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Chapter 690: Brief Conversation!


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“Lin Feng, I need to talk to you,” Tian Fan said to Lin Feng telepathically. He didn’t disturb or startle anyone.

Initially, Lin Feng was looking at Jiang Xuan happily, when he suddenly heard the cold voice. Lin Feng looked back at Tian Fan and nodded.

“Great Leader, you can leave. I have things to do,” Lin Feng said to Jiang Yi Tian, before walking away from Lang Xie Mountain.

“Great Leader, I also have things to do,” said Tian Fan, bowing hand over fist before leaving Lang Xie Mountain.

Everybody watched Lin Feng and Tian Fan going down the mountain. People weren’t stupid, they knew Lin Feng and Tian Fan had nothing to do; everybody had seen there were tensions between them.

How many enemies does Lin Feng have?, thought Zu Ti, shaking his head helplessly when he saw Lin Feng disappear in the distance.

“Brother, I’m going to follow them and watch,” said Zu Ti to Supreme God Lang Xie. He turned into the Sword of Remote Times again and quickly flew down the mountain. Apart from Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze, the others couldn’t see the Sword of Remote Times because it was too fast.

Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze were astonished and looked at Supreme God Lang Xie. Where did he go?, they wondered. Supreme God Lang Xie understood, but he didn’t reply. He just left Lang Xie Mountain.


Ten minutes later, not a single person was left on the top of Lang Xie Mountain.

At the same time, in a valley, a black silhouette and a white one appeared, shoulder to shoulder, above a ten thousand zhang precipice. Stones kept falling down the cliff.

Lin Feng and Tian Fan were standing on the edge of cliff. One more step and they would fall.

They didn’t say anything; the atmosphere was heavy.

“I will kill you to avenge my father’s death,” said Tian Fan after a long time, turning his head to Lin Feng. He sounded ice-cold and resolute.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. Tian Fan thought he had killed Tian Di, Lin Feng understood perfectly, but he didn’t want to waste too much energy on the matter.

“Anytime. I have to warn you though, if you ever dare plot against me again, I will not give Tian Di face, I will not forgive you,” Lin Feng said, nodding earnestly. He didn’t threaten Tian Fan at all.

Tian Fan smiled harshly, but didn’t reply. He wanted to avenge his father’s death, it was something honorable which had to be done honestly. If he plotted against Lin Feng and managed to kill him, it wouldn’t be the same. He had to do it properly.

“I am ready mentally, but I know I can’t defeat you, so I won’t cause trouble to you for the time being. When I know I am strong enough to kill you, I will come to you openly and seek revenge without hesitation,” replied Tian Fan coldly.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “Anytime. Also, I’d like to tell you that you’ve changed in an incredible way. You broke through to the medium-level Supreme God layer in less than a year. That’s amazing, and really surprising.”

Lin Feng was really impressed. Tian Fan’s progress was incredible. He had broken from the seventh Godly Emperor layer to the medium-level Supreme God layer in less than a year, it was unimaginable.

When Tian Fan heard that, he sighed sadly. Lin Feng just knew he had broken through many cultivation layers, but didn’t know the price he had paid for that… He had missed the chance to achieve greatness, he had also given up a part of his life and his life expectancy had greatly decreased. He had done it all for revenge.

He had done all that to kill Lin Feng, this bastard. He didn’t think it was worth it at first, but now he did.

Tian Fan didn’t say anything. He certainly didn’t tell Lin Feng how he had broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer.

“Lin Feng, give me something. That way, when I want to get my revenge, it’ll be more convenient,” said Tian Fan, smiling thinly. They sounded like good old buddies talking about the past, not enemies who were going to fight a battle to the death someday.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, but he quickly nodded. He took out a talisman from his ring. It contained his Qi. No matter where he was, Tian Fan would be able to find him with it.

“I wish you much success,” Lin Feng said, giving the talisman to Tian Fan, before clapping his shoulder. It was a very confusing situation. Didn’t Tian Fan want to kill Lin Feng? Why was Lin Feng encouraging him, then?

Nobody was there, otherwise they would have remained perplexed in front of such a strange situation.

“I thought you wanted to fight to death, but it seems like we don’t need to,” Lin Feng frowned.

“I know you’re hiding your strength. And if I’m not mistaken, you could break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer anytime, but you didn’t on purpose,” said Tian Fan, staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled thinly and shook his head, but didn’t say anything. Tian Fan understood he was right.

“See you, Lin Feng,” said Tian Fan after a while. He raised his head, took a deep breath, and flashed away. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng couldn’t see him anymore, just that bottomless dark valley.

It had been such a short yet deep conversation.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance for a short while. It was impossible to know what he was thinking.

Could it be that you gave up everything to avenge your father’s death, including your dignity and honor?, thought Lin Feng. He had doubts regarding Tian Fan’s lightning progress.


Lin Feng didn’t stay there for too long, heading back to the palace of East Lang Xie. The guards at the entrance brought Lin Feng to the meeting hall. Lin Feng waited at the door for the guards to come back.

Lin Feng entered the room. There were many people there, but Lin Feng didn’t know any of them. Those people weren’t elders, and Supreme God Lang Xie and the others weren’t there either, not even Jiang Yi Tian.

Lin Feng looked at the young people on both sides of the long table. They stared back at him. He studied them too.

“Lin Feng?” a man in blue clothes asked hesitantly after a long time.

Lin Feng glanced at the man. He looked quite handsome, and had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but he didn’t have a powerful Qi. Lin Feng was sure that if he used his full strength, he could defeat the man in fifty attacks at most.

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng,” Lin Feng replied. Even though he didn’t understand what was going on, he nodded.

“Pfew, we’re relieved. I am Jiang Xuan’s older brother, my name is Jiang Yi,” said the man amiably, yet alertly.

“I am Jiang Hao’s older brother. My name is Jiang Zhe.”

Jiang Yi wasn’t even done talking when the black-clothed man seated opposite him interrupted him and introduced himself as well.

“I am Jiang Xuan’s older brother. My name is Jiang Leng.”

“I am Jiang Hao’s older brother. My name is Jiang Tang.”


Everybody introduced themselves to Lin Feng. They were all related to Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao. These men were all Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze’s sons. Lin Feng didn’t understand why all these young men had gathered in the meeting hall.

Besides, Lin Feng didn’t feel like making friends with all them either. He was just Jiang Xuan’s teacher, nothing more. He didn’t know these people.

Lin Feng was puzzled, but he didn’t show it. He didn’t ask anything either. He was convinced these young men were going to tell him what was going on, whether good or bad.

As expected, Jiang Yi stood up and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, our fathers asked us to learn from you because in two months, West Lang Xie’s competition will start, but…”

When he said that, Lin Feng frowned; “but” didn’t sound too good in that sentence…


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