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Chapter 702: Stealing His Teacher!


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Supreme God Zi Dian looked at Lin Feng icily. His Qi was ready to explode. He didn’t want anyone to know his secrets. He didn’t want Fu Su Rong as his disciple anymore, so he would kill him. Lin Feng had understood his whole plan, so he had to die, too. Supreme God Zi Dian was about to kill two birds with one stone.

Fu Su Rong gradually understood something wrong was going on when his teacher’s Qi started surrounding him as well. When he understood what the old man wanted to do, he started trembling even more violently than before.

“Teacher… Please… Don’t kill me… I am your disciple! Please! Your sole disciple!”

Fu Su Rong started crying again. He knelt down and begged for mercy. He didn’t care about Lin Feng anymore, he just wanted to live now. As long as he lived, nothing else mattered!

Fu Su Rong cried louder and louder. Lin Feng was sick and tired of him, and wanted to slap him to make him shut up. Supreme God Zi Dian was even more furious.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian. The old man flashed over, his purple robe fluttering in the wind. He made a slapping motion without saying anything. This disciple was a disgrace. He almost felt humiliated that he had recruited such a person!

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng, throwing a punch at Supreme God Zi Dian. Lin Feng wanted to kill Fu Su Rong himself!

“How dare you stop me, little moron?” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian angrily. He made a slapping motion to stop Lin Feng’s punch. Lin Feng’s fist contained primal chaos strength struck his block.

Boom boom!…

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong were both blown away by the explosion. Lin Feng was better off than Fu Su Rong though. Fu Su Rong’s robe was completely torn apart and his left arm was broken.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My arm!!” shrieked Fu Su Rong. Lin Feng was even more irate.

Supreme God Zi Dian took his hand back. He didn’t notice that Lin Feng also hastily took his hand back.

“Don’t you want to kill him? Why did you stop me?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian icily.

Lin Feng coughed and took a deep breath. His Qi was unstable. He raised his head and met Supreme God Zi Dian’s eyes again, “I want to kill him myself!”

“Oh? Hehe, it seems like you’re really motivated to kill him,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, laughing coldly.

“Master, you and I are not enemies. I think we should talk, maybe we could find a way to cooperate,” said Lin Feng quickly. Lin Feng obviously didn’t want Supreme God Zi Dian to kill him, so he slowly started setting up a strategy. He was now confident that Supreme God Zi Dian and he would be able to come to a compromise. However, he needed Supreme God Zi Dian to calm down for that.


Supreme God Zi Dian looked at Lin Feng. Cooperate? Supreme God Zi Dian abruptly calmed down and took his hands back. Why not have a chat with Lin Feng, after all?

“Speak,” said Supreme God Lang Xie. He didn’t want to kill Lin Feng, because Jiang Xuan was in Zi Dian Mountain, and if Supreme God Lang Xie found out, then the tensions between Supreme God Lang Xie and him would worsen. He wasn’t afraid of Supreme God Lang Xie, but he didn’t want to fight against him. If tensions arose between them, it wouldn’t be beneficial for Lang Xie City.

Even though Lang Xie City was mostly controlled by the Jiang’s, Supreme God Zi Dian also had his say, and he didn’t want the situation to deteriorate there.

Lin Feng had no idea that saying such a simple sentence had made Supreme God Zi Dian think so much.

When Lin Feng saw that Supreme God Zi Dian agreed, he was relieved. He happily glanced at Fu Su Rong, who looked miserable and was in pain. Fu Su Rong wanted Lin Feng to suffer, but in the end, Fu Su Rong had suffered more than him!

“Master, the town’s Great Leaders of Lang Xie City and I maintain good relations and I am Jiang Xuan’s teacher. If you agree to cooperate with me, I can do a lot for you. On top of that, Lang Xie City will remain safe and stable that way,” Lin Feng said earnestly. It was the first time he had opened his heart in front of Supreme God Zi Dian.

Supreme God Zi Dian nodded slowly. “You don’t need to tell me that. I care about Lang Xie City and its safety. I don’t intend to leave Lang Xie City, and I don’t want the city to get destroyed, either.”

“Alright, since it’s that way, don’t worry about your secret. I am not stupid; if you agree to make peace with me, I won’t reveal your secret. We’re in the same boat now,” said Lin Feng, smiling confidently.

Supreme God Zi Dian agreed with Lin Feng. Everything the younger man said wasn’t groundless.

“Alright, then, I won’t kill you,” nodded Supreme God Zi Dian.

Lin Feng smiled, but remained vigilant. Then, he said, “Master, did you recruit Fu Su Rong because of that?”

“Yes indeed. Because I was worried about all this, otherwise, I would never have recruited him,” said Supreme God Zi Dian nodding.

“Since it’s that way, I could be your disciple, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression changed. He didn’t understand. What was this young man thinking?

Lin Feng had changed his mind regarding many things in life. In the past, he had refused to become many people’s disciple because of Emperor Yu. He had even refused to become Godly Emperor Blood’s disciple, which he now regretted because he really cared about Godly Emperor Blood.

Now, Lin Feng had changed his mind and thought that as long as he had Emperor Yu in his heart, it was all that mattered. Having new teachers and progressing in life didn’t make him a traitor. He understood that he had to see things from a different perspective; if his enemies accepted new teachers and constantly progressed, why couldn’t he?

Lin Feng needed a teacher in this world. He didn’t need a teacher like Emperor Yu, as their relationship had already exceeded that of a teacher and his disciple; he needed someone who could help him become stronger. As long as having a teacher didn’t tarnish his dignity, then everything about having a teacher was beneficial.

“Master, don’t you think I’m much stronger than Fu Su Rong?” Lin Feng asked Supreme God Zi Dian, who still seemed astonished.

Zi Dian slowly nodded. He thought even more highly of Lin Feng. Indeed, Lin Feng was much, much stronger than Fu Su Rong. Transmitting his knowledge to Lin Feng would allow him to feel at peace with himself in the world. Someday, he’d be able to die content.

Supreme God Zi Dian started daydreaming. Lin Feng was brave and strong; if they travelled the world together, what would happen? Wouldn’t Lin Feng be able to become one of the most famous and strongest cultivators of the Country of Eternity? It would be such an honor for Supreme God Zi Dian!

He now started thinking about what could have happened in the future with a disciple like Fu Su Rong. Maybe Fu Su Rong would have betrayed him. After he had seen Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong fight, he knew that Fu Su Rong would never become a fighting machine like Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could crush Fu Su Rong too easily!

Who wanted a disciple like Fu Su Rong?

But Supreme God Zi Dian couldn’t show how he felt. He just nodded indifferently and said, “Alright. From now on, you’re my disciple. I will also transmit the Purpura Tao Skill to you; what do you think?”

“Thank you for recruiting me as a disciple, Master,” said Lin Feng, pretending to be overjoyed. Then he bowed deeply, hand over fist.

Supreme God Zi Dian was extremely happy, so he didn’t get angry that Lin Feng didn’t kneel down.

Fu Su Rong was still there. He could hear everything Lin Feng and Supreme God Zi Dian were saying. Lin Feng… had stolen his teacher! Fu Su Rong felt so bad that he coughed blood and paled even more.

“You little bastard!” shouted Fu Su Rong, his left hand pointing at Lin Feng angrily. He had nothing anymore. He had lost his wife, he had lost his background, he had lost an arm… He was afraid; he had lost everything, and he was afraid of death. Death seemed better than a miserable life, though…

It was the first time in his life that Fu Su Rong felt like dying. He really wanted to die. He didn’t want Lin Feng to humiliate him again…

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  1. suicai99 August 21, 2019 at 1:26 am - Reply

    So what if you lost an arm? even Zun cultivators can regrow their arm.

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      Its not about whether he can regrow it or not its about being humiliated and losing face.

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    What secret do they mean? He gay with weird fetish or something?

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