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Chapter 694: Accident!


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“Alright, don’t be angry. Since I’m your teacher, I am also responsible for you. Rest for half an hour, and after that, we’ll go and hike,” Lin Feng said to Jiang Xuan.  He took the boy in his arms and smiled.

Initially, Jiang Xuan wanted to go run and play, but Lin Feng was holding him. Lin Feng’s clone still had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer. As long as a medium-level Supreme God didn’t attack him, nobody could see he was a clone.

Jiang Xuan tried to break free from Lin Feng’s grasp in vain. Lin Feng took him to a mountain behind Lang Xie, but not Lang Xie Mountain. Lang Xie Mountain was a bit far from there, Lin Feng remembered Jiang Xuan had told him that. Even if he was a clone, he had the same memories and feelings as Lin Feng.

Of course, a clone changed and became a completely different person after a long time alone. If Lin Feng left the clone alone for hundreds of years, they’d have different lives.

But that was extremely rare. Even when Lin Feng had left a clone in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, his clone hadn’t changed. Even if Ji Yang hadn’t gone to the Holy Spirit Dynasty with a group of people to kill Lin Feng’s clone and the others, his clone wouldn’t have changed that much, even after a few hundreds of years.

At least, that’s what Lin Feng thought. It was also partly due to the fact that he had lots of experience when it came to cloning, and he controlled his clones at the most fundamental level.


His clone and Jiang Xuan went to that mountain. It was time for a second training exercise.

Lang Xie City was truly massive. There were all sorts of landscapes in Lang Xie City, including mountains, rivers, and so forth. Lang Xie City surrounded those mountains and rivers, whereas other empires and countries were surrounded by mountains and rivers, not the other way around.

Lin Feng’s real body was in his spirit world studying the Tao skill contained in the battle boots, seated at the foot of a Chinese parasol tree. The emerald green lights of the tree enveloped Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s primal chaos body enveloped his primordial spirit. He had three sorts of protection layers around his body. At this moment, injuring Lin Feng was impossible, especially since he was in his own world.

Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush. His clone was with Jiang Xuan, so he had time to study and break through.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng’s real body reached a crucial moment in his practice. At that moment, he had already found the true essence of the Tao skill contained in the battle boots. He just needed to finish understanding it and then he’d be able to break through. If everything went smoothly, it would take him at most half a day.

Outside, it was already noon. The sun was high up in the sky and scorching hot, but Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan were climbing a mountain and since there were many trees, they were protected from the scorching heat by the shadows of the trees.

“Now, run back and forth a hundred times without using any pure Qi,” Lin Feng said to Jiang Xuan when they arrived behind the mountain. Lin Feng sat down.

“Alright,” answered Jiang Xuan, nodding in annoyance. He knew that Lin Feng didn’t mean to annoy him, so he didn’t refuse, especially since if he refused, Lin Feng might consider him a bad student, and Jiang Xuan didn’t want that.

On the outside, he often seemed naughty and unruly, stubborn and obstreperous, but on the inside, he was actually quite meticulous and careful. He wasn’t less talented than Jiang Hao, but he just didn’t make efforts to show it.

The boy was in the perfect state of mind for studying now, vivid and incisive.

He didn’t want Lin Feng to look down upon him, or Lin Feng would have less and less esteem for him.

Jiang Xuan started running back and forth without saying anything. He didn’t use pure Qi at all, running like any ordinary person.

Not using pure Qi was a good thing for cultivators as well, as it allowed them to develop their physical body. Running back and forth a hundred times might be tiring, but it wouldn’t harm him. On the contrary, it would help him understand how to breathe even better.

Lin Feng was seated on a boulder. He watched Jiang Xuan disappear in the distance and grinned, “He’s going to learn what it means to be unyielding and resolute this time.”

Ten minutes passed, and Lin Feng saw Jiang Xuan come back, covered with sweat. Lin Feng threw some dark plums at him. They would give the boy energy and he’d be able to run faster. Lin Feng hoped the boy would consider the little exercise a game. Lin Feng continued picking up dark plums while the boy continued running. Who would be faster, Lin Feng at picking up plums or the boy at running?

Lin Feng was having fun. His clone didn’t need to think that much. His clone’s sole purpose was to spend quality time with Jiang Xuan, nothing more.


However, time passed slowly and Lin Feng started having a bad feeling. That feeling worsened as time passed. Jiang Xuan had run back to the bottom of the mountain twenty minutes ago already and hadn’t come back yet.

Lin Feng realized something may have happened to Jiang Xuan. He threw away the dark plums and used his full strength to fly down to the foot of the mountain.

He was extremely fast. In less than a minute, he reached the base of the mountain. He glanced around, seeing only orange and yellow leaves and hearing some wild beasts. However, he didn’t see Jiang Xuan anywhere.

Lin Feng was even more nervous. Jiang Xuan had probably been kidnapped, but who could be the culprit? It could be anyone, the Young Masters of Lang Xie City, or…?

Lin Feng hoped more than anything that it wasn’t one person in particular… Fu Su Rong! If Fu Su Rong had kidnapped Jiang Xuan, then the situation would be extremely difficult to solve. Lin Feng wondered whether he should inform the Great Leaders of Lang Xie City and Supreme God Lang Xie… but even if he told them, then what? He had no proof at all!

Lin Feng glanced around, inspecting the mountain and the forest. He went back to the top of the mountain. He still couldn’t see Jiang Xuan anywhere. The boy had probably been kidnapped, and if he had, it meant that it was by someone whom the boy couldn’t resist, a Supreme God.

The kidnapper had also managed to remain invisible to Lin Feng’s godly awareness, so now Lin Feng was almost sure it was Fu Su Rong.

He took a deep breath and told his real body about the bad news. When Lin Feng’s real body heard that, he looked grim.

He instantly guessed it was Fu Su Rong. Only Fu Su Rong was capable of doing such a thing. Besides, Fu Su Rong had also been Jiang Xuan’s teacher. Even though Jiang Xuan hated him, he never thought Fu Su Rong would be capable of kidnapping him; therefore, he hadn’t been vigilant, which was perfect for Fu Su Rong to plot.

Lin Feng couldn’t let the opportunity of learning the skill and breaking through slip by. Otherwise, the Tao skill would definitely disappear this time if he did, and might even hinder his ability to break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer after that. Therefore, he had to rely solely on his clone.

Lin Feng gave his clone the order to find Fu Su Rong and Supreme God Zi Dian before dusk, then go to them and see whether Jiang Xuan was there or not.

Lin Feng didn’t need to think too much regarding the situation, he had to act. Besides, he had also had the feeling that Fu Su Rong would start plotting against him soon, if he hadn’t started yet. They were enemies, how could Fu Su Rong let Lin Feng have a peaceful life?


Lin Feng’s clone flew straight back to the main palace. Jiang Xuan didn’t seem to be there at all. Lin Feng was convinced Jiang Xuan had been kidnapped by Fu Su Rong now, but where were Fu Su Rong and Supreme God Zi Dian?

Lin Feng had to go and ask the Great Leader, but he couldn’t tell him that Jiang Xuan had been kidnapped, or things would escalate quickly and that was probably what Fu Su Rong hoped. Maybe it was even part of his plot; he probably wanted Lang Xie City to sink into chaos. Lin Feng didn’t understand what Fu Su Rong’s ultimate goal was, but he could understand a part of it.

However, Fu Su Rong definitely had ulterior motives, or he would have never become Jiang Xuan’s teacher in the first place, which meant that he had come to Lang Xie City with a greater plan. Nobody knew what his motivation was…

Lin Feng went straight to Jiang Yi Tian when he arrived and asked where Supreme God Zi Dian lived. Jiang Yi Tian was worried when he heard Lin Feng’s question.

He seemed startled and said, “Lin Feng, don’t act recklessly, Supreme God Zi Dian is extremely strong and-”

“Master, don’t worry. Just tell me where he is please,” Lin Feng interrupted him. Lin Feng had no time to waste. Jiang Xuan was in the tiger’s den, after all.

Jiang Yi Tian looked at Lin Feng in a strange way; he could see that Lin Feng was acting weird. His Qi was strange too, quite weak. But Jiang Yi Tian didn’t waste time and told Lin Feng what he knew.

“Supreme God Zi Dian lives in the north of Lang Xie City. His territory is ten million square li in total. My father gave him that territory. He’s the only one allowed to live there.

“The place is called Zi Dian Mountain. Usually, nobody can go there, or they get killed. Therefore, Lin Feng, you-”

“Thank you very much, Master. Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything reckless.”

Lin Feng interrupted Jiang Yi Tian again, then turned around and immediately started flying in the direction of the northern part of Lang Xie City. His Qi was unstable.

Jiang Yi Tian watched Lin Feng disappear and understood there was something wrong.

“Eh? Wasn’t he supposed to be training Little Xuan? Could it be that…?”

Suddenly, Jiang Yi Tian’s expression changed drastically. He recalled Lin Feng’s strange expression, and he had never seen Lin Feng in such a hurry.

“Could it be that Supreme God Zi Dian kidnapped Jiang Xuan?!”

Suddenly, Jiang Yi Tian rushed out of the palace and went to see Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti. He had to tell the two ancestors about the situation!

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