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Chapter 715: Coming of age party!

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Time passed slowly. No sound came from the room. Supreme God Tian Yuan was getting a bit impatient. Lin Feng was extremely strong and talented, so how come he hadn’t come out?

Two hours had already passed. Even though the Tian Yuan Tao Skill was a Tao skill, it wasn’t too complex. It was even an easy one to understand.

Supreme God Tian Yuan stood up and started walking back and forth. Finally, after a while, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and decided to peep through the door.

Supreme God Tian Yuan walked up to the door and slowly half-opened it. When he put his head inside, he was startled to find that Lin Feng wasn’t inside. He seemed to have left the pavilion.

“Eh… This young man…” Supreme God Tian Yuan was irritated. He walked up to the table and looked at the small book on the table. There was a letter Lin Feng had left there too. Supreme God Tian Yuan snatched it up and read it, scowling.

Master, I didn’t say goodbye, please forgive me. I have already mastered the Tian Yuan Tao Skill. I can’t afford to waste time. I’ll come back to see you when I have time.

I know that you are Master Ancestor Kong’s fellow disciple, and I also know that you have ulterior motives, but for the time being, it doesn’t have much to do with me. Please tell Ancestor Kong that I am thankful that he made Mister Time bring me from Earth to the world of cultivation. Please tell Mister Time that he should continue practicing cultivation, too. Tell him to break his forbidden body, there’s no construction without destruction, construction comes after destruction.

Until we meet again, Master.

Supreme God Tian Yuan was angry when he read all that. After a long time, he sighed helplessly and looked at the open window.

“Nothing to do with you? Hehe, young man, you don’t know what adversity is yet!

“Our future is in your hands. If you fail, the whole world will be destroyed,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan, smiling grimly. He was lost in thought, thinking about the potential dangers the different worlds could face someday.


After Lin Feng left, he hadn’t gone back to West Lang Xie. He knew that Jiang Yi Ze wouldn’t be very happy; on the contrary, he would be quite angry! Buildings had been destroyed over thousands of square li in West Lang Xie, a catastrophe for the Great Leader!

Lin Feng headed back to East Lang Xie. He had things to do there. First, he needed to go back to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames and inspect its dead. Maybe he’d find more high-level Supreme Gods!


Lin Feng flew as fast as he could. A day passed before he arrived in East Lang Xie. He decided to go and see Jiang Xuan first.

When he arrived, the guards naturally let him pass. Everybody knew Lin Feng in East Lang Xie, and almost everybody did in West Lang Xie now.

Lin Feng entered the palace and flew straight towards Jiang Xuan’s courtyard. When he arrived in the courtyard, he didn’t see Jiang Xuan. He looked for a guard and the guard told him that the Young Prince had gone to the main hall of the palace that morning.

Lin Feng nodded and flew to the palace’s main hall.


In the main hall…

Jiang Yi Tian, Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti were present and seated. Jiang Yi Tian was the Great Leader, after all, he had to be there and work most of the time.

Jiang Xuan was next to Jiang Yi Tian. The young man looked annoyed and frowned. He almost looked like Lin Feng, so everybody blinked and looked at him several times.

“Little Xuan, now you’re going to become a teenager, and in five years, you’ll be an adult, the teenager ceremony and the adult ceremony are two important events in your life. You have to behave.

“As the Great Leader, I have invited princes from other influential groups. They’re all about your age. They’re going to come and see what kind of teenager you are and also, you will exchange views on cultivation,” Jiang Yi Tian said gravely. He glanced at the thirty-some elders around. The elders were all medium-level Supreme Gods, the pillars of East Lang Xie. They also always took part in important discussions.

“Two days ago, Jin Lun City’s Young Prince came over with his teacher and father. They’ve waited long enough, now they want to see our Young Prince.

“One of Ze Country’s princes has also arrived. He came to participate in Little Xuan’s coming of age party, but it’s insulting because he’s only the son of a concubine. But the teacher who came along with him is very famous; it’s Prince Wu Hen!” Jiang Yi Tian said to the elders.

When the elders heard that, they all started whispering. When they heard Wu Hen’s name, they were astonished.

“Prince Wu Hen? Why did he come?” asked the Great Elder, frowning glumly.

“Great Elder, back in the days, you had a battle against Prince Wu Hen; how did it end?” asked an elder next to him.

The Great Elder glanced at him. Even Jiang Yi Tian looked at the Great Elder curiously. The Great Elder had never told them.

The Great Elder knew that someday, the truth would be brought to light, and sighed. “I lost. I don’t know how, though. Prince Wu Hen only used fifteen attacks and defeated me. He was merciful,” said the Great Elder unhappily. He sounded dispirited.

Everybody looked at him with their eyes wide. They knew how strong the Great Elder was; none of them could defeat him, but Prince Wu Hen had managed to defeat him in fifteen attacks? That was just astonishing!

“I don’t believe you,” said an elder, shaking his head. He had lots of esteem for the Great Elder. He didn’t think Prince Wu Hen could defeat the Great Elder so easily.

The Great Elder glanced at him and smiled wryly, “You have no reason not to believe me. When you see Prince Wu Hen, you’ll see,” said the Great Elder honestly.

All the elders of Lang Xie City finally believed him. Prince Wu Hen was definitely incredibly strong then! Back in the day, he had won a hundred battles consecutively at a competition in which the influential groups of the West participated, and he had qualified for the finals. In the end, he had finished third, which proved how strong he was.

“Indeed, it’s not a surprise that you lost against Prince Wu Hen, Great Elder,” said Jiang Yi Tian, nodding after a short while. He said that tactfully, as it wasn’t a nice thing to say, after all.

“Prince Wu Hen ranked third at the Competition of the West, but who ranked first and second?” asked a new elder. He was new so he had never participated in the Competition of the West.

“Five years ago, Prince Wu Hen ranked third, but we don’t know who finished second or first. Some people said that the battle was long and fierce. It was a draw, so nobody became the final champion. But one of them practiced demon cultivation and the other practiced ghost cultivation; some people call them Prince Demon and Prince Ghost!” explained Jiang Yi Tian.

When the elders heard that, they were all surprised. Prince Demon and Prince Ghost…? Such majestic appellations!

Those three people were definitely awe-inspiring then!

“Alright, get ready,” said Jiang Yi Tian. Jiang Xuan’s teenage ceremony would start soon.

Everybody stood up and left the main hall. They had work to do, like welcome guests and prepare everything, especially since this kind of event was important for Jiang Xuan’s future.

Jiang Xuan watched the old men go sadly. Jiang Yi Tian knew that the young man just wanted to see his teacher, Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng had gone to West Lang Xie recently and had destroyed part of West Lang Xie. Jiang Yi Ze had even come to inform him about it, but what could he do?

Nobody had forced anyone to build West Lang Xie near Tian Yuan!

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