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Chapter 703: Yan Ran Xue’s Whereabouts!

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“Teacher, Fu Su Rong…?”

“Haha! He’s yours!” said Supreme God Zi Dian. He had now recruited Lin Feng as a disciple, he didn’t care about Fu Su Rong, he didn’t need him anymore.

When Lin Feng saw that Supreme God Zi Dian was happy, he was relieved. He was even in a very good mood, especially since Fu Su Rong was even more devastated and hopeless.

Lin Feng walked over to Fu Su Rong. He reached out, grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up. Fu Su Rong turned his head away; he didn’t want to look at Lin Feng. He was sick of these repeated humiliations.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem very happy. You had my life in your hands, and now you don’t dare look at me anymore?” Lin Feng mocked him.

Fu Su Rong was furious. If he were strong enough, he would kill Lin Feng… but he wasn’t. Therefore, he had never had any choice but to plot against him instead, and he had always failed. He could almost feel what death tasted like.

“Enough bullshit now. If you want to kill me, just kill me,” said Fu Su Rong, frowning helplessly. In the end, he closed his eyes and waited for death.

But Lin Feng didn’t kill him and asked, “Since you’re here, why haven’t I seen Yan Ran Xue anywhere?”

Even though Lin Feng didn’t care about Yan Ran Xue anymore, he couldn’t help but ask about her whereabouts.

But when Lin Feng asked that question, Fu Su Rong, who initially looked desperate and had his eyes closed waiting for death, suddenly opened his eyes. They were filled with guilt and sorrow. His eyes gradually became wet and he paled again.

“What happened?” Lin Feng looked at Fu Su Rong nervously. He pressed on Fu Su Rong’s arm even harder. Fu Su Rong groaned with pain, having the impression his veins and bones were going to explode.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and loosened his grasp, waiting for an explanation.

But Fu Su Rong just cried silently. Lin Feng waited for a long time, but Fu Su Rong didn’t say anything. Lin Feng was extremely worried, and shouted angrily, “Are you too ashamed to tell me, or is it just that you don’t want to talk?!”

“It’s useless! It’s pointless! Just kill me!” shouted Fu Su Rong angrily.


Lin Feng kicked Fu Su Rong angrily. Fu Su Rong landed near the edge of the venom pond not far from the skeletons. He suddenly looked very happy. He wanted to die, so he rushed towards the pond. He didn’t want to think of Yan Ran Xue anymore, either. He felt too ashamed.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed, and he paled. When Supreme God Zi Dian saw Lin Feng’s face, he understood that Yan Ran Xue was important to Lin Feng so he should interfere. Fu Su Rong sensed a power dragging him from behind. That strength dragged him back to Lin Feng’s feet.

Fu Su Rong turned around and looked at Supreme God Zi Dian. Supreme God Zi Dian looked at him indifferently. Fu Su Rong was even more furious, but he could only fall down on the ground powerlessly.

“You can’t escape, so speak now,” said Lin Feng icily. Even though he didn’t know what had happened, he was now sure that something had happened to Yan Ran Xue. Fu Su Rong was obviously too ashamed to speak. He couldn’t forgive himself for what had happened. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have resigned himself and agreed to his fate so easily, as he was too scared of death.

Fu Su Rong knew that he couldn’t escape. He had to face hardships. Maybe Lin Feng was much better for Yan Ran Xue Yi Ren Lei than him after all?

Fu Su Rong wiped off his tears with his sleeves. He recalled all he had gone through since he had arrived in Gods Country. He really wanted to die and forget all those things, but now, he had no choice.

“Yan Ran Xue has been kidnapped by the prince of the Fa Lan Empire. He fancies her,” said Fu Su Rong, putting his right hand in front of his eyes. He didn’t want anyone to look at him, and he didn’t want to look at anyone.

“When I arrived in Gods Country with Yan Ran Xue, we didn’t stop in San Country because we knew that it was extremely weak. I wanted to go to a bigger and more powerful place to become strong. I wanted to become strong enough to kill you, and show her how great I was.

“So, we went to the Fa Lan Empire. When we arrived, we joined a sect called the Fa Lan Sect. It’s the biggest sect in the Fa Lan Empire. Little Xue and I were so happy after we joined that sect. They’re very rich, and provided us with many resources and skills. They even have Tao skills. In less than two months, Little Xue and I broke through to the low-level Supreme God layer.

“At the beginning, I thought we were going to live in the Fa Lan Empire happily. But then, after two months, the patriarch of the Fa Lan Sect announced that the prince of the Fa Lan Empire was going to come to find a wife. At the beginning, I didn’t care at all. I just didn’t think he’d choose Little Xue.

“He took Little Xue away and she never came back. I asked the patriarch about her many times, but the elders and the patriarch always remained vague or evasive. As time passed, I understood that there was something wrong. Someday, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I trespassed on the Great Prince’s leisure area.”

Fu Su Rong suddenly looked terrified as he recalled those things.

“I… Little Xue… She…”

“What?” Lin Feng’s heartbeat raced when he heard that.

“But Little Xue said that she was going to get married with the Great Prince and she told me to leave the Fa Lan Empire as quickly as possible. Maybe the Great Prince wouldn’t cause trouble to me if I left as quickly as possible.

“How could I abandon her? I was her boyfriend. I couldn’t agree. I wanted to go and see the Great Prince. Hehe, but I had never seen him before, so two medium-level Supreme Gods kicked me out of the courtyard and told me to never come back, or the next time, I would get buried there!

“That’s what happened. I haven’t seen Little Xue since. I want to go and see the Great Prince someday, but the sect told me that if I didn’t leave the Fa Lan Empire within a day, they’d kill me!


“I am just a coward, so I escaped for my life,” said Fu Su Rong, lying down on the ground. He could sense Lin Feng’s deadly energies. He wasn’t afraid anymore, because he knew he was going to die now.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. He clenched his fists and looked at the coward on the ground.

“You couldn’t even protect her, you shameless coward!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. Then he grabbed Fu Su Rong again. Fu Su Rong looked extremely weak.

“You thought you would ever manage to surpass me, you son of a bitch!”

“You couldn’t even protect your wife, and you wanted to kill me, fucking moron!”

“You fucking coward, you’ve got no balls! You’re not a man!”

Pa! Pa!

Lin Feng was so furious that he slapped Fu Su Rong twice. Fu Su Rong felt even more humiliated and lowered his head.

“Kill me now, Lin Feng!” Fu Su Rong said in a desperate voice.

“Kill you? You think I don’t want to?” asked Lin Feng ferociously. His eyes were filled with hatred. “But now I’ll tell you thing; since you’re responsible for all of this and you deeply love Yan Ran Xue, you have to save her. You won’t die until you save her. You understand?!” swore Lin Feng angrily. He threw Fu Su Rong away again. Fu Su Rong crashed on the ground and groaned in pain, coughing blood again.

Fu Su Rong paled and looked at Lin Feng strangely and asked, “You won’t save her?”

“Me? What do I have to do with her?” replied Lin Feng icily. Fu Su Rong was stupefied.

“Why?” asked Fu Su Rong incredulously. Lin Feng was furious, so why didn’t he go and save Yan Ran Xue himself?

“Don’t you feel ashamed to ask me that? She’s your woman, you want me to save her for you?!” demanded Lin Feng icily.

Fu Su Rong’s behavior really infuriated Lin Feng. The man couldn’t protect his woman, kept plotting against him, kept saying he wanted to surpass him, and now he wanted Lin Feng to save his wife for him? How ridiculous!

On top of that, Lin Feng had been bitterly disappointed by Yan Ran Xue in the past, so he didn’t feel like seeing her.

Lin Feng stood in the middle of the kwoon silently. Fu Su Rong was on the ground and didn’t say anything, either. Supreme God Zi Dian was standing on the side. He despised Fu Su Rong even more after having heard all those things. He really regretted that he had chosen him as his sole disciple in the first place. This coward couldn’t even protect his wife!

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