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Chapter 693: Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots!


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Lin Feng felt extremely calm, but the lively strength almost made him collapse. Luckily, he was protected by his primal chaos body and he was in the perfect state of mind; he knew how to turn danger into opportunities.

He took a deep breath, exhaling vapor. Two sorts of strength emerged from his arms, looking like dragons rotating in the air. The strength condensed at one point and the Qi emitted whistling sounds. Lin Feng didn’t attack though, recalling the strength.

He didn’t dare let loose. That incredible strength would destroy the small world he had created around himself and draw many people’s attention, especially the high-level Supreme Gods who were in the neighboring empires and countries. If they detected him and came over, then it would be a failure.

“Don’t worry, Master Song III, I will find a great place to bury you. I’ll investigate regarding Song Country, and I’ll bury you there,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath.

The skeleton had turned black. It didn’t matter whether the skeleton could hear Lin Feng’s promise or not, Lin Feng still felt the need to tell him those things.

Lin Feng put Song III’s body away and looked at the other skeletons. He was exhausted, so he clearly couldn’t learn all the Tao skills at once. He put seven away and only kept one out.

Now that Lin Feng knew how it worked, it didn’t take him too long to study that skeleton. He released primal chaos Qi and had it penetrate into one of the skeleton’s feet. Half an hour later, Lin Feng saw a blue godly aura.

The blue godly aura turned into words. The words were written in blue, so they looked beautiful on the shiny white skeleton. They almost looked like a work of art.

However, Lin Feng couldn’t care too much about the beauty of the thing. He released even more primal chaos Qi and the foot cracked and broke into pieces.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He felt guilty and sad.

After that, the broken feet turned into a blue aura which gradually rose up in the air. Lin Feng had to raise his head to look at it.

Kacha, kacha, kacha…

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard three sounds. It sounded like the mechanism of a machine. Lin Feng remained even more vigilant and looked at the lights above his head.

However, the blue lights didn’t attack him. They slowly faded, disappeared and suddenly, a blue battle boot appeared and fell down. Lin Feng reached out and grabbed it.

When Lin Feng grabbed the battle boot, he sensed a cold strength flow through his meridians.

Didn’t the other foot have a boot as well?, he wondered. Since this foot contained a pair of battle boot, what about the other one?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked at the other foot and decided to break it to look for the other boot as well.

For them, the most important thing are their transmissions, not their skeletons, thought Lin Feng. He couldn’t feel guilty… these people were dead already. They didn’t care about their skeletons. Lin Feng didn’t think it was that disrespectful, and even if it was, he couldn’t miss opportunities because of such things.

Lin Feng cheered himself up after thinking that. He released primal chaos Qi, which turned into three sorts of strength. Since Lin Feng already had the experience, it only took him a minute to break the foot.

Blue strength condensed above his head and the same thing happened again; the strength disappeared and a boot appeared, and he grabbed the other boot.

Now, he had both boots. Then he had another strength sensation, ice-cold strength flew throughout his meridians. It felt strange, it was like that kind of strength blocked the outside temperature from having an impact on his body.

Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused, He decided to put on the boots. When he put them on, he sensed an extraordinary strength. It felt cool and refreshing too. Lin Feng was convinced that with those boots, he could go into the ocean of flames without getting burned.

“I am Song V. These boots are a gift for the one who will find my body and bury it in a nice place. It is my last wish. I also have a Tao skill; when you put on the battle boots, which are called the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, you will discover a Tao Skill.”

“Remember, remember…. Those boots can’t… can’t…”

“Hey! Hey!” Lin Feng was extremely nervous when the voice suddenly stopped. Song V had probably left a whole explanation, but after a hundred millennia, it had been damaged.

The problem was that Lin Feng hadn’t been able to hear the most important thing. What couldn’t happen to the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots? Song V hadn’t told him. Lin Feng was extremely nervous.

No matter how powerful the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots were, if Lin Feng didn’t know how to use them or didn’t know what he could and couldn’t do with them, so the situation wasn’t perfect at all.

But Lin Feng wasn’t depressed because of that; he was already lucky enough to obtain such precious items.

Who was the luckiest now? Lin Feng, or Fu Su Rong, who had become Supreme God Zi Dian’s only disciple?

Now, Lin Feng had a dozen Tao skills, and he already controlled three of them really well. Lin Feng considered himself extremely lucky, luckier than Fu Su Rong. How many people were as lucky as him?

Lin Feng even thought that he was one of the luckiest people in the world!

Lin Feng still wore the battle boots, not because he felt good in them, but because he hadn’t finished learning the Tao skill in them. He had to finish learning it in a certain timeframe because otherwise, people might notice something different about him.


In one more hour, Jiang Xuan’s exam would be done carrying the boulder, and then he would definitely come inside to look for him.

But was Lin Feng able to learn this Tao skill in such a short time? Even the smartest person in the world couldn’t. It had only taken him two hours to learn the Third Master Tao Skill because Song III’s hologram had shown him how to use it. These boots contained a mysterious Tao Skill and no instructions regarding how to learn it, so it was extremely difficult.

But Lin Feng had no choice anymore. He had to understand it as well as he could. If he didn’t, the Tao Skill might disappear. That would be extremely sad and regretful, not just for Song V, but also for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly had an idea, though. If he didn’t manage to learn the Tao skill within that timeframe, he’d make a clone and send him to Jiang Xuan outside. At the same time, he’d go into his spirit world to continue studying the skill.

Lin Feng was convinced he would be able to learn it completely. He was even convinced that after finishing learning the skill, he would also break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng had been waiting to break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, and he didn’t intend to do things by half. What he wanted was to become a medium-level Supreme God who would have no enemy at the same level. He wanted to be able to resist some high-level Supreme Gods.


One hour passed quickly. Lin Feng removed the space and time world, leaving a clone there and going into his spirit world with his real body. He would probably spend the whole evening learning the Tao skill.

Lin Feng’s clone got off the bed, opened the door and went out. Jiang Xuan’s face was a bit red. He had struggled for three hours, but he had done it. The exam was perfectly doable. The boulder was neither too light nor too heavy, and the time Lin Feng had given him was neither too short nor too long; it was all just perfect, unlike what Fu Su Rong had done.

Boom! Jiang Xuan threw the boulder on the ground. A crater appeared under it. He looked at Lin Feng angrily and sat down, exhausted.

“Teacher, you’re cruel too!”

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