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Chapter 704: Mixed Feelings!

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“When I saw you, you didn’t even tell me about Yan Ran Xue, even though you left her in such a tight spot?” hissed Lin Feng slowly. He had no compassion for such people.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Fu Su Rong was that weak. He had abandoned Yan Ran Xue, not even mentioning it, and he had even dared say he would surpass and kill Lin Feng someday? How infuriating!

“Lin Feng, you’re the only one who can save her,” said Fu Su Rong, paling even more. He couldn’t save her; he could only hope Lin Feng would. The Fa Lan Empire was one of the most powerful empires of Gods Country. There were many more high-level Supreme Gods there than in Lang Xie City.

The Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire was about to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer. Saving Yan Ran Xue would be even more difficult then, so Fu Su Rong could only hope that Lin Feng would do it.

“She’s your wife. I have no reason to save her,” retorted Lin Feng, shaking his head. In the past, he wouldn’t have asked Fu Su Rong to go and save Yan Ran Xue, he would have done it himself, but now things were different. He had nothing to do with Yan Ran Xue anymore, so he had no reason to save her.

Fu Su Rong looked anguished; he wasn’t annoyed with Lin Feng, he was annoyed with himself. Lin Feng was right! Yan Ran Xue was his wife, and even though they weren’t together anymore, he had never forgotten about her.

And now he wanted Lin Feng to save her? It was completely illogical!

Lin Feng didn’t look at Fu Su Rong again. He just walked away. Fu Su Rong was extremely depressed, but what could he do? Could he try and escape?

Supreme God Zi Dian followed Lin Feng after they left the kwoon. Lin Feng arrived in the back of a mountain. He could see everything from there. The sun was rising at that moment. Stars slowly disappeared from the sky. The sky became rosy in the east.

Supreme God Zi Dian stood behind Lin Feng silently. Before, when he didn’t know Lin Feng, he had recruited Fu Su Rong after a test. Then, Lin Feng had ruined his plans, so he had decided to kill Lin Feng.

Now, Lin Feng had become his heir. He was ready to treat him with respect and help him. Lin Feng was motivated, talented, smart, strong… he was a perfect disciple.

Recruiting a disciple was the first part of his plan. He now needed to achieve the second part of his plan in Lang Xie City. After that, Supreme God Zi Dian would be happy forever. That’s all he wanted.

Lin Feng looked at the rosy sky for a long time. The sun slowly rose, and the day grew warmer. Zi Dian Mountain became bright and beautiful. The purple mist also became thicker. The sun rose in the east, and the mysterious purple Qi came from there.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how beneficial Zi Dian Mountain was to Lang Xie City. Lin Feng could sense all sorts of extremely pleasant energies here. Zi Dian Mountain was a great place to practice cultivation.

“How do you find this place in comparison to Lang Xie City?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian, smiling as if he could read Lin Feng like an open book.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and nodded. He sighed and replied, “Not bad. It’s a great place to practice cultivation. The vital Qi is much thicker here.”

When the old man heard how enthusiastic and honest Lin Feng sounded, he smiled. When he spoke with Fu Su Rong, he felt like he had to force himself to act in a certain way. He also had the impression he had to be strict, and make efforts. With Lin Feng, things were very natural. When he was in front of Fu Su Rong, he felt like he had to treat him like a servant. However, with Lin Feng, he didn’t have that need; he felt like he was facing a rising assistant.

“Zi Dian Mountain is the part of Lang Xie Mountain where the vital Qi is the thickest. The only mountain which can be compared to Zi Dian Mountain is Lang Xie Mountain, because Supreme God Lang Xie became famous there. That’s where he broke through to the high-level Supreme God layer.

“Twelve thousand years ago, I was living here; I practiced cultivation really hard every day, but I’ve been practicing for such a long time and yet I have never managed to break through to the highest Supreme God layer,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, lowering his head nostalgically.

It wasn’t the first time that Lin Feng had heard such stories. In the ocean of flames, Supreme God Xiao Sa had told him about the difficulty of breaking through to the highest Supreme God layer. In the end, he had failed and perished in the ocean of flames.

Lin Feng was now convinced that there were very few of the highest Supreme Gods in the Country of Eternity.

“You want to ask me about a highest Supreme God’s cultivation level, right?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian. He was surprised that Lin Feng had remained silent. Any younger cultivator would have asked him, but Lin Feng didn’t, as if he already knew.

Unless a cultivator had broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer, they couldn’t feel or sense that there was a higher cultivation level. Lin Feng had just broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, so he couldn’t have that feeling or sensation.

“The highest Supreme God layer is higher than the high-level Supreme God, but in the last tens of thousands of years, only a few people have broken through to that cultivation layer. Most of them are stuck at the high-level Supreme God layer and feel helpless,” said Lin Feng slowly, turning around and staring at Supreme God Zi Dian.

Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression changed in astonishment.

“How do you know?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian. He couldn’t imagine how Lin Feng had learned about such matters.

“Teacher, please tell me what you wanted to do in Lang Xie City?” asked Lin Feng, ignoring Supreme God Zi Dian’s question. He didn’t want to tell anyone about his experience in the ocean of flames for now. Even though Supreme God Zi Dian had recruited him as a disciple, Lin Feng didn’t trust him that much yet. He just considered their relationship as one of mutual benefits.

Since Lin Feng didn’t want to talk, Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t insist. His goal was much more important than that anyway, and since Lin Feng wanted to know, he had to tell him.

“Young man, listen carefully, and don’t be surprised,” said Supreme God Zi Dian.

“In Lang Xie City, there’s a holy cultivation place called Qi Yang Tai. It exists in both East Lang Xie and West Lang Xie. Your goal is to get into Qi Yang Tai. When you’re inside, then you need to find a mechanism which will allow you to go to the ocean of flames. You have to do everything possible to find the mechanism.

“That ocean of flames is called the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. It’s probably flowing everywhere under the Country of Eternity. Don’t think I know incredible things nobody knows about, everybody in the Country of Eternity knows about those things. The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames has existed since ancient times. There are many mysteries in there. When a high-level Supreme God goes inside, they can walk for half a year before they find an exit.

“In the ocean of flames, you can find treasures of Supreme Gods who were trying to break through to the highest Supreme God layer. People who want to break through to the highest Supreme God layer are all cultivators who have obtained precious cultivation resources and items from the ocean of flames, and those items and resources are all in the depths of the ocean of flames.

“I am not asking you to go in there right now. I just hope that within a hundred years, you’ll be able to go inside and find a skeleton for me. When you do, I will have reached my goal,” said Supreme God Zi Dian seriously and clearly, as if he were afraid Lin Feng would miss some parts or forget some elements.

Lin Feng remained calm, but his heart was pounding violently.

“Whose skeleton?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng started wondering whether he had already obtained that skeleton or not.”

“His name was Supreme God Xiao Sa. We became sworn brothers a hundred and twenty thousand years ago. He was older than me. I also had another sworn brother, he was younger than me, his name was Supreme God Xiao Yao. We were like brothers, the three of us.

“Supreme God Xiao Sa kind of abandoned Xiao Yao and me to go to the ocean of flames and look for an opportunity to break through to the highest Supreme God layer, but…”

Lin Feng noticed that Supreme God Zi Dian looked sad when he said that.

“But he never came back. I think he died in the ocean of flames… Hehe…”

“Shortly after he left, Xiao Yao left too, I don’t know where he went though, so the three of us have never seen each other again,” said Supreme God Zi Dian sadly. When Lin Feng heard that, he started wondering why his life was just made of a series of coincidences.

“Alright, I agree, teacher. If I ever manage to go to the ocean of flames, I’ll do my best to find Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton, don’t worry,” promised Lin Feng, nodding and trying to cheer him up.

He didn’t take out Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton because Supreme God Xiao Sa had told him to bury him in a good place for him to rest in peace. Besides, Lin Feng had also obtained Supreme God Xiao Sa’s Tao skill. If Supreme God Zi Dian learned about that, wouldn’t he misunderstand Lin Feng?

Supreme God Zi Dian was convinced he had made the right decision by recruiting Lin Feng as his disciple.

“Alright, I’ve told you everything. Let’s talk about you now,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, taking a deep breath. He felt much better after having gotten everything off his chest.

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “What about me?”

“Yan Ran Xue. You two seem to have a strong connection. You and Fu Su Rong are enemies because of her, right? I am an old man. I have experience. A moment ago, I noticed you were worried about her, right?” said Supreme God Zi Dian staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned. Maybe he had mixed feelings…

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