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Chapter 712: Destruction Over A Thousand Li

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Tian Fan smiled icily and disappeared as well. The crowd had the impression they were seeing things. The two fighters were too fast…

Boom, boom, boom!…

Explosive energies appeared high in the air. Lin Feng thrust with his palm, Tian Fan threw a punch. Their hands collided again. At the same time, the two fighters were pushed back.

The protective layer of energy around the arena shook violently. Everybody was astonished. What if the protective layer exploded, and energies spilled over? Many people would end up badly injured or even dead!

“Vajra Hurricane!” shouted Tian Fan furiously. He raised both hands and swept them out. Golden energies appeared and turned into a mighty Vajra Hurricane. Tian Fan’s white robe fluttered violently.

Lin Feng watched the hurricane move towards him. He stood resolutely and remained vigilant. He raised his hands in front of his chest. A gigantic golden imprint appeared.

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” returned Lin Feng icily. His gigantic imprint shot forwards, like Lin Feng had thrown a mountain. The incredible energies surrounded Tian Fan and suppressed him.

At the same time, his Vajra Hurricane also suppressed Lin Feng, but Lin Feng resisted better. He howled furiously, his eyes turned rd, and he continued pushing his imprint towards Tian Fan. The hurricane weakened, pressuring Tian Fan. Lin Feng’s energies then continued flooding down towards him.

“Prajñā Hand!” shouted Tian Fan hastily, slapping the Imperial Imprint. His terrifying strength pierced through the Imprint’s energy, and Tian Fan managed to fly back up, pushing the Imperial Imprint back, weakening its Qi.

Lin Feng grunted icily and flashed forwards. He hit the Imperial Imprint, which was about to disappear, and condensed primal chaos strength.

Boom! Tian Fan’s golden hand attack weakened at the explosion. Tian Fan glared at Lin Feng ferociously and grit his teeth. He had started feeling powerful after those powerful attacks, but Lin Feng had the advantage now.

Boom, boom! The protective layer around the arena shook even more violently. It really seemed like it was going to break apart. Supreme God Tian Yuan released even more energy to strengthen the protective shield.

Lin Feng gave Tian Fan a overhand punch. Tian Fan crashed down onto the battle stage, which shook violently. His feet were even pushed into the ground.

Many people stood gaping, as if they had swallowed their tongue. They were dumbstruck.

“That’s… The… bluestone ground of the battle stage is… broken?” Jiang Tang couldn’t believe his eyes. His heart was pounding. Lin Feng was much more terrifying than he had thought. It went beyond what he could conceive.

Demons are usually terrifying, as expected, thought some people. At the beginning, they didn’t think Lin Feng was strong enough to put a demon mask, but now they found him amazing and terrifying.

Tian Fan groaned with pain. His viscera hurt, and he had many different wounds and injuries. The situation didn’t look good for him anymore. He could taste blood in his mouth, but he swallowed it. His Qi was also much weaker.

Lin Feng stood on his Imperial Imprint, his black robe fluttering in the wind. He looked violent, brutal, and aggressive… like a demon.

Gradually, his Imperial Imprint faded, until it disappeared. Lin Feng flashed down towards Tian Fan.

Tian Fan wasn’t oppressed by the Imperial Imprint anymore, so he felt a little better. He could breathe better. Cold resolve filled his heart. He needed a rest. He had been working extremely hard for a year, he had refined his whole body, but he still couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so he couldn’t avenge his father, either. He felt useless.

“I lost?” whispered Tian Fan. Even though nobody could see his expression, from his Qi, one could see he had started feeling dispirited.

“You think you lost?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Tian Fan didn’t reply. He just stared at the broken battle stage incredulously. He remained silent for a while. The battle paused temporarily.

Lin Feng stood in the air. Tian Fan stood on the battle stage. The madman and the demon were just standing there.

The madman had lost the advantage. Most people now thought the demon had won.

“I didn’t lose. As long as I’m motivated and determined, I haven’t lost,” said Tian Fan slowly, breaking the silence. The whole crowd felt excited when they heard him. Tian Fan looked like a ferocious and indomitable wild beast at that moment.

Tian Fan raised his head and said to Lin Feng indifferently, “Last attack. If you win, I die. If you lose, you die!” proclaimed Tian Fan. He reached out and golden lights appeared, growing more and more dazzling. The whole arena turned into a golden world.

Lin Feng could sense a terrifying serenity in that attack. The fusion of two Tao skills?, he thought suddenly. This attack was incredible. It could make most people feel scared, guilty, and powerless.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Tian Fan was right, it was time for a last attack. The loser would die, and Lin Feng couldn’t lose a battle to the death!

“Since you used the fusion of two Tao skills, then…” sighed Lin Feng. He closed his eyes and suddenly, it was like the arena didn’t exist anymore. Lin Feng forgot everything around him. It was like he and his Tao skills were the only things which existed in that world.

Lin Feng slowly raised his arms, and stretched out one finger. A cyan light emerged from his finger. One couldn’t really see how scary that light was. It looked like an ordinary finger, not an attack. The light moved towards Tian Fan.

His finger turned into a sword, and his Qi became extremely sharp. The crowd couldn’t see how dangerous or sharp it was, so they were was surprised. How come Lin Feng’s attack didn’t seem dangerous at all?

Wasn’t it a reckless move? Everybody was worried that Lin Feng would die.

The strength coming from the center of Tian Fan’s palm grew more and more powerful. Supreme God Tian Yuan remained extremely focused and watched the protective layer around the arena because Tian Fan’s strength might pierce through. It felt like millions of wild beasts were attacking the stage.

Lin Feng remained motionless as a mountain. His Qi became faint, deep, and dark. He looked like a mountain with a finger out.

When Tian Fan’s palm and Lin Feng’s finger collided, the atmosphere went silent. Their collision didn’t emit any sound. However, it didn’t mean nothing was happening.

Phwap! The protective field finally broke apart, and an incredible strength surged out. Supreme God Tian Yuan suddenly paled in astonishment. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Their battle had already grown out of proportion. His protective layer had been silently broken by Lin Feng and Tian Fan’s energies!

A simple palm and a single finger had destroyed Supreme God Tian Yuan’s protective curtain. The energies swept out over a dozen arenas. Many buildings collapsed. All the buildings which were a hundred meters or higher collapsed into ruins.

Many people looked at the collapsing buildings. They were stupefied and sad, because they loved this place.

“Five years ago, it was a blood bath over hundreds of li. This time, it’s destruction over thousands of li!”

“Incredible! What a joke! I used three thousand golden towers to build those pavilions…”

The only positive thing was that no observers had been killed, there was only material damage. It was also because of the nature of the protective layer, it had accumulated the shockwaves and then released the accumulated energies on the buildings, not people.

Without the protective field, everybody would have died, but no building would have been destroyed.

Happily, people’s lives were more important!

At that moment, Lin Feng and Tian Fan were standing on opposite sides of the battle stage. Lin Feng took his finger back. Tian Fan took his palm back. Everything was silent.

Who won?, people wondered.

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