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Chapter 699: Exhausted Clone!


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“Try and dare!” Lin Feng shouted in fury. His eyes became bloodshot again. Fu Su Rong just smiled cruelly. He lifted Jiang Xuan and handed him over to a disciple behind him. That disciple grabbed Jiang Xuan and took him a hundred meters away, hanging him on an iron stake by the neck. At the foot of the stake were all sorts of venoms.

Spider poison was nothing in comparison to the venomous champsosaurus’ blood venom. The venom pond at the bottom of the stake contained several white skeletons.

Lin Feng glared at Fu Su Rong. Fu Su Rong was just like Di Shu, and even crueler. He was guileful and cruel, sinister, and ruthless. He didn’t hesitate to commit all sorts of unimaginable crimes. He was worse than a beast.

But insulting Fu Su Rong was useless. Fu Su Rong knew he was petty and vile. He was a horrible, evil and cruel person, so what? Victory was what mattered the most, nothing else!

“Haha! You’re angry, huh? Hahahaha!” Fu Su Rong laughed wickedly. He loved seeing Lin Feng like that. The more infuriated Lin Feng was, the happier Fu Su Rong was.

Lin Feng shook with fury, but tried to calm down. He knew that Fu Su Rong was just trying to infuriate him. Fu Su Rong wanted to provoke Lin Feng and then get him to act recklessly so he could kill him. Losing his calm and acting recklessly was the worst thing Lin Feng could do.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and calmed down. He couldn’t allow himself to panic, even if Jiang Xuan was in danger.

“Are you not afraid that Supreme God Lang Xie will kill you?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Fu Su Rong smiled indifferently. He glanced at Jiang Xuan hanging on the iron stake. The little boy was extremely pale. Fu Su Rong had sealed his meridians, so Jiang Xuan was like an ordinary boy at the moment. If he fell in the venom, he’d die instantly!

“Afraid? You think I’m afraid?” asked Fu Su Rong, smiling cruelly. “If I were afraid, you think I would have kidnapped Jiang Xuan to draw you here and take my revenge?” said Fu Su Rong scornfully and cruelly.

Lin Feng looked even grimmer. He knew that Fu Su Rong really wasn’t afraid of Supreme God Lang Xie, he might even dare to kill Jiang Xuan. That was understandable, but what Lin Feng didn’t understand was… why didn’t Supreme God Zi Dian care? Would Supreme God Lang Xie accept Jiang Xuan’s death? Supreme God Zi Dian definitely knew that Supreme God Lang Xie wouldn’t forgive him.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Did Supreme God Zi Dian know about Fu Su Rong’s plot? Had he allowed him to do this? Lin Feng shuddered. Maybe he wasn’t going to be able to save Jiang Xuan, and he was going to perish along with the little boy.

Lin Feng wouldn’t die content if he didn’t manage to kill Fu Su Rong. He regretted that he hadn’t managed to kill Fu Su Rong in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but it was useless to think about those things now. Words weren’t enough to describe how much Lin Feng hated Fu Su Rong.

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng? Heh heh! Will you just stay there and watch your little student die in the venom? Haha! Poor little boy…”

“Enough. What are you doing talking shit like that? Aren’t you bored?” Lin Feng spat, icily interrupting Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong smiled darkly and hmphed coldly, “Easy. You and me, we fight! If you win, you get Jiang Xuan back! If I win, he’ll die in the venom,” Fu Su Rong proposed. His eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly burst into manic laughter. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s dead body in front of him.

Lin Feng’s clone was extremely nervous. It was a crucial moment for his real body, which was about to break through. If his clone used too much primal chaos Qi, his real body wouldn’t have enough to break through, it would take much longer than expected, and maybe the process would even fail!

Lin Feng lowered his head. He didn’t know what to say. Fu Su Rong was surprised; Lin Feng was never irresolute and hesitant, so what was going on? He had trespassed on Zi Dian Mountain alone to save Jiang Xuan, so why was he silent and hesitant now? What was his initial plan, if it wasn’t to fight? Fu Su Rong didn’t know why Lin Feng remained silent.

Actually, Lin Feng was trying to stall. He tried to check how much longer his real body would need to break through. If it had been the very last step, he would have been relieved, but he unfortunately needed a little bit more than that…

Lin Feng couldn’t remain silent like that for too long, otherwise, Fu Su Rong would be able to take measures easily. If Fu Su Rong understood that the Lin Feng in front of him was just a clone, it would be a catastrophe; both Lin Feng and his clone would be in danger.

Lin Feng looked at Fu Su Rong and said icily, “Why should I trust you?”

“Hehe, I’m not very trustworthy, but this time I mean it,” chortled Fu Su Rong, laughing loudly and strangely.

Lin Feng wasn’t sure he could trust Fu Su Rong at all; what if he didn’t keep his promise? Jiang Xuan was under his control…

Lin Feng’s clone hoped his real body would break through soon and then he’d be able to come and teach Fu Su Rong a good lesson. That was the best thing that could happen.

“Alright, I accept,” Lin Feng said helplessly.

“Haha, good! Lin Feng is a real hero! I knew you wouldn’t just calmly watch that little boy get killed!” sneered Fu Su Rong. Since Lin Feng was acting like himself again, there was nothing strange.

“Please!” Fu Su Rong smiled. Then he jumped and landed on the iron stake. One foot was on the stake, the other was in the air.

Lin Feng looked at Jiang Xuan hanging above the venom. His heart was pounding, but he couldn’t show that he was worried.

He raised his eyes and slowly flew towards the stake.

Lin Feng attacked directly so that Fu Su Rong didn’t doubt him. He immediately threw a punch and then another one. Two threads of strength hurtled towards Fu Su Rong’s chest.

Fu Su Rong’s expression didn’t change. He reached out his hands, and energies whistled. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s energies collided and exploded. Lin Feng was pushed back a few steps. Fu Su Rong remained completely immobile, like a mountain.

Fu Su Rong stared at Lin Feng. He had the feeling there was something wrong. Why was Lin Feng’s Qi so weak compared to before? Was he exhausted because of his battle against the venomous champsosaurus king?

After a few seconds, he quickly excluded that possibility, because even if Lin Feng had used a lot of energy against the beast, he’d had a few minutes to recover.

Fu Su Rong stared at him even more cruelly; no matter what, he had to kill Lin Feng!

“Look at this attack!” shouted Fu Su Rong angrily. Then he threw himself at Lin Feng and slapped out. Lin Feng had the impression a mountain was moving towards his chest. He even heard a sonic boom.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and released all the pure Qi his clone had to throw a punch.

Phwap! Phwap! Phwap! Lin Feng was hurled back. Fu Su Rong didn’t move at all. On the contrary, he continued chasing Lin Feng. He didn’t give Lin Feng any time to rest at all. He threw himself at him again and threw a kick. The energies in his foot were as heavy as a mountain.

Lin Feng put his arms in front of his chest. Lin Feng was blown away again in the direction of the venom pond. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng was definitely going to lose, and Fu Su Rong would defeat him easily.

Fu Su Rong smiled proudly. The end of the battle was dangerously close for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng landed on the edge of the venom pond, the atmosphere became even more stifling…

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