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Chapter 695: Trespassing on Zi Dian Mountain Alone!


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Lin Feng flew as fast as he could, but he was just a clone, so he couldn’t be as fast as his real body. Therefore, flying over tens of thousands of li to go to Zi Dian Mountain wasn’t easy, but Lin Feng couldn’t give up. He had to find Fu Su Rong and Jiang Xuan as quickly as possible.

Luckily, Lin Feng had guessed everything right. At that moment, Fu Su Rong was holding Jiang Xuan in his arms; the ten-year-old was in a coma. Fu Su Rong was also flying high in the sky. He was flying back to Zi Dian Mountain as quickly as possible. He knew that Lin Feng would guess he was the kidnapper and that he would try and find him as quickly as possible.

Heehee! This time, if you come to Zi Dian Mountain, you’re definitely going to die!, thought Fu Su Rong darkly while gazing into the distance. Then he burst into manic laughter and accelerated. He was flying at a speed of a hundred li per second.

“Little bastard! You dared humiliate me in front of everybody; this time, you’re going to die with your teacher!” said Fu Su Rong looking at the unconscious boy. He really wanted to slap the little boy to death, but Supreme God Zi Dian had given him orders he had to obey. He could kill Lin Feng, but not Jiang Xuan. If Supreme God Lang Xie found out about it, it would turn into a nightmare for them and Lang Xie City in general.

Even though Supreme God Zi Dian was content to exercise sovereignty over part of the territory, he hadn’t forgotten about the initial foundation of Lang Xie City, as he had also participated in its creation. He didn’t want Lang Xie City to be destroyed.

Fu Su Rong had to obey Supreme God Zi Dian because the old man protected him. He was well aware that without Supreme God Zi Dian, Lin Feng would have already killed him!

Therefore, Fu Su Rong didn’t act foolishly and did everything he could to satisfy the old man. Supreme God Zi Dian was a mountain on which he relied, and if the mountain collapsed, he would be all alone and that would come down to a free fall to Hell.


At that moment, Jiang Xuan’s eyelids shook as he coughed. His chest hurt. When he opened his eyes and saw Fu Su Rong, he paled and started struggling to break free from Fu Su Rong’s grasp, then he shouted angrily, “You bastard! Release me! My father and grandfather will destroy you for this!”. Fu Su Rong’s eardrums hurt when he heard that strident voice. He instantly slapped the boy’s face to shut him up.

Pa! The mark of Fu Su Rong’s hand appeared on Jiang Xuan’s cheek. He turned purple.

Jiang Xuan coughed blood, his head felt numb, and his eyes began to tear. He was angry and felt humiliated, and burst into tears.

“If you dare shout again, I’ll slap you again! I’m not like Lin Feng, I’m not used to little brats like you. The Young Prince of Lang Xie City means absolutely nothing to me,” said Fu Su Rong icily. Jiang Xuan cried even more as Fu Su Rong accelerated.


After a few hours, the sun was setting. The sky in the west was golden, but it became darker and darker. Constellations appeared high up in the sky.

Fu Su Rong had brought Jiang Xuan to Zi Dian Mountain to attract Lin Feng, and here he’d be able to kill him. Finally, Fu Su Rong was going to get his revenge!

Fu Su Rong carried Jiang Xuan in through the entrance of Zi Dian Mountain. There were two guards in purple clothes there, who didn’t prevent him from passing. Fu Su Rong was now Zi Dian Mountain’s Young Master.

“Young Master, who’s that kid?” asked a guard, glancing at the other guards. He seemed perplexed.

“I’ve heard that our Young Master had a great battle at Lang Xie Mountain, and that he dazzled everyone,” said another guard in admiration, as if he had witnessed the battle with his own eyes.

“I’ve heard about it too! Our Young Master crushed his opponent. His opponent had to crawl back out of a crater. Haha! It’s just too funny!” said another guard, laughing appreciatively. They all talked loudly so that Fu Su Rong could hear them. Of course, the opponent they were talking about was Lin Feng!


Half an hour later, Lin Feng arrived as well. From the distance, he could see a mountain surrounded by purple mist. The mountain was a hundred thousand meters tall. Lin Feng sighed; mountains in the Country of Eternity were much higher than in the Continent of the Gods!

He could also see pavilions at the top of the mountain. The forest was lush and green. Even though it was dark already, the mountain was surrounded by a shiny bright aura. Lin Feng didn’t know why it was like that. It was like it never got dark on Zi Dian Mountain.

But Lin Feng didn’t have time to enjoy the beautiful landscape. He was worried. Jiang Xuan was probably in there, but in what condition? Lin Feng hoped nothing had happened to the boy, or he would feel guilty his entire life.

Lin Feng flashed to the entrance of Zi Dian Mountain and made to enter, but the guards stopped him.

The few guards were chatting happily just before, and now that someone had interrupted them, they were annoyed.

“Where are you from?” shouted the leader of the guards angrily.

Lin Feng glanced at him. He had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor layer. The Country of Eternity was incredible, some people worked as guards here even though they had the strength of the Godly Emperor layer… In the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods, Godly Emperors were the strongest cultivators.

Lin Feng glanced at them expressionlessly before running at them. The guards had a bad feeling. That man hadn’t come in peace, he was definitely there to cause trouble.

“Brothers, try and stop him, then hand him over to the High Priest!” shouted the leader of the guards quickly. He flashed up and put his left hand on Lin Feng’s shoulder. He seemed relieved, but suddenly, Lin Feng glanced at him icily and the man sensed death Qi.

The other guards clenched their fists and threw themselves at Lin Feng as well. Lin Feng decided to get rid of them as quickly as possible, he had no time to lose.

Half a second later, all the guards screamed and were blown away. They crashed against trees in the distance and were in pain; they couldn’t stand up anymore, as if their meridians had been crushed.

Lin Feng glanced at them and continued climbing the mountain. Even if it was extremely dangerous, he entered alone; he had to rescue Jiang Xuan, otherwise, he would never forgive himself.

He was Jiang Xuan’s teacher, he had to protect him!

Even though the guards couldn’t stand up, they were still able to call people for backup. If the disciples of Zi Dian Mountain heard them, they would all rush over. Everybody would understand that someone had trespassed on Zi Dian Mountain.

Lin Feng walked up the mountain and noticed disciples coming from all directions. They were all carrying weapons. Lin Feng continued walking up while hitting his enemies. Those disciples didn’t pose a threat to him at all. Lin Feng easily reached the middle of the mountain.

At that moment, some elders of the Half-Supreme God layer appeared. They looked at Lin Feng without saying anything and attacked. Lin Feng’s clone didn’t need to fear them, either. Even though he couldn’t defeat them in one strike, two or three attacks sufficed to blown them away.

The higher up, the narrower the mountain became. Lin Feng flashed and flew towards the top.

“Where are you going?” shouted the elders of Zi Dian Mountain furiously from behind. They did all they could to catch up with Lin Feng. However, those Half-Supreme Gods couldn’t catch up with him that easily.

Lin Feng jumped and reached the top of the mountain. He glanced around at the different pavilions. They looked imposing and magnificent, and even Lin Feng found them incredible. It wasn’t surprising though, because one of the two most terrifying ancestors of Lang Xie City lived here: Supreme God Zi Dian!

However, Lin Feng didn’t care. He was already here, and if nothing wrong had happened, Fu Su Rong was probably somewhere around watching him. Lin Feng wasn’t worried, as he already understood that Fu Su Rong had probably lured him here to kill him.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong was indeed inside a pavilion. He was looking out of the window and smiling icily. Jiang Xuan was tied up behind him. No matter what the child did to break free, nothing worked. Fu Su Rong had sealed his meridians.

“Heehee! Lin Feng, you came here willingly! Since you trespassed on Zi Dian Mountain, you’re not going to leave alive!”

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