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Chapter 687: Getting Out!


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Surprisingly, there is an ocean of flames under Qi Yang Tai… and strong cultivators are buried there; Supreme God Xiao Sa, Great Honorable and Venerable Song… and yet they all died. That place is really dangerous, thought Lin Feng. He was lucky he had survived, he was lucky he had the abstruse earth and water moss; even high-level Supreme Gods had died inside, after all.

Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t mention this to anyone, but guessed that Supreme God Lang Xie and the town’s two Great Leaders had to know about it. They were probably the ones who had hidden the entrance to the ocean of flames. It probably meant that they intended to go inside and try their luck one day as well.

Lin Feng had also learned from Great Honorable and Venerable Song and Supreme God Xiao Sa that they had tried to become stronger and break through in the ocean of flames, which meant that the high-level Supreme God layer… wasn’t the highest cultivation level?

Lin Feng was confused again. Was there no end to cultivation? He didn’t like the feeling. When he started something, he liked to finish it. If something had no end, then what was the point? Lin Feng didn’t want to live knowing he would never be able to finish what he had started, but he had no choice; he had started, so now he had to aim for the very top.

Lin Feng went back to the ground which had broken when he had landed, then rose up in the air. He clenched his fists and condensed strength in them. He punched the ceiling violently; it exploded, and he reappeared in Jiang Xuan’s room. Jiang Xuan wasn’t there, though.

Lin Feng left the room. The guards had disappeared. Lin Feng was surprised, so he flew straight towards the meeting hall.

The atmosphere in the meeting hall was calm and silent. There were few disciples filling out forms and things like that. Lin Feng looked at one of the disciples.

“Where is everybody?” asked Lin Feng frowning.

The disciple recognized Lin Feng so he didn’t act arrogantly, and replied respectfully, “Prince Lin, Young Master Jiang Xuan and Young Master Jiang Hao are having a small competition. The Great Leader and the elders all went to Lang Xie Mountain.”

“A competition?” Lin Feng was surprised, but he didn’t ask more. He left the courtyard and flew straight to Lang Xie Mountain.


The atmosphere in Lang Xie Mountain was already bustling. The Young Master of East Lang Xie and the Young Master of West Lang Xie were having a small competition; everybody was excited and wanted to see how strong the two Young Masters were.

Many strong cultivators had gathered there early in the morning. Some time had passed since they had gathered there for Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s battle. The two Young Masters’ battle had attracted even more people.

Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao’s fathers, Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze, had also arrived early in the morning, bringing their sons. Initially, the battle was supposed to start at noon, but apart from the two Great Leaders, there was one more person on Jiang Hao’s side, a charming young man wearing clean white clothes.

He was Jiang Hao’s teacher. Jiang Yi Ze had chosen this teacher himself for his son. He was a medium-level Supreme God. That young man could suppress many young men in West Lang Xie, so he had chosen him for Jiang Hao’s teacher.

Jiang Xuan felt lonely. Apart from his father, nobody had come with him, because he had no teacher. Neither Fu Su Rong nor Lin Feng had been officially accepted as his teacher. Jiang Xuan was actually extremely sad.

Jiang Yi Tian had noticed his son was sad, but couldn’t do anything for him. Fu Su Rong was Supreme God Zi Dian’s disciple, and even if he were there, he would just be a distinguished guest, he couldn’t be his teacher anymore… As far as Lin Feng…

The fact that Lin Feng’s Sword of Remote Times was actually his father’s biological brother had astonished him. He didn’t know what to think of Lin Feng anymore, especially since Jiang Xuan had already allowed Lin Feng to go to Qi Yang Tai.

Would Lin Feng come out soon? Would he come over? Jiang Yi Tian didn’t know; he was a bit lost, like his son.

Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao were similar in strength. They both had the strength of top of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Jiang Xuan had broken through to the top of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer recently thanks to Lin Feng. They were both very talented. One more step and they’d break through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Jiang Xuan was ten years old, Jiang Hao was nine years old. These two boys would become the pillars of Lang Xie City. They had a good relationship, they were like brothers.


Another half an hour passed, and Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti arrived. When the ancestor arrived, everybody bowed hand over fist. Nobody dared disrespect the ancestor.

When everybody learned that the man next to Supreme God Lang Xie was Zu Ti, they were astonished. Nobody dared say anything. Everybody knew about the Sword Ancestor’s Soul. They also knew he had followed San Zun back in the days, and that they had disappeared together.

The crowd was astonished to learn that Zu Ti and Supreme God Lang Xie were biological brothers. Nobody had known that.

Three generations of men of the same family were at the top of Lang Xie Mountain; Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti; Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze; and Jiang Hao and Jiang Xuan.

“Little Hao, do you remember what your teacher told you?”

The sun was high up in the sky, and it was very warm outside. Jiang Hao’s teacher cheered and supported him. Jiang Hao wasn’t as cute as Jiang Xuan. He even looked a bit cold.

Jiang Hao calmly listened to his teacher’s instructions. No matter what his teacher told him, he obeyed. The man in white clothes was very happy.

Jiang Xuan looked at Jiang Hao’s teacher sadly. He almost cried, but he controlled himself.

Jiang Yi Tian looked at his son helplessly. He couldn’t help but think of Lin Feng. If only Lin Feng were here…

“My son, don’t think too much. Do your best. Your grandfathers are here,” said Jiang Yi Tian, tapping Jiang Xuan’s back and smiling.

Jiang Xuan looked at Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti and nodded, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t look as stubborn as usual.

Jiang Yi Tian smiled wryly. He didn’t know what to tell his son.

“Little boy, with such a state of mind, you’re might lose the competition,” said a voice suddenly. Jiang Xuan and Jiang Yi Tian turned around, and when they saw Lin Feng, their eyes twinkled with happily. Lin Feng looked like he had endured the hardships of a long journey.

“Teacher!” shouted Jiang Xuan loudly. Then he ran over to Lin Feng and hugged him. He seemed extremely happy.

Lin Feng hugged the boy back. He was grateful that the boy had allowed him to go to Qi Yang Tai without asking him anything in return, so Lin Feng decided not to leave for the time being. He had changed his mind.

“Yes, I’m here,” Lin Feng smiled and nodded, then he pinched Jiang Xuan’s nose and said, “Are you ready?”

“What do you think? You didn’t agree to be my teacher, so I’m probably going to lose,” said Jiang Xuan, hugging Lin Feng firmly, but he looked a bit sad and bitter. Lin Feng knew that the little boy was proud.

Lin Feng smiled, then he carried Jiang Xuan and walked towards Jiang Yi Tian. He nodded at Supreme God Lang Xie and then looked at Jiang Yi Tian.

“Great Leader, I will temporarily work as Little Xuan’s teacher. When he breaks through to the Godly Emperor layer, I will leave Lang Xie City,” promised Lin Feng.

Jiang Yi Tian was impressed, nodding and smiling, “Alright, do what you can, but Little Xuan is naughty and mischievous, please…”

“Don’t criticize me in front of my teacher, dad!” blurted out Jiang Xuan, angrily interrupting his father.

Jiang Yi Tian didn’t finish his sentence and smiled at Lin Feng meaningfully. He had to warn Lin Feng. Jiang Xuan was laughing a lot these days, but what if he acted insolently again?

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Since he had agreed to become Jiang Xuan’s teacher, if the boy didn’t listen, Lin Feng would also teach him how to behave… but he wouldn’t go too far, like Fu Su Rong had.

Lin Feng was now Jiang Xuan’s teacher, which drew the attention of the white-clothed man, Jiang Hao’s teacher. So, Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao’s battle was a bit like a battle between them.

Lin Feng felt someone was watching him; he turned and looked at the white-clothed man as well.

“You’re here too, what a coincidence!” said the white-clothed man icily. His eyes were filled with murder.

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