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Chapter 708: Choosing A Mask!

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“Since Tian Fan is in Tian Yuan, I’ll have to go and see,” Lin Feng nodded. He was actually also interested in the place.

Jiang Yi Ze smiled, “Haha, I knew it! Tian Yuan isn’t only for strong cultivators from Lang Xie City, people from neighboring influential groups also come over, including from San Country, Ze Country, and Jin Lun City.

“There are no tensions in Tian Yuan because people wear masks, so nobody cares about the social statusof others there. However, if you win several hundred of battles inside, many people will notice you, and many people will try and challenge you.

“I see that you are interested in Tian Yuan, so I will ask Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang to bring you there. Maybe you will see Tian Fan, who knows?” laughed Jiang Yi Ze. He called in a disciple and asked him to go and fetch Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng. Lin Feng was very grateful.


After a short time, Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng arrived at the hall. They greeted Jiang Yi Ze and stood there alertly because of Lin Feng.

“You two, bring Brother Lin Feng to Tian Yuan,” ordered Jiang Yi Ze.

Jiang Tang looked at his father with his eyes wide. His father wanted him to bring Lin Feng to Tian Yuan? But he wanted to stay as far from Lin Feng as possible! Unfortunately, Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng had to obey…

Lin Feng smiled. Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang forced smiles as well. Lin Feng knew they were afraid of him.

“Is there a problem?” Jiang Yi Ze asked icily when he saw their expressions.

Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng shook their heads hastily and replied, “Don’t worry, father. We will bring Prince Lin Feng to Tian Yuan.”

“Alright, good,” said Jiang Yi Ze, nodding kindly. Then he looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Brother Lin Feng, when do you want to leave?”

“Since the two princes are here, right now. I’ll be seeing you, Master,” replied Lin Feng as he stood up, bowing hand over fist.

Jiang Yi Ze watched Lin Feng and his two sons leave, disappear into the distance.

“What a pity that he can’t stay in Lang Xie City forever!” sighed Jiang Yi Ze. Lin Feng was a real genius. It would be wonderful if he stayed in Lang Xie City, but what could he do? Lin Feng would quickly get bored in Lang Xie City…


Lin Feng left West Lang Xie with Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng. The two brothers didn’t fly very quickly. Even though they were afraid of Lin Feng, they were confident they were faster than him, so they flew slowly because they were afraid Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to catch up with them if they flew at a normal speed. However, they gradually realized that wasn’t the case.

If they didn’t fly as quickly as they could, Lin Feng quickly disappeared into the distance. They quickly understood Lin Feng was extremely fast!

Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang didn’t dare show discontent. They flew as quickly as they could to catch up with him.

Tian Yuan was in the northern part of West Lang Xie, it wasn’t very far from the city center, and thirty minutes was enough to get there.

Tian Yuan was one of the most famous places in Lang Xie City. They used masks there because people from neighboring places could come to fight as well.

After two hours, Lin Feng, Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang arrived at the edge of Tian Yuan. If Lin Feng had come alone, he would have been there in two hours, but Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang had slowed him down… they were too slow!

Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang had used their full strength to fly as quickly as possible. When they landed on the ground, their legs were shaking. When Lin Feng landed, he didn’t pay any attention to them, and walked straight into Tian Yuan.

No wonder it was one of Lang Xie City’s most famous places. There were people everywhere from Lang Xie City and neighboring countries. Lin Feng glanced around and noticed some people who seemed to be from San Country.

Some strong cultivators from San Country stared at Lin Feng. They had a familiar feeling when they saw his face, but they didn’t remember where they knew him from, so they gave up trying.

When Lin Feng was in San Country, everybody had heard about him. He had killed a dozen State Teachers and then he relied on the Sword of Remote Times to escape from Yan Zhen. He had also become famous during San Country’s Great Competition.

However, he had been gone for five months already, so it was normal that they had forgotten about him. Lin Feng ignored their puzzled expressions and entered Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan’s buildings were quite simple. They had nothing to do with other buildings in West Lang Xie. They were painted white and a hundred meters high. The main gate was made of jade. When Lin Feng crossed the gate, he saw a thousand-meter-wide bluestone road. There was a statue on each side of the road. Lin Feng walked towards the main pavilion, which was also all white.

Arranged on both sides of the main pavilion were two dozen gigantic arenas made of bluestone. Inside the pavilion, there was nobody.

Everywhere in the area, there were people wearing masks and fighting. Not far away was a place where people could obtain all sorts of masks.

Lin Feng walked to the place where he could obtain masks. Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang ran to catch up with him. They were angry, but didn’t dare show it.

The princes often came to Tian Yuan, but they rarely fought because they found it a bit too vulgar. They were also afraid to lose, because losers were often forced to take off their masks. If they lost and took off their masks, everybody would know they were Princes of West Lang Xie.

If they lost face once, they’d never be able to come back, not even to watch battles.

“Give me a mask.” They were afraid, but Lin Feng wasn’t. Apart from finding Tian Fan, he had also come to fight. He didn’t like killing people, but he liked fighting and exchanging views on cultivation with other people properly. He usually had the opportunity to win more battles in places like this, and he often learned a lot.

Lin Feng asked for a mask. The man looked at him indifferently and asked, “What kind of mask would you like?”

“What kind?” Lin Feng was surprised. He lowered his head and looked at the different masks behind. There were so many he was confused.

When Jiang Tang saw Lin Feng was puzzled, he came closer and helped him.

“Prince Lin Feng, people choose their mask here. All masks are different.”

“Tell me more,” Lin Feng frowned.

Jiang Tang smiled wryly and continued, “In Tian Yuan, there are three main kinds of masks. The first kind of mask is made of beast skin. People who choose this kind of mask challenge ten people and have to win ten battles.

“The second type of mask are weapon masks. If you choose a weapon mask, you have to agree to five challenges or more. If you lose, you don’t need to show your real face, but you need to give your opponent a precious item.

“Finally, the third kind of mask are masks made of jade. If you choose such a mask, it means you’re here to try things out, and you don’t really care about the challenges of Tian Yuan.

“Prince Lin Feng, you should choose the jade mask so that you can test things out first,” Jiang Tang finished. He hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t cause trouble in Tian Yuan.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked at the three sorts of masks. It wasn’t easy to choose…


Lin Feng noticed a mask which was alone there. It didn’t belong to any of the three categories.

It was a demon face. It looked ferocious and cruel. Two teeth stuck out of the mouth. Blood flowed from the forehead along the cheeks to the teeth and chin. There was a scar on it, too. The scar and the blood didn’t seem to have been made during creation. It seemed that they had been caused during a battle while someone was wearing it.

“So, did you choose or not? Someone is waiting behind you!” shouted someone impatiently while Lin Feng was thinking.

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