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Chapter 705: Lin Feng’s Plans!

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“I am not worried. I just wanted to piss Fu Su Rong off,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head firmly. He didn’t want to admit he was worried about Yi Ren Lei, but on the inside, he knew he had mixed feelings.

“Don’t be like that, young man. I am a hundred and twenty thousand years old, you think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” said Supreme God Zi Dian, smiling and shaking his head. He didn’t believe Lin Feng. He was just worried about that woman Yan Ran Xue.

“I don’t know what kind of relationship you had with Fu Su Rong and that woman, but you made it clear that Fu Su Rong was neither brave nor strong enough to save her… but what about you?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, and shook his head, “I have no reason to save her.”

“What kind of reason would you need?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian.

“She’s not my woman anymore, so I have no reason to save her,” said Lin Feng.

“Eh, that’s not a good reason. From what I understand, you think that women are very important and that a man should be able to protect a woman. Considering the way you talk about her, it seems like you went through some beautiful times together; don’t those beautiful memories make saving her worth it?

“I thought you were determined and wise, Lin Feng… but it seems that you also have a weakness… Feelings!

“You don’t want to save her because of face. You’re afraid of what comes after. If you save her, what will happen after? What will she say? Won’t she go back to Fu Su Rong? Right?” went on Supreme God Zi Dian. He was talking like a wise grandfather.

“Young man, all I can tell you is, go ahead and cherish people and things while you still have them. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve lost them to care,” sighed Supreme God Zi Dian. He slowly walked away towards the back of the mountain.

Lin Feng repeated in a whisper what the old man had just told him. Don’t wait until it’s too late to care about things or people you used to cherish…

Had he ever stopped loving Yi Ren Lei? Could he really forget her forever? Probably not….

Lin Feng sighed. He suddenly seemed much older and tired. He would never forget Yi Ren Lei. Otherwise, why would he have become enemies with Fu Su Rong?

“I’ve never forgotten about you, but I really hate you now…” whispered Lin Feng, sighing numbly.

Lin Feng took Jiang Xuan out of his spirit world. The young man was already awake. When he saw Lin Feng, he wanted to hug him, but when he saw Lin Feng’s strange expression and sensed a gloomy Qi emerging from him, he understood something. He just grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and also gazed into the distance.

Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan both sat there looking at the misty Zi Dian Mountain. The scenery was like a painting…


At that moment, a black-clothed old man had appeared next to Supreme God Zi Dian. The two old men stood together halfway up the mountain. It seemed like they had their feet in the water, but actually the water was just bifurcated and skirted their legs.

“You’re wise,” said the black-clothed old man grimly.

Supreme God Zi Dian glanced at him and smiled calmly. “I had to. Otherwise, your grandson could have died.”

“If Little Xuan had died, you or I would also have died,” said the black-clothed old man coldly.

Supreme God Zi Dian frowned and then he smiled thoughtfully, “So I’m lucky?”

“What do you intend to do with Fu Su Rong?” asked the black-clothed old man sternly.

He had been the root of evil.  The fool had kidnapped his grandson, Lin Feng had rushed over to save him, and had nearly died trying to save the young man… if Fu Su Rong didn’t die, Supreme God Lang Xie wouldn’t calm down.

“Lin Feng has to settle accounts with him. Leave it to him for now,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, shaking his head. He didn’t intend to kill Fu Su Rong himself, since Lin Feng didn’t want to.

When Supreme God Lang Xie heard that, he frowned and remained silent for a long time. If Lin Feng took care of Fu Su Rong, then everything was fine. He also knew how Lin Feng was; if he had accounts to settle with him, Fu Su Rong would definitely die sooner or later.

Apart from that, Lin Feng had become Supreme God Zi Dian’s disciple, surprising the old man. How and why had they become teacher and disciple? Fu Su Rong wasn’t even Supreme God Zi Dian’s disciple anymore. The old man was amazed by Lin Feng’s strategical thinking. He had stolen Fu Su Rong’s teacher and reduced his possibility of relying on someone strong to nothing.

Fu Su Rong had committed all kinds of outrages in the past because he could rely on Supreme God Zi Dian. Lin Feng had even had to temporarily give up on killing him because of his powerful and dazzling backer. But time had passed and the wheel of fortune had turned.

Well, Lin Feng had made it turn himself, that’s why he was amazing. Fu Su Rong had a great teacher, Lin Feng had made him look like a fool, a weakling, and a coward, and then had stolen his teacher. Now he was using Fu Su Rong’s former teacher for his own benefits; he couldn’t have done things better!

Supreme God Lang Xie was happy that he was on Lin Feng’s side, as having Lin Feng as an enemy wasn’t a good thing for anyone. Now, he was worried about Yan Zhen in San Country. Even though he was a high-level Supreme God, he was a weak one, and Lin Feng could probably pose a threat to him.

“San Country is nearing their fated end,” whispered Supreme God Lang Xie. Supreme God Zi Dian was startled; what had happened between Lin Feng and San Country? Why did Supreme God Lang Xie suddenly say that?

Supreme God Lang Xie had arrived in Zi Dian Mountain a while ago. Supreme God Zi Dian had detected his presence, and chosen everything he had said and done accordingly. He had repeated several times that he didn’t want problems with Supreme God Lang Xie, and so on. He really thought that Lin Feng was stronger than Fu Su Rong, anyway…


The next day, Lin Feng brought Jiang Xuan back to East Lang Xie. Jiang Yi Tian was relieved. Even though Supreme God Lang Xie had told him everything was fine, he didn’t feel better until he saw Jiang Xuan was really fine.

Jiang Xuan had been a bit injured, so Lin Feng had Jiang Yi Tian find a secure room and Lin Feng took the boy there and healed him. At the same time, he also helped him become stronger.


Another day passed. When Jiang Yi Tian saw his son again, he was completely astonished and couldn’t believe his eyes, because Jiang Xuan had the strength of the top of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he was about to break through to the eighth.

Lin Feng looked exhausted, but he was happy. Jiang Xuan was become stronger quickly, it was a good thing.

“Master, I need to see Supreme God Lang Xie and Master Zu Ti.”


At noon, Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan came into a courtyard with Supreme God Lang Xie and Master Zu Ti. Lin Feng brought Jiang Xuan outside and told him to stay there.

“Masters, I’d like to ask you something,” said Lin Feng, smiling and bowing hand over fist. He showed the two old men chairs for them to sit down.

“Just ask us. We’ll tell you everything we know,” said Supreme God Lang Xie casually, but he wasn’t sure he could help Lin Feng before hearing his question.

“Masters, could you please tell me who destroyed Song Country back in the old days?” Lin Feng asked. He hadn’t forgotten the promise he had made to the Great Honorable and Venerable Song. He had to bury his skeleton in Song Country. Since he had received the transmissions of the Songs, he had to keep his promises, even if he hadn’t unsealed all their rewards yet.

Lin Feng studied both Supreme God Lang Xie and Master Zu Ti. When the two old men heard him, they were both surprised. Where had Lin Feng heard about Song Country, which had been destroyed such a long time ago?

But since Lin Feng wanted to know more, they had no reason to refuse. Supreme God Lang Xie glanced at Zu Ti, Zu Ti nodded approval.

“Young man, Song Country was destroyed a hundred and fifty thousand years ago. We don’t know much. We just know that a Supreme God whose family name was Zhao destroyed Song Country. He joined hands with a few other Supreme Gods to do it

“Now, the former territory of Song Country is part of Tian Dong City and the Fa Lan Empire’s territories, as well as on a part of the Zhao Clan’s territory, which is also known as the Zhao Empire. The leader of the Zhao Empire is one of the Seven Great Leaders.”

“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. He knew what to do next.

“Young man, why did you ask?” asked Zu Ti.

Lin Feng looked at Zu Ti. He didn’t need to hide anything from them, but since he had obtained the nine old men’s transmissions and didn’t want anyone to know about it, he didn’t feel like telling anyone. Walls had ears, after all.

“I just read about Song Country in a book. The nine Supreme Gods of the Song Country were mentioned in that book,” said Lin Feng quickly making something up.

As expected, Zu Ti smiled and nodded, “Indeed, back in the days, there were nine Supreme Gods in Song Country. They were called the Great Honorable and Venerable Song, then there was Song II, Song III, and so on until Song IX. Everybody knows about them.

“But suddenly, someday, they all disappeared, which led to the destruction of Song Country.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he learned something new. The destruction of Song Country had happened when the nine supreme gods had disappeared, and these days, nobody knew where the nine Supreme Gods were!

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