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Chapter 692: Third Master Tao Skill!


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“Teacher, you didn’t accept?” asked Jiang Xuan. He was seated on a stone bench in his courtyard opposite Lin Feng. Lin Feng had just come back from the meeting hall. He wasn’t seated yet. Jiang Xuan was unable to remain calm, he wanted to know what had happened.

Lin Feng sat down. When he saw how worried Jiang Xuan looked, he smiled indifferently and shook his head, “Little boy, don’t worry. I am only your teacher, nobody else’s.”

“Really?” asked Jiang Xuan happily. He clenched his fists and cheered excitingly. He looked like a happy child.

“But since I am your teacher, I need to train you,” Lin Feng said. Jiang Xuan seemed worried. No matter who his teacher was, he couldn’t just be idle. He had to cultivate!

“Teacher, tell me, how do you want to train me?” asked Jiang Xuan, worried but excited at the same time. Lin Feng could see that the boy was a bit nervous and afraid, he didn’t really want to be trained, but that wasn’t possible. Lin Feng had to train him for his own good.

“Boulder lifting,” Lin Feng said. He took out a gigantic boulder and dropped it in the middle of the courtyard violently. A crater appeared under it with a rumble of crushing stone. Jiang Xuan hastily put his hands on his ears.

“This boulder weighs seven hundred thousand jin. Lift it for three hours. If you fail, I’ll punish you. Get ready,” Lin Feng said sternly, frowning. Then he added, “If you fail to hold it up for three hours, you’ll fail this exam. If you succeed, I’ll reward you,” Lin Feng said, putting some pressure on Jiang Xuan. If Lin Feng didn’t put pressure on the boy, he wouldn’t take the exercise seriously. If the boy succeeded, Lin Feng would reward him by teaching him an attack.

The boy accepted immediately. However, when he lifted the boulder, he realized Lin Feng had fooled him. The boulder wasn’t a million jin, but it was extremely heavy, heavier than Lin Feng had said, and it was extremely difficult to lift!

Jiang Xuan looked at Lin Feng angrily. He knew that Lin Feng had fooled him, but he also knew Lin Feng had no ulterior motives, and he didn’t forget that Fu Su Rong was much crueler.

When Lin Feng saw Jiang Xuan lift the boulder, he walked back to Jiang Xuan’s room. He didn’t pay attention to the two guards’ expressions, and they didn’t dare stop him.

Lin Feng closed the door. He looked at the floor, which was intact. He had broken it not long ago, but now it had been fixed.

Lin Feng sat down on the bed and isolated the room from the rest of the world with space and time strength. People outside wouldn’t notice anything abnormal. Only Lin Feng could see what was going on outside in the courtyard with Jiang Xuan, and in the bedroom.

Lin Feng released space and time strength so that he could take out the ten Tao skills safely. Without protection, people could have detected those ten Tao skills.

Lin Feng kept them hidden because he didn’t want anyone to greedily attack him to steal them. Having precious things was always dangerous!

Lin Feng took out nine corpses from his ring. They were white and shiny. Most people would have been terrified if they had seen that, but Lin Feng was indifferent; he had seen many corpses in his life.

Lin Feng had even stood on many skeletons in his life, so who was more terrifying, the skeletons, or Lin Feng?

Lin Feng first bowed respectfully in front of the nine skeletons. The skeletons were Great Honorable and Venerable Song, and Honorable and Venerable Song II through Honorable and Venerable Song IX. They were nine high-level Supreme Gods from Song Country, and they all had a Tao skill.

Lin Feng walked over to one of them, raised his left hand and released primal chaos Qi, then grabbed the skeleton’s feet. His primal chaos Qi started penetrating into the skeleton’s feet. The skeleton turned golden. The more primal chaos Qi Lin Feng released, the more dazzling the skeleton became.

Lin Feng had thought it would be easy to make the Tao skill appear, but it wasn’t. Lin Feng had neglected the fact that even though it was just a skeleton, it was a high-level Supreme God’s skeleton. His primal chaos body was powerful, but in front of a high-level Supreme God’s corpse, he needed to release more strength than usual.

Lin Feng was fully focused on the skeleton’s feet. His primal chaos Qi flowed faster and faster. The golden lights grew even more dazzling. Lin Feng could hear the sound of cracking bones. It sounded like someone was breaking bamboo.

But the sound wasn’t normal. Lin Feng knew that it meant the feet were going to break and he was going to see the skill.

Lin Feng was excited, especially since he hadn’t been very lucky in the Country of Eternity. He had nobody to rely on, unlike Fu Su Rong, who had become Supreme God Zi Dian’s disciple.

But Lin Feng didn’t think that he was less strong, even if his background wasn’t as powerful. Fu Su Rong had a powerful teacher, but Lin Feng now had a dozen Tao skills. Having ten Tao skills would allow him to achieve great things. A powerful background could always collapse anytime, but learning Tao skills was something Lin Feng would have forever!

Lin Feng had obtained two Tao Skills in San Zun’s grave: the Tao Skill of General Principles and the Blood Skill of the Great Tao, so now he had twelve Tao skills in total.

How amazing was that? Twelve Tao skills, that was something incredible, especially since in the Country of Eternity there maybe weren’t that many more Tao skills in total… Lin Feng had so many alone, if anyone knew that, they’d be jealous.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t stupid; he wasn’t going to tell anyone about this, or many people would try to kill him!

As Lin Feng was thinking about those things, more clear and melodious crackling sounds rose. Lin Feng lowered his eyes and was overjoyed. Some words had appeared on the feet of the skeleton, sticking to the primal chaos strength and looking alive.

Lin Feng read the words carefully.

Golden symbols floated in the air. Luckily, this time, the text was written using common words, unlike the Tao Skill of General Principles, which was written in an ancient and extremely complicated language.

Lin Feng read it, and the contents appeared in his mind.

I am Song III. I broke through to the high-level Supreme God layer when I was young. I followed my second brother to the ocean of flames to hunt for treasures, but we faced a calamity and got buried in the ocean of flames, bad luck.

“Bad luck?” When Lin Feng read that, he laughed indifferently, but didn’t say anything. He continued reading.

I didn’t have children. My Tao skill, the Third Master Tao Skill, is my biggest pride in life.

Therefore, if anyone comes to the ocean of flames and finds me, please take the other skeletons and mine, and find a nice place to bury us where we’ll be able to rest in peace. As a sign of my gratitude, you can learn my Third Master Tao Skill.

Lin Feng read everything. The golden words were dazzling. After Lin Feng finished reading the text, a hologram appeared in front of him; it was Song III, using the Third Master Tao Skill!

One fist, one palm, they represented calm and vigor at the same time, and they contained a terrifying strength. The attack was a deadly one. The movements looked as if the user was drawing dragons in the air. It seemed like it could destroy a boundless world in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly turned golden, and he started moving like Song III, making the exact same moves, learning and practicing the Third Master Tao Skill.

Lin Feng was talented, but the Third Master Tao Skill was extremely difficult to understand. Lin Feng would need to study it for a while, but for the time being, he needed to make the exact same movements as Song III, otherwise, the skill transmission could fail.

Lin Feng remained focused. He closed his eyes and moved cautiously and carefully. His forehead was quickly covered with sweat, which flowed down his cheeks to his neck.

The atmosphere turned heavy and still.

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