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Chapter 688: White-Clothed Man? Tian Fan!


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“What are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng furiously. He was astonished. What was Tian Fan doing here?

“What? You think you’re the only one who’s allowed to come to Gods Country?” spat Tian Fan icily. He instantly thought of taking revenge when he saw Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was instantly lost in thought. He recalled everything that had happened… Tian Di’s death had been very particular because everybody thought Lin Feng had killed him, but actually he had killed himself, and he had killed himself to warn Lin Feng. Therefore, Lin Feng had mixed feelings when it came to Tian Di now.

At the beginning, Lin Feng hated Tian Di, he had always thought he was a petty and vile person. But when Tian Di had killed himself, Lin Feng had understood that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was even worse than Tian Di.

Lin Feng didn’t think Tian Di was , either, but he was much better than Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, so Lin Feng regretted that he had not joined Tian Di right from the beginning. Xuan Yuan had just used him.

However, now, Lin Feng knew that trying to solve his issues with Tian Fan peacefully was impossible. Tian Fan thought that he had killed Tian Di, and he would never believe anything else. He wanted to avenge his father, and he would never Lin Feng off.

Lin Feng didn’t fear Tian Fan. As long as Tian Fan didn’t do anything too extreme, Lin Feng wouldn’t cause trouble to him. His father had died after all, and it was partly because of him. Tian Di had killed himself to tell Lin Feng he had to stay away from Xuan Yuan.

Lin Feng sighed and tried to think of something else. If Tian Fan wanted to take his revenge, then it was his own problem.

“I will kill you someday and avenge my father,” Tian Fan declared ferociously. He sounded so cruel and ferocious that the crowd shuddered with fear, especially Jiang Hao; he had never seen his teacher like this.

Tian Fan realized that his hatred for Lin Feng influenced Jiang Hao and lowered his head. Then he smiled at Jiang Hao earnestly and said, “Little Hao, don’t let my mood influence you. Focus on the competition and prove to everyone how strong you are.”

“Alright, teacher, I understand,” replied Jiang Hao, nodding resolutely. Then he looked at Lin Feng grimly, and said to Jiang Xuan, “Brother, please,” said Jiang Hao.

Everybody was amazed by Jiang Hao’s maturity and confidence. Most people were convinced he was going to win the battle.

“Teacher, please go,” said Jiang Xuan, smiling at Lin Feng. He didn’t feel much pressure, and he wasn’t too nervous, because his mind wasn’t polluted by things such as power, social status, position, and prestige… All those things didn’t exist for him.

Jiang Xuan didn’t care about those things, but he knew the competition wasn’t going to be easy. Not only did he have to prove how strong he was, he also understood there were tensions between Lin Feng and Tian Fan. He didn’t know what their relationship was, but he could see they were enemies, and they wanted to kill each other.

Jiang Xuan was full of energy, and he was also smart. Therefore, one glance had sufficed for him to assess the situation. He came to the conclusion that he couldn’t win, that’s all he had in mind.

Jiang Xuan slowly walked to the very top of the mountain. He stopped and faced Jiang Hao, the one he considered his little brother who was only one meter forty, his uncle’s second son. Jiang Hao was just as talented as him and only a little younger.

“Are you both ready?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie of his grandsons. He was extremely happy on the inside, but he didn’t show it.

“Yes, we are ready, grandpa,” Jiang Xuan nodded.

“Announce the beginning, grandpa,” said Jiang Hao coldly. He was much more mature than Jiang Xuan.

Supreme God Lang Xie nodded and shouted, “Don’t use deadly attacks; otherwise, I’ll punish you and lock you up!” warned the old man. He was afraid his grandsons would use dangerous attacks and get injured. That wouldn’t be a good thing at all.

But the old man wasn’t very worried; Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao only had the strength of Holy Spirit Emperors, and he could stop them easily.

Lin Feng and Tian Fan focused on the two boys. Jiang Hao didn’t move, so Jiang Xuan moved first. He flashed and threw a punch at Jiang Hao. He looked like a little tiger.

Jiang Hao remained calm. When Jiang Xuan’s hand approached his chest, he tilted slightly aside and lifted his left foot to block Jiang Xuan’s right hand. At the same time, he raised his hands. Energies surged around him. He threw a punch at Jiang Xuan with a sharp cry.

Jiang Xuan’s expression didn’t change, and he threw another punch. Their fists collided with a rumble of thunder. Lang Xie Mountain trembled. The two boys weren’t tall, but their Qi was impressive. Their Qi collided and turned into a ball which exploded between them. They were both pushed away a few hundred meters.

Jiang Xuan quickly attacked again. He didn’t want to give Jiang Hao any time to react, trying to suppress Jiang Hao with speed. He threw another powerful punch, Qi exploding around his hand. Everybody was stupefied, and many Holy Spirit Emperors had no choice but to walk away.

Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze were worried, especially when they saw Jiang Xuan’s punch. With such a punch, he didn’t need to use a special attack because it was powerful enough. It couldn’t injure them, but it could injure Jiang Hao.

Jiang Hao remained focused, staring at Jiang Xuan’s punch. He also understood that Jiang Xuan was trying to defeat him as quickly as possible.

However, Jiang Hao didn’t intend to let him win easily. Jiang Xuan had an advantage when it came to speed, but Jiang Hao wasn’t a pushover, either.

Jiang Hao opened his mouth and soundwave energy emerged, turning into a gigantic dragon which roared loudly. Even though the voice was strident, it still sounded as majestic as a dragon’s voice.

Jiang Xuan suddenly felt great pressure, and threw a punch at the soundwave strength. He slowly started losing the advantage. Jiang Xuan braced against the stone under him and a crater appeared.

Nobody thought the situation would change so quickly. Jiang Xuan had the advantage at the beginning, but now he was in a difficult position. He couldn’t do much but punch the energies to protect himself.

Lin Feng wasn’t worried, though; he probably had more than one string to his bow.

As expected, as many people thought Jiang Hao had already won when Jiang Xuan suddenly smiled, then he quickly raised his left hand and cast a formation. Jiang Xuan shouted explosively and slapped the air at incredible speed. A gigantic wall of energy created by the formation shot towards Jiang Hao and slammed into him.

When Jiang Hao sensed the terrifying formation strength, he shouted helplessly and raised his hands to protect himself.

Jiang Xuan smiled mockingly and he flashed forwards. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Jiang Hao again, a dozen meters away.

When Tian Fan saw that, his expression suddenly changed. Jiang Hao had lost the advantage again, and now it would be difficult to get it back.

“Slap him, flash back a thousand meters, and then use your finger!” said Tian Fan. He didn’t shout, but everybody heard him.

Many people frowned and looked at Tian Fan angrily. Wasn’t that considered cheating? Many people looked at Supreme God Lang Xie, but the Ancestor was focused on his grandchildren’s battle. He didn’t care about the rest.

When Jiang Hao heard Tian Fan, he changed his strategy. He slapped the formation away, then he moved back, and raised one finger, as if he wanted to stab the mountain with it. A finger shadow appeared and grew bigger than the mountain. It hurtled towards Jiang Xuan extremely quickly.

Jiang Xuan was panic-stricken. He hadn’t expected this move. If Tian Fan hadn’t said anything, Jiang Hao wouldn’t have done that!

“Do some basic protection, make pure Qi rotate in the palm of your hand, then let it burst!” Lin Feng spoke up, helping Jiang Xuan as well.

Jiang Yi Tian looked at Lin Feng gratefully.

When Jiang Xuan heard that, he didn’t look nervous anymore, and confidence appeared on his face. Lin Feng’s advice was good.

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