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Chapter 706: West Lang Xie!

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“Lin Feng, do you want to leave Lang Xie City?” asked Zu Ti after a while. At that moment, Lin Feng had his head lowered. Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti were staring at him.

Lin Feng raised his head. He didn’t nod, but he didn’t say no, either. He did want to leave Lang Xie City, because he had things to do. He needed to go back to San Country for the primal chaos beast, which was controlled by Yan Zhen. He had to save the beast!

Lin Feng was confident that he could now compete with Yan Zhen, and didn’t need to be controlled by Zu Ti anymore. He could defeat Yan Zhen all by himself. Even though Yan Zhen was a high-level Supreme God, he was far from being as strong as people like Supreme God Lang Xie or even Jiang Yi Tian.

That was also one of the reasons why San Country was in such a situation. Their leader was too weak, so people didn’t care about them in the best case, or bullied them in the worst.

“Masters, I’m going to stay here until Little Xuan breaks through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. I am his teacher, after all. I will also give him a godly emperor seed so that he can break through to the Half Godly Emperor layer easily,” said Lin Feng firmly. However, one of the more important reasons why he wanted to stay in Lang Xie City was to go back to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames and continue exploring it.

Lin Feng also wanted to see Tian Fan. No matter what, Tian Di had done a lot for the Continent of the Gods, and had even helped him understand that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was truly evil. For that reason, Lin Feng couldn’t hate or be mad at Tian Fan.

Tian Fan had lost his father and changed a lot. He didn’t act like a Young Emperor anymore. He had become much wiser and kinder; he just couldn’t forget about his father’s death. A battle between Lin Feng and Tian Fan had to happen to resolve the issue and make the tensions calm down.

Tian Fan and Fu Su Rong were similarly strong, but Tian Fan had never plotted against him. Even though Di Shu had used him back then to plot against him, Tian Fan hadn’t plotted, Di Shu had!

The two old men understood Lin Feng’s decision. Lin Feng was talented, so staying in Lang Xie City forever would be a pity for him, after all. Lang Xie City was too small. Most geniuses of Lang Xie City usually went abroad. Only the old people stayed or came back.

Lang Xie City was much more powerful than San Country, but it couldn’t be compared to some other influential groups. Lang Xie City was calm and safe because it was protected by four high-level Supreme Gods. If Supreme God Lang Xie and Supreme God Zi Dian’s relationship deteriorated and they became enemies, then Lang Xie City would sink into chaos and destruction.

“Lin Feng, I have a request,” said Supreme God Lang Xie, looking at Lin Feng imploringly.

Lin Feng was surprised and nodded hastily, “Master, if there’s anything I can do for you, please ask, don’t hesitate.”

“Hehe, good, I won’t hesitate then!” said Supreme God Lang Xie in satisfaction. He didn’t beat about the bush and said straightforwardly, “Lin Feng, I hope that someday, when you become a high-level Supreme God, you will be able to take care of Lang Xie City…”

“You are Jiang Xuan’s teacher… and Jiang Xuan and Jiang Hao are both the future of Lang Xie City. When Zi Dian and I die, Lang Xie City will be weak and vulnerable, so I hope you can help and protect Lang Xie City. Is that possible?”

He sounded quite solemn. His heart also sped up. He wasn’t worried that Lin Feng would never break through to the high-level Supreme God, he was worried about the future of Lang Xie City!

Lin Feng looked at Supreme God Lang Xie, and felt bad when he saw the old man’s grave expression. The old man seemed extremely worried. Lin Feng smiled and nodded without hesitation, “Master, don’t worry about that. As long as Little Xuan is alive, I’ll always be his teacher, and I’ll always do my best to protect him.”

“Haha! Good! Good! Haha! I was right about you!” said Supreme God Lang Xie, laughing happily. Lin Feng’s answer immediately took a weight off his mind.

“Lin Feng, if you ever need help, if you’re in danger, don’t hesitate to ask me and Zi Dian for help. We’ll do our best to help you.”

“Thank you, Master. I will call if you I’m in danger someday,” answered Lin Feng. He had no reason to refuse some help.

Supreme God Lang Xie and Lin Feng smiled warmly. At that moment, Jiang Xuan ran into the courtyard. He was crying. He flashed into Lin Feng’s arms and asked, “Teacher, are you going to leave?”

“Eh? You heard everything?” Lin Feng was surprised and sighed.

Jiang Xuan nodded and said sadly, “Teacher, I don’t want you to leave.”

“Silly boy, all good things come to an end,” said Lin Feng, patting the boy’s head and smiling. He liked the lad.

“Teacher, will you ever come back then?” asked Jiang Xuan. He hoped Lin Feng would give him a satisfying answer.

“Of course. I won’t forget about you; I will definitely come back. I just hope that when I come back, you won’t have forgotten about me,” said Lin Feng, hugging the boy. Lin Feng had the impression he was looking at Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian when they were babies. He still felt sad because he hadn’t raised them himself.

So now, each time he saw a child, he felt guilty and thought of his own children. His paternal instincts came back each time.

“It’s a promise! Cross my heart and hope to die!” exclaimed Jiang Xuan, stretching out his little finger. Lin Feng glanced at Supreme God Lang Xie. The old man shook his head and smiled. Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his little finger as well, and they hooked up their little fingers as a promise.

“Alright, Little Xuan, don’t annoy your teacher, he has things to do,” spoke up Supreme God Lang Xie, interrupting Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan nodded and walked over to Supreme God Lang Xie, turning back to Lin Feng and staring at him.

Lin Feng stood up and cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest in front of the two old men, then he smiled and said, “I’m off. See you in a few days.”

“Little boy, I’m not leaving anytime soon. I will leave when you break through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer,” said Lin Feng to Jiang Xuan, as he left for West Lang Xie.

Lin Feng needed to see Tian Fan. He didn’t really know why, except that he felt like having a good chat with him.


After Lin Feng left the courtyard, Jiang Xuan looked depressed, and Supreme God Lang Xie sighed. When Jiang Yi Tian left, his grandson wouldn’t react like that. Lin Feng was still new in town, he had been there for a few months only, but the boy already loved him like his own father.


“Brother, when Lin Feng leaves town, I’ll go with him,” said Zu Ti, who had remained silent the whole time. He told him that only after Lin Feng had left.

Supreme God Lang Xie looked at Zu Ti in surprise and asked, “Why?”

“I am the Sword of Remote Times now. Lin Feng is going to travel and face new dangers. I have to follow him and honor my commitment as the Sword of Remote Times. I decided to stay by his side and help him after he saved me. I have to keep my promise,” Zu Ti said resolutely.

“Grandfather, protect Lin Feng. Don’t let anything happen to him,” said Jiang Xuan, smiling at Zu Ti.

Zu Ti was a bit surprised, but then he smiled stiffly and nodded as a sign of agreement.

Supreme God Lang Xie sighed. He had just made peace with his brother and was happy to see him again, but now because of Lin Feng they were going to have to part again. How long before they see each other this time? Maybe when Zu Ti came back, Supreme God Lang Xie would be buried already.

But he couldn’t do much. Zu Ti had to keep his promise. He was determined and nobody would convince him to stay, not even Lin Feng.

The courtyard went silent…


Lin Feng flew towards West Lang Xie as quickly as he could. It took him half a day to get there.

The buildings in West Lang Xie were as beautiful as those in East Lang Xie, but there were more ornaments on West Lang Xie’s buildings. They looked splendid and lofty, the ornaments on the buildings all flashy and dazzling.

East Lang Xie was just as luxurious and splendid, but less flashy. East Lang Xie was the symbol of discretion, West Lang Xie was a symbol of wealth and splendor. All the money in Lang Xie City was in West Lang Xie.

Lin Feng landed on the main road, which was much wider than the main road of East Lang Xie. It was made of blue glazed tiles, and there were gigantic trees on both sides of the road as well. The trees were covered in flowers and smelled good. Standing there was extremely pleasant.

Lin Feng also realized that almost everybody seemed happy in West Lang Xie. Everybody was smiling on the streets. Maybe it was due to the vegetation, because Lin Feng instantly felt better as well.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time and immediately flew towards the main building of West Lang Xie.

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