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Chapter 709: Another Demon!

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“Who are you shouting at! One has to take one’s time to choose a mask!” shouted Jiang Tang as Lin Feng was thinking and not saying anything. When Jiang Tang turned his head around and the man saw him, he stopped talking.

Everybody knew who he was.

Jiang Tang smiled coldly and asked Lin Feng, “Prince Lin Feng, did you choose?”

“Yes, that one,” said Lin Feng, nodding and pointing at the demon mask.

Everybody gasped. Meanwhile, Lin Feng had already taken the mask and put it on.

When he put the mask on, Lin Feng suddenly realized there was something wrong. Everybody had stopped talking.

Lin Feng glanced around and looked at people’s expressions, especially Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang’s expressions. They seemed dumbstruck, and even the man in charge of the masks seemed astonished.

Everybody suddenly became silent, including the strong cultivators in the arenas… They all stopped and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng realized something wrong was going on, he didn’t know what, but he knew it had something to do with the mask.

“Oh my… someone chose the demon mask?” Finally, someone broke the silence and swallowed. Then, suddenly, the people all started whispering.

“How is that possible? Someone is not scared to choose the demon mask?” said an old man, looking at Lin Feng incredulously. The old man even seemed frightened. He couldn’t help but step backwards constantly.

Lin Feng suddenly realized that everybody was now at least a hundred meters away, as if they were afraid something could hurt them. Lin Feng was completely at a loss.

“It’s been five years and someone finally dared put it on. We’ll see how it goes this time, in comparison to five years ago,” sighed the one in charge of the masks after a long time.

“Lin… Prince Lin Feng, hurry up and take it off,” Jiang Tang said quickly. Lin Feng shook his head. Since he had chosen that mask, he had to bear the consequences of his actions. He couldn’t take it off. Besides, everybody seemed scared of the mask, and it amused him.

Lin Feng didn’t like ordinary things. He liked to do everything differently from other people. He had chosen that mask willingly and now he didn’t intend to take it off.

“No need. I’m keeping it. I like it,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head and smiling at Jiang Tang. Jiang Tang couldn’t see Lin Feng’s smile anymore, though. He could only see the horrible and ferocious face.

“Should I go and tell our father?” asked Jiang Leng, pulling on Jiang Tang’s sleeve.

Jiang Tang turned around and shook his head quickly. “Let’s watch first. Maybe some people will be afraid of the face and not challenge him.”

Jiang Leng nodded. He had no choice but to agree with his older brother. He really hoped that nothing horrible would happen this time.

The one in charge of the masks walked over to Lin Feng, his legs were shaking, he didn’t dare look the mask in the eyes and asked, “You really want to keep this mask?”

“Yes, this one,” Lin Feng nodded.

The disciple took a deep breath and said, “Alright, please go to Arena 1.”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng skeptically.

People burst into an uproar again when he asked that.

“Why? Eh… because you chose the demon mask, sir! So you have to go to Arena 1!” said a relatively young disciple.

“Yes… because you chose the demon mask, Sir! So you have to go to Arena 1! Who else would dpotherwise?”

“Hurry up and go, sir.”

Lin Feng nodded when he heard all those people. He had noticed something strange though, all those people were calling him sir now, without exception. Lin Feng started thinking that they weren’t talking to HIM that way, but to the mask itself!

Lin Feng flashed away and landed in Arena 1. It was a hundred meters high, so he could see everything.

When Lin Feng landed, someone knocked at the main gate of Tian Yuan extremely loudly. People’s hearts all started pounding. The same thing as five years before was happening. Was a bloodthirsty battle going to happen this time again?

It sounded like the God of Death had come. Everybody retreated even farther. They would never forget what had happened five years before. All the geniuses of Lang Xie City and the neighboring places would remember it forever.

After that, nobody had ever dared put on the demon mask. Now, someone was wearing it again. What made him feel so confident? We’ll see, thought everyone.

“Everybody, the demon is back in Tian Yuan. I think that nobody has forgotten what happened five years ago. Now, he’s back. Everybody, you’re all witnesses again.”

At that moment, an old man in white clothes appeared. Lin Feng looked at him and his hair bristled. A high-level Supreme God?

There was a fifth high-level Supreme God in Lang Xie City? How was that possible? Apart from the four high-level Supreme Gods, there was another one?

However, Lin Feng was facing a fifth one for real at that moment. When he saw the old man’s faint Qi, he noticed it was as powerful as Supreme God Zi Dian or Supreme God Lang Xie’s Qi.

“Wow, Supreme God Tian Yuan is back after five years?” Some people gasped with amazement. The atmosphere became bustling and explosive.

“Will Supreme God Tian Yuan wait for the demon to appear or not?” asked a man suddenly. Many people looked at him meaningfully.

“Supreme God Tian Yuan isn’t from Lang Xie City, this place existed before Lang Xie City and Supreme God Tian Yuan has always protected Tian Yuan.”

“Supreme God Tian Yuan hasn’t changed at all. He’s still glowing with health and radiating vigor. The only thing which changed about him is that his hair became slightly whiter.”

Many people were talking. Lin Feng was confused. People from Lang Xie City and the neighboring places weren’t surprised to see Supreme God Tian Yuan?

Tian Yuan existed before Lang Xie City? It meant that Tian Yuan was over a hundred thousand years old!

As Lin Feng was thinking, he sensed two terrifying energies pierce through his body. Lin Feng raised his head and saw lights in Supreme God Tian Yuan’s eyes.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Supreme God Tian Yuan. The old man turned his head away as if he had never looked at him. Lin Feng was surprised and lowered his gaze.

Lin Feng didn’t notice that when he lowered his head, Supreme God Tian Yuan whispered something and a monster appeared!

“Everybody, the demon is standing in Arena 1. Anyone can go and challenge him. If you lose, your life will be spared. If you win, then kill the demon and I’ll grant you the Tian Yuan Tao skill,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan calmly and serenely. At his words, everyone calmed down.

Many strong cultivators didn’t move. They didn’t dare challenge Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood. Now that he was wearing the demon mask, he had to abide by the rules.

Initially the rules were fair, but because he had put on the demon mask, the rules had changed slightly. People could now kill him.

Lin Feng understood why everybody had paled and looked so afraid when he had put on the mask. He had become the “rule breaker” of Tian Yuan!

Five years before? Someone had chosen the same mask as him, the demon mask, and everybody remembered it?

Lin Feng’s hair stood up.

“What’s wrong? Nobody dares challenge the demon in Lang Xie City?”

“What about Jin Lun City? Ze Country? San Country? Are you all cowards?”

“If it’s that way, he might become the demon with the least amount of blood on his hands in the history of Tian Yuan!” said Supreme God Tian Yuan sharply from up in the sky.

Lin Feng didn’t know what the old man’s purpose was, but at least he was ready to fight. Lin Feng was also convinced that someone was going to challenge him soon.

“Hmph! Are there only cowards in Lang Xie City? I’ll go!” shouted a tall and sturdy man, coming out of the crowd. He was wearing a beast mask. He needed to win ten battles to succeed, but now he also needed to fight a battle to death.

Things had changed. It started smelling like blood!

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