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Chapter 710: Smell Of Blood!

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“Young man, I challenge you. And I’m going to show you that you shouldn’t have chosen the demon mask!” declared the big man as he landed on the arena. Lin Feng felt the ground tremble.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and looked at the man. He had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, and his strength seemed explosive. He was really quite impressive.

Many people looked at them, and had the impression the tall and sturdy man seemed stronger than Lin Feng. Could the demon win…?

Lin Feng stood there calmly without saying anything.

The tall and sturdy was furious when he saw Lin Feng didn’t intend to answer. Lin Feng couldn’t see it, but he could sense the man’s Qi was building up.

“Are you mute? If so, I’ll beat you up until you say something!” shouted the big man explosively. He flashed into, and Qi exploded around him. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch with thunderous power.

Everybody was astonished. Some people even stopped breathing and blinking so as to not miss any of the battle. Many people started thinking that this demon was one of the weakest they had ever seen.

Lin Feng calmly watched the tall and sturdy man’s fist move towards him. It was indeed powerful.

But Lin Feng didn’t waste time. The man’s punch was as powerful as a thunderbolt, but it also seemed empty to Lin Feng. Lin Feng found the attack uninteresting and tasteless.

Lin Feng decided to deal with brute force using brute force!

Lin Feng flashed and disappeared. The big man’s fist punched empty air. The demon mask wearer appeared behind him. He didn’t say anything and threw a punch.



The first sound was the sound of the man being blown away. The second sound was the sound of his muscles getting torn apart.


A eerie silence followed. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng had disappeared so suddenly, and then appeared behind the challenger so suddenly. His punch had been devastating!

It was just astonishing. How strong was Lin Feng?

The big man crashed at the bottom of the battle stage, and a pond of blood appeared around him.

The smell of blood became thick and dense. People thought of the battles five years before, they had all thought of it as a nightmare, but right now, they thought of it as a dream.

Lin Feng was definitely a great demon!


Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang, who were the only one who knew who Lin Feng was, were astonished as well, and their legs shook violently. They remembered when Lin Feng had taught them a good lesson… luckily, he had just scolded them, because otherwise, he could have crushed them as well!

He was a medium-level Supreme God, but the difference between them and him was just too huge!

Lin Feng stood there. He took his fist back, looked at the big man’s corpse and sighed. Poor man… if Lin Feng hadn’t chosen the demon mask, the man wouldn’t have died.

But since he had chosen the demon mask, he had to abide by the rules: if the challengers didn’t die, he would die! Lin Feng realized how scary that was, so he had to fight for his life!

That world wasn’t fair, anyway…

Lin Feng hadn’t killed anyone for a while, and now he felt extremely excited again. The smell of blood made him want to fight more.

It was like the death god he had in the depths of his heart had awakened. His Qi suddenly started rolling out. Many people were terrified.

A demon had really shown up!

A demon had awakened!

When Lin Feng didn’t kill people for a while, he forgot how good it felt to kill. It made him want to kill even more people.

Besides, if people challenged him, they knew they could also die, so he had nothing to regret!

“Next one!” shouted Lin Feng icily.

Supreme God Tian Yuan didn’t say anything. He smiled in satisfaction.

“Yes, kill! Let your inner demon enjoy the smell and taste of blood!” whispered Supreme God Tian Yuan smiling sinisterly.

“I’ll come!” said someone, jumping up to the arena. That cultivator seemed greedy. He was ready to do his best to obtain the Tian Yuan Tao skill.

The man was wearing purple clothes and also wore a beast mask. His Qi was swift and fierce, like a sharp sword.

“Show me who’s more terrifying, you or the demon five years ago!” said the man icily, throwing himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grunted icily. He was excited to fight, and when the man provoked him, it made him feel like fighting even more. So he attacked first.

Lin Feng threw a punch. The man smiled coldly and threw a punch as well.

Boom boom!...

Their fists collided. This time, nobody won, but Lin Feng quickly grabbed the man’s arm, shouted like a demon and threw the man down.

The man ground his teeth and shouted angrily, but he couldn’t overcome Lin Feng’s strength, especially since Lin Feng’s primal chaos body had become almost perfect recently, making his Qi extremely powerful and stable.

Lin Feng was confident. In terms of fighting abilities, he could even compete with high-level Supreme Gods!

Lin Feng was still holding the man’s arm as he shouted angrily and threw another punch at the man’s chest. Crack! The man’s chest cracked and he coughed up blood. His face turned extremely pale.

Lin Feng ignored it. He didn’t intend to be merciful. If he didn’t kill the purple-clothed man, the man would kill him first!

Besides, he had never heard of a merciful and compassionate demon!

There was another explosion as Lin Feng kicked the man with deadly force. The man crashed at the foot of the battle stage, more energy pierced through his back and a loud crackling sound spread in the air.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY SPINE!” the man in purple clothes kept shrieking. His body kept crackling.

When the crowd heard him, they paled and shivered.

The man’s energy circulatory system was already destroyed. A hundred of his bones were broken. He had no choice but to crawl on the ground.

Luckily, he didn’t die. He would never be able to walk again, though.

Lin Feng didn’t feel guilty. He knew what it felt like to kill.

The man had challenged him. He had challenged him because he wanted the Tao skill and because he wanted to humiliate Lin Feng!

“Consider yourself lucky, I didn’t kill you. Conduct yourself well from now on,” Lin Feng said icily.

The man was already in a coma at that moment and didn’t hear Lin Feng, but everybody else did. Lin Feng was growing more and more terrifying.

Could it be that he’s as terrifying as the previous demon?, thought Supreme God Tian Yuan when he saw that.

“Next one,” said Lin Feng indifferently, yet proud and arrogant.

When the crowd heard that, many of them were terrified. Someone had died, someone else had been paralyzed… Wouldn’t some people learn from the previous ones’ mistakes? Who would dare go and challenge him so easily?

Going onto the battle stage of Arena 1 had a price!

The atmosphere went eerily silent…


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