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Chapter 698: Enemies Clash Again!


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Suddenly, the venomous champsosaurus king bellowed and his extremely heavy body started running towards Lin Feng. Each time his paws touched the ground, the ground shook violently and the stone crunched loudly.

Lin Feng’s godly aura was initially bright, but at that moment, it became less bright and the beast became blurry. Lin Feng had the impression a mountain was falling on him, and his meridians even started shaking. An incredible pain invaded his body. Lin Feng was blown away and crashed on the side of the river.

The other dozen venomous champsosauruses were blind, but not dead, and now Lin Feng was extremely close to them, so they could smell him. They instantly started moving towards him again. Lin Feng’s heart was racing. He felt extremely suppressed. The venomous champsosaurus king’s venom could kill him, or at least injure him severely.

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to waste time. He brandished his Buddha Sword again and thousands of sword lights appeared and condensed into Qi. The dozen venomous champsosauruses sensed the death Qi and ran away. Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to stand back up.

But when he stood up, the venomous champsosaurus king was already running towards him. The atmosphere was stifling, and Lin Feng’s cheeks were burning. The pain was also intensifying.

“Argh, argh!” Lin Feng couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. He emitted a bestial shout, his eyes became bloodshot, and demon blood Qi emerged. The venomous champsosaurus king was startled, and couldn’t understand what was going on. It was rare to see such an expression on a venomous champsosaurus…

Lin Feng roared furiously, his blood Qi exploded around him, and the dozen smaller venomous champsosauruses were terrified and jumped into the water. The water became even redder than before.

Lin Feng then threw a punch using the Blood Skill of the Great Tao. One punch and the venomous champsosaurus king was smashed away. However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let the venomous champsosaurus king off. Lin Feng grabbed the venomous champsosaurus king’s chest hair, and the venomous champsosaurus king screamed. That body part was his weakness.

Lin Feng threw the venomous champsosaurus king away violently. The venomous champsosaurus king crashed into the river.

Lin Feng’s eyes were still blood-red and they became even brighter. His entire body was twitching. The venomous champsosaurus king seemed afraid of the demon blood Qi.

Lin Feng looked at the venomous champsosaurus king icily and grinned. “Damn beast! Come back and I’ll kill you!” shouted Lin Feng hoarsely. The beast’s heart twitched.

The venomous champsosaurus king didn’t look angry anymore; it went deeper in the water, trying to hide from Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw that, he looked indifferent. However, he suddenly groaned with pain and coughed up blood. His Qi weakened.

My real body broke through?, thought Lin Feng. Finally, his real body had broken through. Killing the venomous champsosaurus king would be easy…

In his spirit world, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged at the foot of the Chinese parasol tree. The tree was dazzling. Lights condensed around Lin Feng. His primal chaos Qi flowed quickly through his body. His Qi gradually became more and more powerful.

It was the most crucial moment. If anything wrong happened, then Lin Feng would lose his senses and might even die. Nobody would be able to save him. Even Ancestor Kong wouldn’t be able to resuscitate him again if he died again, because he wasn’t strong enough anymore.

It was one of the most important moments in Lin Feng’s life.

The atmosphere was stifling in his spirit world, and the atmosphere outside was even worse. When Lin Feng coughed blood, the venomous champsosaurus king noticed that Lin Feng’s Qi had greatly weakened so its eyes gleamed and it came out of the water again. It was a great opportunity to finish him off.

Lin Feng stared at the venomous champsosaurus king. The venomous champsosaurus king quickly ran out of the water and charged him. Lin Feng shouted furiously and raised his fists. Then he threw punches. Gusts of wind appeared and hurtled towards the venomous champsosaurus king.

The venomous champsosaurus king trembled but continued running towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng realized he couldn’t stop the venomous champsosaurus king anymore. He had lost the advantage. His real body had just used too much primal chaos strength so now his clone was in danger.

But at that moment, Lin Feng couldn’t flinch, otherwise, his real body wouldn’t be able to finish breaking through. Lin Feng had gotten ready.

The venomous champsosaurus king wasn’t severely injured, it just had a small wound. It continued charging with its hundred-meter-long body. Lin Feng kept calm, and didn’t panic. He took a deep breath and used the Third Master Tao Skill while wielding his Buddha Sword.

Lin Feng condensed the strength of the Third Master Tao Skill into his Buddha Sword and slashed in the direction of the venomous champsosaurus king.

The venomous champsosaurus king had a bad feeling. It roared desperately and moved back as quickly as it could. It wasn’t slow, but Lin Feng chased him as quickly as he could.

Lin Feng landed right behind the venomous champsosaurus king and threw his sword at him, aiming at its tail. The venomous champsosaurus king’s tail was also one of his weaknesses. Blood gushed out. Lin Feng dodged hastily, because the blood contained venom too!

The venomous champsosaurus king bellowed in pain. Its eyes were filled with terror. At that moment, its wounds were already severe. It felt a salty metallic taste in its mouth, blood. It looked even more bloodthirsty like that.

But Lin Feng had no compassion for this monstrosity. It was either him or the beast, that was the law of the jungle. Lin Feng took his Buddha Sword back and wiped the blood off the blade with his sleeve.

Lin Feng jumped and landed on the venomous champsosaurus king’s gigantic head. He condensed a ten million jin strength in his foot and kicked it. Then he caught it, rose up, and dove towards the ground at an incredible speed.

Boom, boom! Two explosions rang out. Lin Feng threw the beast to the ground and it bounced and crashed on the ground again. Lin Feng grabbed the hundred-meter-long venomous champsosaurus king again and flew upwards again. At that moment, he noticed Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong looked grim and astonished when he saw the venomous champsosaurus king’s body in Lin Feng’s hand. He had failed again? He hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng…?

Lin Feng looked at Fu Su Rong and threw the venomous champsosaurus king at him. Fu Su Rong put Jiang Xuan in his left hand and threw a punch with his right at the venomous champsosaurus king’s body.

The venomous champsosaurus king was already dead, but now it was more than obvious. It exploded in the air.

Fu Su Rong and Lin Feng stared at each other. The atmosphere turned ice-cold. Nobody around them dared say anything.

After a long time, Fu Su Rong smiled icily, “You managed to came out alive, unfortunately. I thought the venomous champsosaurus king was going to devour your head with one bite.”

Fu Su Rong was trying to provoke Lin Feng, hating him just too much.

Lin Feng stared at Fu Su Rong indifferently. Then, he glanced at Jiang Xuan, who was completely pale. Lin Feng felt guilty and sad.

“Can you see this little boy, Lin Feng?” asked Fu Su Rong sinisterly.

Lin Feng frowned. His heartbeat immediately accelerated again.

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