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Chapter 714: Always Confused

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“Let’s go, let’s go. I don’t feel like fighting anymore.”

After what had happened, many people left Tian Yuan. Lin Feng’s battles had just been too astonishing. He had chosen the demon mask and everybody had seen how imposing and awe-inspiring he was. Each of his attacks were deadly and extremely powerful. He had even defeated the madman who had won a hundred battles consecutively.

After Lin Feng’s show, who felt like staying there? They had seen enough today. Some people glanced at the broken battle stage in Arena 1 and sighed speechlessly.

Jiang Leng and Jiang Tang smiled wryly. They had no choice but to go back to the palace and tell their father what had happened. Would he get angry? A territory of a thousand li had been destroyed. It wasn’t a good thing for Lang Xie City.

But it had all been caused by Lin Feng and Tian Fan’s battle, so the Great Leader couldn’t complain. It was part of the game.


Lin Feng and Supreme God Tian Yuan were seated at the top of Tian Yuan’s pavilion. Supreme God Tian Yuan didn’t rush to transmit his Tao skill to Lin Feng, he just stared at him. The more he looked at Lin Feng, the bigger his smile became. In the end, he burst into laughter.

Lin Feng was almost scared by the old man’s laugh. Did he have mental problems?

Lin Feng didn’t really want the Tian Yuan Tao Skill, as he already had over a dozen Tao Skills already; one more or less, he didn’t really mind. It was more about quality, not quantity.

However, Lin Feng didn’t insist on leaving. He stayed and sat with the old man as a sign of respect. The old man had acted as one of Lang Xie City’s pillars for over a hundred thousand years, after all!

“Master…” began Lin Feng after a long time.

The old man was surprised and came back to his senses. He smiled wryly and said, “You’re a good young man! No wonder my fellow disciple likes you and thinks you’re strong!”

Lin Feng frowned. Supreme God Tian Yuan’s fellow disciple thought he was strong? Who was his fellow disciple, then?

Suddenly, Lin Feng thought of Ancestor Kong. Ancestor Kong was the one who had made Mister Time take him from the Earth to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, after all.

“You’re wondering who my fellow disciple is?” asked Supreme God Tian Yuan in a clear voice, smiling broadly. Lin Feng was surprised, but regarded the old man kindly. He was now eighty to ninety percent sure Ancestor Kong was his fellow disciple.

Lin Feng was intrigued. Ancestor Kong was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods, but Lin Feng thought he was just an independent cultivator. However, how could someone become a medium-level Supreme God without relying on anyone? Even Lin Feng couldn’t. Many people had helped him in life, he just didn’t think about it all the time.

Therefore, it was normal that Ancestor Kong had a fellow disciple, but Lin Feng was still curious. What was Ancestor Kong’s ultimate goal? Why had he brought Lin Feng and Jeston to the world of cultivation?

And… why did Ancestor Kong consider Lin Feng a key player?

What about the high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire? Why did they want to kill him? Lin Feng hadn’t even gained a firm foothold in Gods Country, and they already wanted to kill him. Lin Feng was at a loss.

Now, Supreme God Tian Yuan was in front of him. He was Ancestor Kong’s fellow disciple, so Lin Feng was still the center of everything. It was like his life had all been planned out already.

It seemed like he couldn’t do much about it, and had to follow this path. Was it a good thing though? Lin Feng didn’t know.

“Young man, continue working hard. Your future is in your hands,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan, after studying Lin Feng for a while. He was one more element. In any case, Lin Feng was sure that Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan weren’t the only important elements in this story.

From Xue Yue to Ba Huang, to the Shrines… Lin Feng had met a lot of people. Then, the Demon King had disappeared. Xue Baguio had given him some information. He had come from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the Continent of the Gods, and now he was in Gods Country.

Once again, Lin Feng was still wondering why he even cultivated; what was the point? What was the point if he was a piece in a game? He had been wondering about these things for so long already…

But very quickly Lin Feng came back to his senses. No matter what, he enjoyed life, and he was privileged most of the time.

“Don’t think too much. You don’t have enough information to understand so far,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan when he saw Lin Feng was lost in thought. Lin Feng was even more certain that he was right when he heard that.

But Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart. It wasn’t a plot against him after all, it was more like a world order in which he was a main player, so it didn’t matter.

“Master, don’t try and entice me with honeyed words. I am not asking anything. Just transmit me your Tao skill,” replied Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

Supreme God Tian Yuan smiled and teased him, “What? So you finally want it?”

“No. I just don’t like wasting time, because there are many things I’d like to do,” answered Lin Feng, shaking his head helplessly.

When the old man heard that, his sense of superiority instantly collapsed again.

“Alright, alright… I’ll give you the Tao Skill. I’m not going to waste your time…” huffed the old man angrily. He removed a book from a shelf. The books there were all dusty and old.

The old man wiped the dust off the book. It was hard to imagine that that particular book was the Tian Yuan Tao Skill.

The old man smiled softly. “This book has been here for fifty thousand years. There were two books. Five years ago, the other demon took the other book away. Now, you take this one.”

“After you leave, I will seal the demon mask. It will never be used again,” the old man stated gravely.

Lin Feng didn’t really care about that. Whether the demon mask remained there or not had nothing to do with him. Lin Feng just wanted to get the Tao Skill as quickly as possible and leave.

Lin Feng used pure Qi to wipe it off, then opened it and looked at the first page. There were ancient words he didn’t understand.

“Master, these are ancient words…?” Lin Feng asked skeptically. The words looked similar to those of the Tao Skill of General Principles he had found in San Zun’s grave.

Supreme God Tian Yuan coughed and translated the content for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng listened carefully as the old man translated.

Slowly, Lin Feng closed his eyes and a white primal chaos light appeared around him. He started levitating above his chair and a peculiar Qi filled the air.

Supreme God Tian Yuan had translated the whole book. He watched Lin Feng, surprised when he saw Lin Feng had lapsed into a meditative state.

This boy can go into a deep meditative state in less than ten seconds… How talented!, thought Supreme God Tian Yuan, amazed by this display.

Supreme God Tian Yuan put the book down, and left the room silently. He didn’t leave the pavilion, he just sat down outside of the room and waited there for Lin Feng to assimilate the contents of the Tao skill.


Time passed slowly. The atmosphere was extremely quiet.

Lin Feng was in a deep meditative state. He almost seemed dead. The true essence of the Tian Yuan Tao Skill flowed in his mind. He could see the different moves of the skill.

This Tao skill was a flexible one. He could use his palm or his fist, it didn’t matter, and he could also use it with weapons. It all depended on the user’s understanding. The cultivator’s understanding and interpretation also determined the power of the skill.

Apart from the Tao Skill of General Principles, Lin Feng could now practice the Tao skill of Nature and Freedom, the Third Master Tao Skill, the Blood Skill of the Great Tao, and the Thunderbolt Tao skill.

Even though Supreme God Zi Dian was his teacher, he hadn’t transmitted his Tao skill to Lin Feng yet, and Lin Feng didn’t intend to ask for it.

Now he also had the Tian Yuan Tao Skill. He controlled five Tao skills so far, all priceless and extremely powerful. How would most people react if they knew that?

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