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Chapter 711: Madman vs. Demon!

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Nobody on the kwoon dared say anything. Nobody wanted to challenge Lin Feng after the first two battles.

A man in white clothes in Arena 5, which was quite far from Arena 1, stared at Lin Feng. There was a young man next to him. They both wore masks, of course.

The boy and the man looked at Lin Feng expressionlessly. Their expressions hadn’t changed since Lin Feng had shown up.

“Teacher, don’t go and challenge him. I don’t want to lose you!” exclaimed the boy suddenly. He was wearing a jade mask. He grabbed his teacher and hugged him, his legs shaking. He was scared of Lin Feng’s bloody eyes. He had never seen anyone look so cruel!

The man in white clothes lowered his eyes in surprise. He asked, “You think I would lose?”

“You would die,” said the boy tactlessly. He just knew his teacher would be in danger if he challenged the demon.

When the man heard that, he nodded and whispered, “Indeed, I would die.”

“So don’t go and challenge him, teacher, alright?” implored the boy, pulling on the man’s sleeve.

The man lowered his head. After a long time, he raised his head and stared at Lin Feng standing there on the battle stage of Arena 1. Even though he was wearing a mask, he knew it was Lin Feng, the man who had killed his father.

“I need vengeance, so I can’t promise you anything. Just wait here, I won’t die. Don’t worry!” Tian Fan smiled. He took the young man in his arms and brought him to Arena 4, then flew towards Arena 1 alone.


At that moment, the atmosphere was eerily silent and nobody dared to challenge Lin Feng.

“If nobody wants to challenge him, then the demon wins,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan emotionlessly glancing around. “Since-”

“I’ll challenge him!”

As Supreme God Tian Yuan was about to announce that Lin Feng had won, someone suddenly interrupted him.

The man in white clothes slowly appeared in everybody’s field of view. Many people were astonished.

“It’s him? He’s going to challenge the demon?” asked a man, perplexed.

“Maybe he’s the only one who can defeat the demon?” a man next to him nodded. He looked excited.

“The only one who could win a hundred battles consecutively and defeat the demon? This could be an amazing battle.”

“The madman against the demon?”

Suddenly, a thousand people came from outside and appeared at the foot of Arena 1’s battle stage to watch the fight.

Tian Fan slowly stepped up onto the battle stage. He rolled up his sleeves and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked back at Tian Fan gravely.

“I’m here to challenge you. Do you agree?” asked Tian Fan coldly.

“I am wearing the demon mask, I can’t refuse a battle,” Lin Feng replied sharply. Sharp energies started emerging in front of the two of them. Many people at the foot of the battle stage started stepping back quickly and bumping into others when they sensed those terrifying energies.

Lin Feng and Tian Fan ignored the crowd, just staring at one another. Both Lin Feng and Tian Fan knew who they were facing.

“I knew that if you came to Tian Yuan, you’d choose that mask, because it’s the only one which matches your personality,” said Tian Fan.

“You’ve never liked being like everybody else. You liked to be the outstanding Young Emperor. You changed a lot,” said Lin Feng jokingly.

“Maybe. My father is dead. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty has been destroyed. It would have made any man change,” Tian Fan sighed. He sounded strange. His voice was filled with a mixture of helplessness and murderous intentions.

People at the bottom of the stage were stupefied; the madman and the demon knew one another?

“No need to beat about the bush though. You and I must fight. You traveled a long distance to come to West Lang Xie, so let’s fight here.

“If you lose, I will kill you to avenge my father and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. If you win, my life is yours,” declared Tian Fan, clenching his fists. His Qi became much colder suddenly.

Lin Feng stood there, ready to fight.

“Celestial Punch of Darkness!” shouted Tian Fan. He suddenly flashed ahead and raised his fists. Lin Feng suddenly saw two fists moving towards him like bullets. Lin Feng knew he had to be vigilant.

“Aggressive Punch!”

Lin Feng decided to use explosive strength to destroy the explosive attack. His two fists turned into two explosive energy balls, shooting out. People just saw energy balls flicker. Lin Feng and Tian Fan were already colliding.

When the four fists collided, energies exploded, forming a gigantic sphere of energy. Many buildings in Tian Yuan were destroyed and collapsed.

Lin Feng and Tian Fan were already rising into the air, and collided again. Lin Feng threw another punch. Tian Fan thrust his palm at Lin Feng’s chest. Both of them were pushed back down.

Lin Feng moved sideways to gather speed and throw a kick. He condensed the strength of his Thunderbolt Tao skill in his foot. The atmosphere in Arena 1 felt like apocalypse. Not only did people feel terrified, but they also sad and hopeless.

When Supreme God Tian Yuan saw Lin Feng’s incredible primal chaos Tao skill, he was stupefied. “EVERYBODY MOVE BACK A THOUSAND METERS!” he shouted explosively, moving back at the same time. He hastily reached out and created a protective layer around the arena.

Everybody moved back a thousand meters and stood behind the protective curtain of energy. Now Lin Feng and Tian Fan were isolated from the crowd.

Boom boom!…

Rumbles spread in the air. Lin Feng’s Thunderbolt Tao skill was terrifyingly powerful. He threw a kick at Tian Fan’s shoulder.

Tian Fan ground his teeth, and golden lights appeared all around him. Tian Mian’s imperial crown appeared on his head, and his fighting abilities became much more powerful. He instantly threw himself at Lin Feng and pushed him back. He wasn’t injured at all.

Lin Feng’s expression shifted. He had to be extremely careful, Tian Fan had changed a lot. His cultivation had become much more stable.

The Thunderbolt Tao skill was Song V’s Tao skill; the strength it released was ten million jin. That kind of kick could completely destroy a place like the Continent of the Nine Clouds… but against Tian Fan, it was useless!

Lin Feng started getting nervous. He had the impression he was losing control of the fight.

“You’re not the only one who has Tao skills, I also do,” said Tian Fan. He had noticed how scary Lin Feng’s Tao skill was, but he wasn’t afraid. Tian Di had given him his imperial weapon, a complex and extremely powerful godly imperial weapon.

“Celestial Crown Tao Skill, World Destroying Celestial Crown!” shouted Tian Fan furiously. His palms thrust out at incredible speed, golden trails appearing behind his hands.

The energies crashed against Lin Feng’s chest, and he felt like his chest was about to explode. He hastily activated the protection of his primal chaos body to stop the terrifying energies.

But even so, he was blown away. If he hadn’t had a primal chaos body, all his bones would have broken and his cultivation would have been crippled.

Luckily, Lin Feng had refined his primal chaos body in Qi Yang Tai!

Lin Feng was thrown back, but he didn’t crash to the ground. He managed to keep his feet and land on the ground steadily. He instantly disappeared and then Tian Fan heard a sonic boom. He was dumbstruck.


However, Tian Fan didn’t have time to react as he was smashed away instantly. He crashed to the battle stage of the arena and rolled over, he nearly falling off the stage. Lin Feng quickly appeared in front of him again.

“Another Tao skill?” Tian Fan’s shoulder hurt. He couldn’t believe Lin Feng had more than one Tao skill.

“Hehe, it’s only the beginning!” replied Lin Feng, grinning nastily. Tian Fan had oppressed him at the beginning, it was time to change things.

Lin Feng smiled and disappeared. Nobody could see him anymore. Only Tian Fan knew where he was, but he realized he had to be extremely careful.

“Such a long time has passed. You were terrifying, and you still are. However, I am not a weakling either!”


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