lin Feng was extremely happy to have found it though, as it was definitely extraordinary.

After memorizing it, he clasped his hands and bowed before Supreme God Xiao Sa. Even though he didn’t know him, he had just learned an incredible thing from him, and he needed to show respect.

“Master, I will bring your skeleton outside and I will bury you in a nice place. You will be able to rest in peace and forget the humiliations you endured in this ocean of flames,” Lin Feng promised seriously, and put the skeleton into his ring.

“The nine other skeletons must be high-level Supreme Gods, as well. They were probably as strong as Supreme God Xiao Sa. Even though you didn’t leave any notice or letter, I will definitely help you and bury you in places where you can rest in peace. How could anyone humiliate you and let you suffer in the ocean of flames for eternity?” Lin Feng sighed to the other skeletons. He got ready to pick up all the skeletons.

“Thank you, young man,” said a sad voice suddenly. That voice resonated in Lin Feng’s heart. Lin Feng’s expression changed quickly. He stared at the nine skeletons and looked for the one who had just spoken.

“Don’t be surprised. I am dead already. I am just a small thread of spiritual soul, I hoped that someone would find us someday, but we had given up already. A few more years and my last thread of spiritual soul would have disappeared. Luckily, you came.”

Lin Feng could hear that voice, but he couldn’t see anyone because it was just a thread of spiritual soul, not a broken soul.

“Master, what is your last wish; tell me and I’ll do my best to achieve it. If I fail, please don’t blame me,” replied Lin Feng, glancing around.

“Hehe, smart young man; where are you from? Where is your teacher from?” asked the old man with a laugh.

“I am an independent cultivator, I am not from the Country of Eternity. I come from a lower world and I came here for new opportunities, to broaden my horizons,” Lin Feng answered. He didn’t need to lie to dead people, so he told the old man the whole truth.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied. Then he laughed and said, “Oh, I see, you’re a little friend from the Continent of the Gods.

“No problem, it doesn’t matter anyway. We’re lucky that you showed up.

“Young man, the other skeletons were like brothers to me. We were all like brothers.”

“My name is Song Zhen Tang. Two hundred thousand years ago, people called me Great Honorable and Venerable Song. I was the leader of Song Country. Young man, how is Song Country doing nowadays?”

Lin Feng was stupefied; he didn’t know what to say, so he just replied, “Master, Song Country doesn’t exist in the Country of Eternity!”

“Hehe, it must have been destroyed a long time ago, then!” When the old man heard that, he was surprised and disappointed. He had already expected that answer though, he just wanted to make sure.

“Anyway, my eight friends and I were all high-level Supreme Gods. I am Great Honorable and Venerable Song, they’re Honorable and Venerable Song I, Honorable and Venerable Song II, Honorable and Venerable Song III, …, Honorable and Venerable Song IX. We came here to try and become stronger, but we failed and died.

“We’re not happy, but there’s nothing we can do because we are dead already, a tiny thread of spiritual soul can’t do anything.

“Kneel down, young man,” said the old man gravely. Lin Feng shuddered; he didn’t want to kneel down, but then he remembered a tiny little thread of spiritual soul was talking to him, a poor old man…

Lin Feng didn’t entirely kneel down, he just put one knee on the ground. The old man was surprised, but then he laughed quietly.

“Little boy, we’re going to transmit everything to you. I hope you’ll study hard and break through to high-level Supreme God, then you’ll be able to avenge us.

“Song Country has been wiped off the map by someone, try and investigate; if you find out who did it, then avenge us. Thank you.

“All our transmissions are in our feet, you can release pure Qi to inspect them.

“I see that you have a particular type of body, a primal chaos body. You’re lucky; it’s a gift from heaven to us, the Songs. Thanks to your primal chaos body, with our transmissions, you’ll get twice the result with half the effort. Good luck, young man!” said the old man. His voice was already much weaker. He continued talking, but after a little while, Lin Feng couldn’t hear anything anymore.

Lin Feng remained silent for a long time, before standing up and putting the skeletons in his ring. He should have been happy, he had just obtained ten Tao skills, and he would become extremely strong thanks to them, but now Lin Feng felt even more under pressure.

Lin Feng even found the old man a bit sly. He had made him kneel down to transmit those skills to him, then he started enumerating conditions. At first there was no reason to refuse, but at the moment when Lin Feng had reasons to refuse a few things, the voice had disappeared, so he had no choice but to consider it a promise. He had to do what the old man had asked him, otherwise he’d feel guilty.

It didn’t matter, though. Lin Feng smiled wryly. Since he had obtained their transmissions, why not do a few things for them. Song Country?

Lin Feng had never heard of Song Country, but he would do his best to find the ones who had destroyed it.

After putting the skeletons in his ring, he decided to leave. He couldn’t pick up all the skeletons, there were easily ten million skeletons there…


The longer Lin Feng spent in the ocean of flames, the more dangerous it got. He could sense that his abstruse moss was weakening with time. He had to leave before it completely disappeared.

Lin Feng flew up. As he flew up, he hoped the ocean of flames wasn’t endless. He didn’t think the Supreme Gods who had died in there had come through Qi Yang Tai, either. Therefore, Lin Feng was convinced there was another entrance, he just didn’t know where.

The ocean of flames was really wide. Lin Feng guessed that it was as big as the Country of Eternity, but underground? Lin Feng didn’t exclude the possibility.

Lin Feng continued flying. The flames where he was at were still purple, and he was in even more pain.


Half an hour later, Lin Feng decided to retrace his steps, he couldn’t continue in that direction, the purple flames had slowly started penetrating into his body. If Lin Feng hadn’t had a primal chaos body, he would have burned to ash and died already.

I have to leave, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t like doing things in a rush, but this time he had no choice.


Two hours later, Lin Feng arrived at the entrance of Qi Yang Tai. He could see the flashing white lights, and a few minutes later, he was back in the hundred-meter-wide small space.

Lin Feng quickly pushed the button to close the entry to the ocean of flames. Quickly, the temperature dropped from tens of thousands of degrees to thousands of degrees.

Lin Feng had the impression he had been dreaming.

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