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Chapter 713: Pretend Disinterest!

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“How come they’re not saying anything?” some people wondered after a long time. Lin Feng and Tian Fan were just looking at each other without saying anything. Nobody understood why. Who had won? Was it a draw?

As everybody was lost in thought, someone moved.

“You won,” said Tian Fan hoarsely. He seemed much older suddenly. He slowly put his hand on his mask and took it off.

“My life is now in your hands,” said Tian Fan indifferently, waiting for death patiently.

Everybody was surprised. Tian Fan seemed fine, why did he say he had lost? Nobody understood, but they hadn’t seen what had happened in detail, so they couldn’t really understand.

Tian Fan didn’t seem injured, but they didn’t know what kind of attacks Lin Feng and Tian Fan had used.

Lin Feng looked at Tian Fan with mixed feelings. He had used the Third Master Tao Skill to destroy Tian Fan’s two Tao skills. That’s why Tian Fan thought he had lost.

Lin Feng walked towards Tian Fan silently. Tian Fan waited for death calmly. He hadn’t managed to avenge his father, and now it was too late. He wasn’t happy, but he was ready to bear the consequences for his actions.

Besides, he was exhausted. He was sick and tired of this life. He wanted to die now. He wanted to see his father again, or at least reincarnate and start all over.

“You may not believe me, but your father’s death really has nothing to do with me. I didn’t kill him. I don’t want to explain everything to you, but I’m telling you the truth. If you still think I did kill him and want to avenge your father’s death, then next time we meet, we can fight again,” said Lin Feng, clapping Tian Fan’s shoulder. He then walked away, to the edge of the battle stage. He had decided not to kill Tian Fan, because he didn’t feel like killing Tian Di’s only child.

Tian Fan stared at Lin Feng in astonishment. Was Lin Feng being honest? Had he really not killed his father? But… he had seen it? He remembered it perfectly…

Tian Fan was confused. He needed to calm down and think.

Tian Fan walked down from the battle stage and then went to find Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao grabbed Tian Fan’s arm and hugged it. He was happy his teacher was still alive.

“Teacher, you’re awesome!” exclaimed Jiang Hao, smiling and clenching his fists. Tian Fan smiled indifferently and hugged Jiang Hao. They slowly walked away and disappeared.

Nobody paid attention to him. A loser was a loser, and people didn’t care about losers in that world. They quickly forgot about them. However, winners remained in their memories forever.

Lin Feng was still standing on the battle stage. He watched Tian Fan and Jiang Hao disappear in the distance. He felt a bit sad for Tian Fan. Tian Fan used to be a proud and arrogant Young Emperor, and now he was just a sad and miserable person, and it was partly Lin Feng’s fault.

If he hadn’t trusted Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor back then, Tian Di would still be alive, and Tian Fan would still be a proud and arrogant Young Emperor, calmly waiting for his father to retire to replace him.

But things changed quickly in this world…

“Anyone else want to challenge me?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t want to waste time talking about those things. Waiting for a while between each battle was boring for everybody. Lin Feng had other things to do.

The people weren’t stupid and didn’t want to die.

“Since there is no challenger anymore, I’m off!” Lin Feng said after he saw nobody wanted to challenge him anymore. He got ready to leave.

He walked down the stage and got ready to take off the mask and leave Tian Yuan.

Supreme God Tian Yuan was surprised. Lin Feng had won while wearing the demon mask, so he could obtain a Tao skill! But he wasn’t paying any attention to Tian Yuan at the moment…

The reason why the first people had challenged him was because they wanted to obtain his Tao skill. However, Lin Feng seemed indifferent, as if he had never even been interested in that Tao skill.

It was true, too. Lin Feng had taken the demon mask for the excitement, to experiment with something new, and for the thrill. He didn’t even know about the Tao skill at first. Even after hearing about it, he wasn’t that interested, because he already had enough Tao skills.

Luckily, Lin Feng was the only one who knew about all the Tao skills he had. If the crowd had known, they would have cast greedy eyes on him and Tian Yuan would have gone wild, especially since he had some very famous Tao Skills.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t have a powerful background, he had many precious items!

Lin Feng got ready to leave and took off his mask. Lin Feng hoped that someone else would use the mask quickly again.

After taking off his mask, everybody saw Lin Feng’s handsome face. His long black hair hung to his shoulders, his nose was long and thin. His mouth made him look mischievous in a good way.

Lin Feng put the mask on the counter where people could choose them, and then he walked away down the wide blue road.

Supreme God Tian Yuan watched in disbelief. This young man was different from most people. No wonder his fellow disciple had the greatest esteem for him!

“Stop, young man!” shouted Supreme God Tian Yuan, unable to remain calm.

Lin Feng stopped, turned around and looked at the old man in a strange way. Supreme God Tian Yuan flew towards him. Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and asked, “How may I help you, Master?”

“Huh?” Supreme God Tian Yuan was astonished again. It really was the first time he had met a young man like this.

The demon five years before hadn’t forgotten about the Tao skill after winning, but Lin Feng didn’t even mention it.

“Is there nothing you’d like to ask me?” asked Supreme God Tian Yuan proudly. He hoped Lin Feng would speak first, then he’d give him his Tao skill.

However, Lin Feng looked at him skeptically and shook his head, “No. What is it, Master?”

“You… Young man…” said Supreme God Tian Yuan impatiently. He raised one finger to Lin Feng and shook it angrily. Lin Feng was really a weirdo!

“What’s the problem, Master?” asked Lin Feng incredulously.

Supreme God Tian Yuan took a deep breath. He had to speak first then! It was the first time such a thing had happened!

“I have a Tao skill, the Tian Yuan Tao Skill. I told you about it. Anyone who wears the demon mask and wins can obtain the Tian Yuan Tao Skill. You succeeded, so I’m going to transmit it to you.”

He felt angry and humiliated that he had to be the one to mention it first. It almost felt as if he were begging Lin Feng.

The crowd was watching. They could hear Lin Feng and Supreme God Tian Yuan’s conversation perfectly. Most people wished they could obtain the Tao Skill. Lin Feng could obtain it, but he didn’t even want it!

It was really infuriating. Everybody was speechless.

“I’m sorry, Master! I had really forgotten about it,” said Lin Feng guiltily, bowing again.

Supreme God Tian Yuan was surprised, and even angrier. “Anyway, I think you’re really strong. Let’s go then, now that you know what I wanted. You need to obtain my transmission,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan angrily. He grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and flew towards a pavilion.

Lin Feng was surprised. He wasn’t interested in the Tao skill, but the old man didn’t intend to let him go without it.

Lin Feng couldn’t do much. He smiled wryly, and let the old man take him away.

Everybody watched him enviously. They all happened to think the same thing…

He had pretended disinterest after success!

Lin Feng was really detestable…

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  1. Jaden August 23, 2019 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Did he really pretend or did he really didnt care bout the tao skill

    • Aaron Alonzo Hill August 23, 2019 at 7:37 pm - Reply

      I think both. He doesn’t truly need it but he’s sure not going to miss a chance to make someone more powerful beg in a sense.

      • Jaden August 24, 2019 at 12:26 am - Reply

        Hahaha good point 🙂 dont remember an instance where he had this type of situation hence wasnt able to deduce that

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