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Chapter 697: Venomous Champsosaurus King!


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Even though Lin Feng didn’t know what champsosauruses were, he could imagine how terrifying they were from the Qi he sensed and the sounds he heard. He didn’t feel safe at all.

The sound of dripping water was clear and cold. It came from a hundred meters away. Lin Feng couldn’t see anything though so he couldn’t do much. He brightened his godly aura and could finally see around himself.

Lin Feng was suddenly startled. A dark river was flowing there, and there were horrible monsters on both sides… the champsosauruses!

Champsosauruses were horrible. They were covered with blood-red warts, out of which pus oozed, and they were dozens of meters long. Their skin was thick, and their claws were extremely sharp. No matter how thick and resistant something was, it felt like those sharp claws could cut them, and they were extremely venomous!

The venom probably came out through their claws. When that poison penetrated into someone’s blood, it would make them suffer atrociously. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with flames of fury. Fu Su Rong had definitely been plotting against him for some time already…

Lin Feng didn’t know where those champsosauruses were from, but they looked like crocodiles from Earth. However, crocodiles were not as powerful as champsosauruses, they didn’t look as disgusting, and weren’t venomous, either.

When Lin Feng used his godly aura to look around, the champsosauruses, which were a meter high, opened their gigantic mouths, revealing their incredibly sharp fangs. They only had six teeth, but they were extremely sharp. Lin Feng shivered, even though he wasn’t cold.

The dozen venomous champsosauruses roared angrily, making the river and ground shake.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Lin Feng already knew that coming to Zi Dian Mountain would be no picnic, and he could also imagine that this was only the appetizer. Things were just beginning.

How terrifying. Lin Feng was sure that even more terrifying things would happen afterwards, but he didn’t regret that he had come. He had to save Jiang Xuan!

The dozen venomous champsosauruses roared angrily and started sidling towards Lin Feng. Two of them arrived faster than the others, one on the left, one on the right. Their claws left marks in the stone. They kept sticking their tongues in and out and hissing. They looked at Lin Feng like dinner had been served.

Lin Feng had no choice but to kill them. It was his only chance of survival. He tried to keep calm.

Lin Feng took out his Buddha Sword. Since he didn’t have the Sword of Remote Times, he had to use the Buddha Sword. Then he flashed into motion, his black robe fluttering in the wind. He landed on a venomous champsosaurus’ head and kicked it, but it didn’t fall; it just rolled over, got back onto its feet and charged back towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng then cut at the other venomous champsosaurus’ back. Lin Feng used as much pure Qi as he could. His Qi weighed ten million jin, at least. However, when the Buddha Sword reached the venomous champsosaurus, it bounced off its hide. It couldn’t pierce through.

Lin Feng’s first attack had failed, and now he was in danger. The venomous champsosaurus he had kicked just before was already near him again. It clawed at Lin Feng’s arm. Lin Feng immediately clenched his fist and activated his primal chaos body protection.

Phwap! The four claws of the venomous champsosaurus’ paw reached Lin Feng’s arm, but didn’t pierce through. His primal chaos body was extremely resistant.

Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to thrust his Buddha Sword at the venomous champsosaurus’ eyes. The venomous champsosaurus’ eyes turned red and then blood started gushing out. The venomous champsosaurus struggled and moved erratically. It turned around and swept its tail at Lin Feng while roaring angrily.

Lin Feng had found the venomous champsosauruses’ greatest weakness; since their skin was as thick and hard as iron, it was better to aim for the eyes! The venomous champsosaurus was now blind and couldn’t find Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng rose up in the air, then he flashed and slashed again with his Buddha Sword. His Buddha Sword turned into two swords, then four, then twelve, and then they all shot towards the venomous champsosauruses’ eyes.

Venomous champsosauruses were stupid creatures, just relying on instinct to feed. Hunger was the only thing which animated them. Therefore, they didn’t really pay attention to Lin Feng’s attacks and weren’t able to anticipate and strike back.

Plop, plop, plop, plop! 

The sound of bursting eyeballs spread through the air. Blood gushed everywhere. The blood contained venom, which sizzled and fizzed on the ground. The stone was being corroded by the venom.

The beasts howled furiously. Lin Feng had to put his hands on his ears, or the volume would have driven him crazy.

After a while, Lin Feng put his hands down. The venomous champsosauruses had retreated to the water of the river, which was now red with blood.

Lin Feng was happy, he had finally got rid of them. He got ready to leave the pit.

However, when Lin Feng turned around, he heard rumbling sounds. The river looked as if it were boiling.

A small wound caused by venom appeared in Lin Feng’s back. Lin Feng hastily released primal chaos Qi.

Luckily, there wasn’t too much venom, so he quickly managed to expel it from his body.

But even that way, the wound burned. It felt as if he had been stabbed. He wasn’t in danger, but the pain would last for a long time.

Lin Feng put his hands on the ground. He saw a hundred-meter-long venomous champsosaurus. It had many black warts and looked horribly ugly. It had eight sharp teeth, each half a meter long. An ice-cold Qi also emerged from them.

A venomous champsosaurus king?, thought Lin Feng. This kind of venomous champsosaurus was more powerful than the others, which meant it had to be a venomous champsosaurus king. Its Qi was astonishingly powerful. If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, this beast had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was grim. He was just a clone… He could defeat those beasts if they had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer because they weren’t smart, but one of the medium-level Supreme God layer…? How could he compete with it?

But no matter what, Lin Feng had no choice. The only choice was victory, because his real body was about to break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer and nobody could disturb him. At this crucial moment, his soul would disperse if anyone disturbed him.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and remained extremely careful. If his clone was killed, his real body wouldn’t be able to break through, and might even die.

His clone couldn’t flinch, for the sake of his real body!

Lin Feng brandished his Buddha Sword and used both the Third Master Tao Skill and the Blood Skill of the Great Tao. He fused them together and his Qi became much more powerful. He could at least resist the venomous champsosaurus king.

Lin Feng and the venomous champsosaurus king started colliding. Fu Su Rong was holding Jiang Xuan firmly and looked down into the pit icily. He was confident that Lin Feng was going to die.

“Even my teacher has to be careful when he’s around the venomous champsosaurus king. Its venom could even injure him… Hehe… Lin Feng, you’re doomed. But even if you came out alive, wait until…

“Something even more terrifying to happen to you. You’re doomed in any case!

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When you’re dead, who will be able to stop me?!” Fu Su Rong’s face was distorted with hatred and ferocity. He clenched his fists hard enough to make the bones creak. The disciples around him paled.

Time passed slowly. The atmosphere was heavy and gloomy.

In the pit, it was even colder. The venomous champsosaurus king stared at Lin Feng with its blood-red eyes. It stuck its tongue in and out and hissed. It was the venomous champsosaurus king, it was smarter than ordinary venomous champsosauruses.

Lin Feng also knew that. Therefore, he also knew that defeating the venomous champsosaurus king wouldn’t be as simple as aiming for the eyes this time. Maybe he had to find a solution using physical strength!

The atmosphere grew ice-cold and Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated.

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