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Chapter 694: E-Compass!


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“Do you understand that language?” Lin Feng asked the four souls, pointing to the ancient words carved in the chamber walls.

However, he was disappointed when he heard their replies; none of them could translate those words.

“The Ancestor lived a million years ago. Tan Zi Ming was just a little younger than the Ancestor, but he was also from that era. However, the four of us lived only hundreds of thousands of years ago. I lived five hundred thousand years ago personally,” Lin Ou sighed helplessly. He wished he had lived at the same time as the Ancestor.

He was curious about cultivation levels back then, too. The Ancestor only had the strength of the Supreme God layer back then? Supreme Gods were the strongest cultivators in the world? What had happened? None of them knew.

Lin Feng didn’t think about anything else, he just wanted to understand those words. But from experience, Lin Feng knew that those words were probably essential for the rest. However, nobody could translate them, so what could he do?

He stood in front of the two coffins. The smaller one was blood-red, and the other one was black. They looked as if they had been brought straight from Hell.

Lin Feng inspected the two coffins, but was disappointed when nothing was on them but a few carved images that looked like dragons.

Lin Feng started having a headache. He had passed the test and now he could receive the legacy, but he didn’t know how and nobody could help him. There was no soul in here that could help guide him.

Lin Feng knew he had to think carefully and look for clues.

It’s the first time in my life I have struggled so much to obtain some Ancestor’s knowledge and legacy, thought Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

There were two coffins, words he didn’t understand, and a gong.

Right… Right… What about the gong? 

Suddenly, Lin Feng remembered the gong. Zu Ti had told told him that he would need it. Lin Feng didn’t waste time and took the gong out of his ring.

The green gong appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. It felt warm and slippery, not cold and metallic.

Lin Feng was convinced that the gong was an extraordinary item, or it wouldn’t have been in the Ancestor’s grave. All the items he could find in here were probably items he loved.

So Lin Feng had an idea. Why not use fire to try and break the gong? He might find something that way.

Thinking about that, he closed his eyes, then his Jia Yan’s Eye appeared on his celestial spirit. It was red as fire. Instantly, the temperature in the grave increased thousands of degrees.

A red beam of light emerged from Lin Feng’s celestial spirit and enveloped the gong.

In the beginning, nothing happened. The gong was just floating there in the scorching hot beam of light.

Lin Feng was even more convinced the gong was extraordinary. An ordinary gong would have been melted instantly, especially when using the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill on it. Even a Great Supreme God had to be careful when Lin Feng used it against them.

His fire strength was incredible, and he had refined his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill in the Ocean of Flames. No matter how resistant the gong was, it had to to break at some point.

And actually, Lin Feng was right. After a few hours, the gong finally started crackling. It turned greener and greener.

The green lights grew more and more dazzling. Lin Feng had the feeling he was looking at a demon who had come straight from Hell, and not a gong.

He continued. Using the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill for such a long was exhausting, but Lin Feng grit his teeth and continued. Luckily, he was connected to his spirit world and kept absorbing strength from there to endure.

After another hour, the gong had completely changed, turning into a seventy centimeter flashing green disc.

Lin Feng was surprised. Initially, it was a meter cross, and it had shrunk. It seemed alive.

Lin Feng looked at the gong, or actually, it couldn’t be called a gong anymore, it just looked like a bronze disc.

“Is that a word on it?”

Lin Feng’s vision was sharp. He could see something written in tiny letters. He was happy that it wasn’t written in the same ancient language as the text in the grave. Lin Feng immediately took out his translation book.

Without wasting time, he started translating it. In ten minutes, he was done.

E-Compass, it can make the earth and the sky change, modify heaven and earth, refine the moon and the sun, solve the issue of life and death!

“E-Compass?” Lin Feng was surprised when he translated the text. This thing was a compass?

It sounded like an incantation, and incredibly powerful, Lin Feng was surprised that he had never heard of this item, but it was normal too; it had been buried with the Ancestor, so how could it be famous in the continent?

Lin Feng looked at the shiny green E-Compass. The green lights enveloped Lin Feng. He looked a demon from hell.

Lin Feng touched the E-Compass. He didn’t know what to think after reading the name of the item and its description; he still didn’t know how to use it!

But it was eye-catching, Lin Feng couldn’t stop looking at it.

“Lin Feng, are you sure this is the E-Compass?” asked Lin Ou, bringing Lin Feng back to his senses.

Lin Feng looked at his ring and nodded. “Yes, I never make translation mistakes.”

“Lin Feng, if you’re sure it’s the E-Compass, I can tell you a few useful things,” said Lin Ou, coming out of the ring.

Lin Feng regarded the ghost floating before him.

Lin Ou touched the E-Compass. The E-Compass flashed, and a terrifying strength bombarded Lin Ou and blew him far, far away even though he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Lin Ou looked impassive, and wasn’t injured.

“The E-Compass was the Ancestor’s favorite item. It is said that the E-Compass was made using the spiritual Qi of the earth and the sky.

“A million years ago, the Ancestor was extremely famous in the continent, and it was partly thanks to the E-Compass. The E-Compass’ modifying abilities made the Ancestor famous. It’s completely useless in a battle, but other than that, it is extremely useful.

“I’ve never seen the E-Compass personally. After the second Ancestor died, nobody ever saw it again.

“That’s all I know. I hope it helped,” said Lin Ou.

Lin Feng glanced at Lin Ou, then looked at the E-Compass again. It used to belong to the Ancestor and he had become famous partly thanks to the E-Compass?

The E-Compass was extremely useful… Lin Feng had finally found a really precious item.

“Lin Feng, try dropping blood on it,” suggested Lin Ou.

Lin Feng nodded, biting the thumb of his left hand and letting a drop of blood fall on the compass.

Boom, boom, boom…

Suddenly, the whole room started buzzing and trembling amid the explosions.

It was all because of the E-Compass, it seemed excited to have received blood.

The floor shook more and more violently. Small marks appeared on the E-Compass, and its lights illuminated the whole room. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw the entire Continent of Eternity.

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