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Chapter 700: Breaking Through!

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The atmosphere was stifling. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng was only five meters away from the venom pond and continued slipping towards it. Everybody was covered in cold sweat. Fu Su Rong smiled resplendently at his coming victory.


Lin Feng ground his teeth, bent down and then jumped towards the stake. He grabbed it to avoid falling down. However, when he grabbed the stake, it started tilting. Luckily, at the last second, Lin Feng managed to push it back and put it back in its place. Lin Feng managed to hang onto the stake. He was more scared than hurt.

Fu Su Rong looked at him even more ferociously and ground his teeth before throwing another punch. Lin Feng was stalling, and didn’t release primal chaos Qi either, because his main body was really going to break through soon.

However, since the beginning of the battle, he had already been wounded a dozen times. Even though he was more scared than hurt, it was getting more and more dangerous. Fu Su Rong had a tremendous advantage.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU’RE SO WEAK, LIN FENG! IS THAT REALLY YOU?” shouted Fu Su Rong eagerly. He found Lin Feng miserable and so weak at this moment.

Fu Su Rong continued laughing mockingly, and kept punching Lin Feng. Each time he punched him, Lin Feng was injured again. In the past, Fu Su Rong had never had the opportunity, so he enjoyed it now.

Lin Feng’s heart burned. Fu Su Rong had already punched him a hundred times. Lin Feng kept coughing blood. His meridians were about to explode. He ground his teeth and endured the pain…

In his spirit world, Lin Feng’s real body was still seated at the foot of the Chinese parasol tree. He seemed completely calm and serene, save that his face was red, and white vapor appeared each time he exhaled. The primal chaos Qi flowed through his veins quickly and his Qi became more and more powerful.

There was an explosion, and his spirit world trembled. In a small hut in his spirit world, a woman gazed into the distance. She was beautiful, but her eyes were filled with loneliness.

“Will you ever think about yourself?” a woman behind her sighed. She smiled and tried to cheer the other woman up, but the latter seemed disappointed.

Lin Feng had the impression his Qi was going to explode, so he threw a punch. It felt as if his spirit world were going to explode, but he controlled himself. He didn’t dare act recklessly.

Lin Feng had finally broken through and understood the Thunderbolt Tao skill which the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots contained.

Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. His clone was riddled with gaping wounds, and his Qi was extremely weak. He wouldn’t be able to hang on much longer.

“ARGH! You’ve been causing trouble for too long, Fu Su Rong! Now, I’ll show you!” shouted Lin Feng’s real body hoarsely. He now had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng’s clone was severely injured and still hanging on the stake. His veins were already splitting. He looked miserable. His hair was messy and his face was extremely pale.

Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. He was convinced he could kill him now, but he also found it strange because the battle had been extremely easy.

He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng even more!

He wanted to Lin Feng to suffer!

He wanted Lin Feng to kneel down and beg for mercy. Haha!

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng icily and flew towards him.

He reached out his hand and grabbed Lin Feng by the collar, then threw him away. Lin Feng stopped in midair. Fu Su Rong’s eyes were filled with a mixture of confidence and hatred.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you today, you are so weak. However, your life is in my hands. How do you feel? Devastated? Humiliated? Desperate?

“Heehee! You’re devastated, right? You feel soiled and humiliated, huh? You’re angry too?

“Haha! It’s so awesome! I feel so good! After so many ups and downs, finally, your life is in my hands!” said Fu Su Rong, lifting Lin Feng’s clone and laughing ferociously. He looked terrifying.

Was Lin Feng really going to die?

The disciples of Zi Dian Mountain had never seen Lin Feng before, but they all knew Lin Feng was one of their Young Master’s sworn enemies. They also knew that during their previous battles, their Young Master hadn’t won so easily, so it was normal for him to be proud. He had managed to humiliate Lin Feng so easily this time!

Lin Feng’s clone looked at Fu Su Rong angrily, but he was relieved inside. He had succeeded. His real body could take over from now on!

“Fu Su Rong, do you really think my life is in your hands?” a voice asked suddenly. Fu Su Rong was astonished. He looked at the Lin Feng in his hand, who was on the verge of death; had he really said that?

Fu Su Rong saw a dark shadow. He looked in the direction of the iron stake again, but Jiang Xuan was gone already! A man in black clothes was holding Jiang Xuan in his arms. He had his back turned.

He looked exactly like Lin Feng. Fu Su Rong looked at the Lin Feng in his hand and then at the dark silhouette who had his back turned to him. He suddenly understood why Lin Feng was so weak the whole time. He was just a clone!

He didn’t feel happy anymore at all; on the contrary, he started frothing at the mouth. He had bullied Lin Feng for such a long time, but it was just a clone!

Fu Su Rong’s cheeks burned as if he had been slapped. Damn!

Lin Feng’s real body was finally here. He laughed wholeheartedly. Then he slowly disappeared, a drop of blood appeared, and his clone vanished.

Jiang Xuan’s face was still extremely pale. His meridians had been sealed. Lin Feng felt sad for him. He recalled how happy the boy usually was. It was difficult to imagine that the little boy he had in his arms was Jiang Xuan.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and broke the seal which restricted the boy’s meridians, then put him in his spirit world.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Fu Su Rong. Fu Su Rong paled. He had realized he had been fighting against a clone the whole time.

“Me… medium-level Supreme God layer…?”

Fu Su Rong was astonished. Lin Feng had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer already! Fu Su Rong finally understood why Lin Feng had sent a clone to fight against him… it was because he was breaking through!

Fuck! What a bastard!, thought Fu Su Rong. That clone had made him waste so much time. If he had known it was a clone from the beginning, he would have crushed him instantly and Lin Feng would have never been able to break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, his soul would have probably dispersed!

“Fuck! FUCK!” Fu Su Rong clenched his fists and pulled a long face.

Lin Feng didn’t care, though. Since he had trespassed on Zi Dian Mountain alone, it was time for him to kill Fu Su Rong and save Jiang Xuan. However, if Supreme God Zi Dian tried to prevent him, Lin Feng wouldn’t mind messing around with him.

Lin Feng was now convinced that he could keep the situation under control!

“Lin Feng, you’re really cunning!” sneered Fu Su Rong, looking very unhappy.

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently and grinned, “You’ve been bullying me for such a long time, you really thought I was weaker than you?

“Hehe, you really have mental issues. You think you’re the strongest cultivator in the world? I defeated you once, I can defeat you twice.

“Now, show me how strong you really are. Come on, attack,” Lin Feng said indifferently. He didn’t speak loudly, but he was confident. He watched Fu Su Rong mockingly and scornfully.

As he said those things, Lin Feng disappeared. Nobody could see him anymore, not even Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng had broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, and he had no enemy at the same level. Fu Su Rong was a medium-level Supreme God, how could he compete with Lin Feng?

Fu Su Rong began to panic. It was the first time he really had the impression he was going to die.

Fu Su Rong saw a dot, and it grew bigger and bigger. His face paled. He shouted furiously and waved at the disciples. “Formation!”

Those disciples weren’t stupid. They knew that Lin Feng was imposing and awe-inspiring at that moment. He had the advantage now, and Fu Su Rong seemed terrified. They started wondering whether Fu Su Rong had really defeated Lin Feng in the past or not.

They didn’t dare disobey though, so they got closer to Fu Su Rong and started casting a formation.

It was a formation Supreme God Zi Dian had created himself, the Purpura Formation!

A swift and fierce Qi appeared. A hundred disciples surrounded Fu Su Rong , all holding swords. They were glaring at Lin Feng like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Fu Su Rong was relieved. Lin Feng couldn’t break through this formation with the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer.

He smiled and made ready to escape. He still had to kill Lin Feng, so he would plot something and try again.

Fu Su Rong got ready to run away.

“Where are you going? Are we going to escape together?”

However, Fu Su Rong hadn’t even started flying away when he heard a mocking and scornful voice. He paled and raised his head; it was Lin Feng!


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