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Chapter 689: Battle of Wits!


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Jiang Xuan released and condensed as much pure Qi as he could in his palms, then he shouted out. He charged at Jiang Hao like a bullet, suppressing Jiang Hao’s finger shadow.

The finger and the two hands collided. The ground rocked at the impact. All the cultivators who had the strength of the Holy Spirit layer and under had to put their hands on their ears, and ran farther away, afraid that the energies would reach them.

The two terrifying strengths exploded. Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao were both blown back.

When Lin Feng and Tian Fan saw that, they both flashed at the same time. Lin Feng caught Jiang Xuan, Tian Fan caught Jiang Hao. Tian Fan then threw a punch. Lin Feng threw a punch too. They were both half a meter away from each other, but the strength caused by their strength forced them both back.

Lin Feng landed at the top of the mountain. Tian Fan held Jiang Hao in his arms and looked down at Lin Feng icily.

“Speed is important. Use your full strength to attack,” Lin Feng said, releasing Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan nodded sternly, flying back towards Jiang Hao.

“Pretend that you’re just going to defend, but in reality, attack with your full strength. Go,” said Tian Fan, tapping Jiang Hao’s shoulder. Tian Fan then withdrew ten thousand meters away. If anything happened, he wasn’t too far and could still help the boys.

Lin Feng did the same. If anything wrong happened, he would rescue Jiang Xuan again.

The two boys’ battle had almost became a battle between the two teachers as well.

Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao collided again. This time, it was close combat; before, they were fighting from the distance more often. They kept punching and kicking each other. The two boys’ energies were of different colors, and their Qi was swift and fierce.

“Don’t stop, keep releasing pure Qi and attack directly!” shouted Lin Feng sternly.

“Listen to your heart like a frog on a lillyflower, and then punch when you feel your opponent is there!” shouted Tian Fan at the same time.

“Dodge! And now attack!”

“Attack! Don’t defend!”

“Take ten steps back! Roll over! And now kick!”

“Raise your arms! Defend! Release strength and attack!”

“Visualize your body and destroy everything around you!”

“Imagine that everything is in your control, the ten thousand things of creation! Relax! And attack with full force!”

Lin Feng and Tian Fan kept shouting. The boys’ battle had become a battle of wits. Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao basically didn’t need to think about the battle anymore, they just had to listen to their teachers.

Gradually, the situation became clear.

Jiang Xuan threw a punch at Jiang Hao’s chest. Jiang Hao dodged easily, but he also made a backhand palm strike Jiang Xuan’s chest.

Jiang Xuan’s expression didn’t change, but he remained cautious. Jiang Hao wasn’t easy to defeat with Tian Fan giving him advice every second. Jiang Xuan remained confident, though. As long as Lin Feng helped him, he didn’t need to be afraid.

Jiang Xuan raised his arms to block’s Jiang Hao’s hand. Jiang Hao’s hand crashed against Jiang Xuan’s arms. Jiang Xuan grunted with pain and was pushed back half a meter, but that was all. Jiang Xuan moved back even more while condensing as much strength as he could.

He threw a kick like a tiger. An incredible strength moved towards Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao didn’t really have time to react, he had to rely on his instinct to block the kick.

Boom, boom! Jiang Xuan kicked Jiang Hao away. Finally, Jiang Xuan had found Jiang Hao’s weakness; speed and an explosive strength were the best way to defeat him. Jiang Hao fell down from the sky. Tian Fan flashed to catch him, then landed on the ground.

Jiang Xuan clenched his fists and waved at Lin Feng happily. He had won! His teacher could be proud of him!

Lin Feng smiled patiently and nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“I lost, teacher!” Jiang Hao said in Tian Fan’s arms. Jiang Hao was young, but he knew that winning battles was important, so he was unhappy. He also knew his teacher would be sad or angry.

Tian Fan looked at Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao was so serious, and he seemed so devastated… Tian Fan couldn’t help but think of his own self when he was young. As a child, each time he told his father he had lost a battle, he was devastated too. When he was a child, he used to think his father, Tian Di, would cheer him up at first, but with time, he realized that would never happen because Tian Di always scolded and insulted him.

Now, Jiang Hao reminded him of his childhood. He needed to be cheered up. Tian Fan knew Jiang Hao was sad, so he didn’t want to make him feel even sadder.

Tian Fan smiled indifferently and caressed his hair, he said, “It doesn’t matter. Keep up the good work. I have faith in you.”

“Teacher…” Jiang Hao couldn’t believe his eyes. His teacher was extremely strict… but at that moment…

“It’s alright. Even though I’m strict, I am human, too. I have a heart. You need to relax and forget about it. Your brother was more relaxed than you, you have to learn from him,” Tian Fan smiled. He looked over at Jiang Xuan and smiled happily.

Jiang Hao nodded and said sternly, “Teacher, I will do my best. I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“Alright, I have faith in you,” said Tian Fan, nodding earnestly. He seemed relaxed too. After the collapse of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, he had changed a lot. He had had time to think about himself, his life, his personality. He wasn’t Young Emperor Tian Fan anymore… However, he would never forget his father, and he would never let Lin Feng off. He would definitely avenge his father’s death!

Tian Fan looked at Lin Feng darkly. If the opportunity arose, he would kill Lin Feng without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Feng ignored Tian Fan and waved at Jiang Xuan. That little boy ran towards him and jumped into his arms.

He seemed extremely proud of himself. Lin Feng didn’t say anything; Jiang Xuan was disappointed.

But that was the way Lin Feng educated children, his method wasn’t much different from Tian Fan’s. Jiang Hao had lost, so he needed to be cheered up. However, Jiang Xuan had won, so he didn’t need to be flattered. If he was, he would become too proud and then it would be impossible to keep him under control.

That was basic human psychology. Therefore, this time, Jiang Xuan had won, so Lin Feng just smiled without flattering the boy.

Jiang Yi Tian initially wanted to flatter Jiang Xuan, but when he saw Lin Feng’s expression, he understood and kept silent. He realized that his methods hadn’t worked really well in the past, so he needed to trust Lin Feng.

He wouldn’t get involved in Jiang Xuan’s education anymore.

“Alright, alright, hehe. Not bad, little boys,” Supreme God Lang Xie smiled. He always praised the boys. He waved at them and called out, “Come here, come here!”

“Grandpa.” Jiang Xuan jumped off Lin Feng’s arms and ran towards Supreme God Lang Xie. Jiang Hao wasn’t as lively as Jiang Xuan, much more reserved too. He just walked up and greeted his grandfather, nothing more.

Supreme God Lang Xie considered his two grandsons his treasures. He took both of them in his arms. These two boys were the future pillars of Lang Xie City, the pride of the city, and the pride of the Jiang family.

“In ten years, you will become the rulers of Lang Xie City. When you break through to the Supreme God layer, you’ll be like your teachers, extremely strong and smart.

“Little Xuan, Little Hao, keep up the good work, and be kind to each other. The same blood flows in your veins, the blood of the Jiang family. You are not allowed to become enemies, ever, understood?” said Supreme God Lang Xie, glancing at Zu Ti. Zu Ti blushed and turned around. He didn’t dare look at his older brother.

“I know, grandpa. I will always protect my younger brother,” said Jiang Xuan, nodding seriously, then he hugged Jiang Hao and clapped his shoulder.

Jiang Hao pushed Jiang Xuan’s hand away and put his hand on Jiang Xuan’s shoulder, then looked at Supreme God Lang Xie and said, “Grandpa, I will always protect my older brother.”

“Haha! Good! Good! You will both protect each other, then!” Supreme God Lang Xie laughed wholeheartedly. Then he put his hands on his grandsons’ shoulders. He was very happy to see the two boys had an excellent rapport.

It was the end of the battle. The two Young Masters didn’t provoke each other, they only cared about each other, which made many people think.

Very quickly, everybody left. Only the Great Leaders and the two teachers, Lin Feng and Tian Fan, were left.

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