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Chapter 716: Beginning of the Party!


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“Young man, get ready. The Young Princes of San Country and Jin Lun City will arrive soon!” Jiang Yi Tian told his son. Jiang Yi Tian wasn’t very happy because Jiang Xuan considered Lin Feng better than him, as if Lin Feng were his father. But Jiang Yi Tian also understood that he was very busy with work every day, and he didn’t have much time to spend with Jiang Xuan. Lin Feng had only been there for a few months, and had time to spend with Jiang Xuan and make him happy. Jiang Yi Tian couldn’t blame his child.

“I understand, father,” replied Jiang Xuan, lowering his head. He knew that the ceremony was important and that he couldn’t lose the fights which would take place later, or his family would lose face.

But he was disappointed, too. It was his coming of age party, an extremely important event, and his teacher wasn’t there.

Jiang Xuan left the main hall alone. He had nothing to prepare. He just had to be ready for later.


Everybody left. Supreme God Lang Xie, Zu Ti, and Jiang Yi Tian were the only ones left in the room. The two old men looked at Jiang Yi Tian. Jiang Xuan’s coming of age party was extremely important for Jiang Xuan’s future, but also for Lang Xie City.

Jin Lun City, Ze Country, and Lang Xie City were all similarly strong so Supreme God Lang Xie hoped that Jiang Xuan would win his duels. Regarding Prince Wu Hen, they’d see later what to do about him.


When Lin Feng arrived, he saw a group of elders leave the main palace in the distance. He heard a few guards talk about what was going on, Lin Feng immediately understood it was going to be Jiang Xuan’s coming of age party. Many distinguished guests were going to come and duels were probably going to happen.

When Lin Feng heard that, he decided not to see Jiang Xuan in the end. He wanted to mingle with the crowd and see what Jiang Xuan was going to do. He also wanted to learn more about the man everybody called Prince Wu Hen.

Lin Feng stayed far from the main hall of the palace. He also heard that Jiang Xuan’s coming of age party was going to take place on the kwoon behind the mountain, so Lin Feng went there instead.


At noon, the sun was high and scorching hot. There were already many people behind the mountain. Everybody in Lang Xie City considered Jiang Xuan’s coming of age party a very important event.

Lin Feng hid in a corner behind a tree. There were people everywhere in front of him, but he could still see fairly well what was going on at the front. He could also see Jiang Yi Ze.

Jiang Yi Ze looked angry. Lin Feng smiled. Jiang Yi Ze was still mad at him. Lin Feng had destroyed a territory of several thousand square li, after all, a huge loss for Lang Xie City. However, it was inevitable in Tian Yuan and if he was that angry, why didn’t he go and talk to Supreme God Tian Yuan?

Supreme God Tian Yuan and Tian Yuan had existed for a longer period than Lang Xie City. Supreme God Tian Yuan was the first founder and protector of Tian Yuan. What could Jiang Yi Ze say? Besides, the old man was a high-level Supreme God; who would dare offend a high-level Supreme God?

The sun was growing hotter. It felt like a cauldron in there. Everybody was chatting loudly. Most people were talking about Prince Wu Hen, which aroused Lin Feng’s curiosity even more.

“Prince Wu Hen is coming, aren’t you happy?”

“Happy? Are you insane? Prince Wu Hen ranked third at the Competition of the West, he’s one of the strongest cultivators of the West! Happy is not enough! After seeing him, I would even die content!” declared a man in white clothes. He seemed bewitched. He almost looked like a woman in front of a charming prince. It certainly meant that Prince Wu Hen was extraordinary…

Since Lin Feng had arrived in the Country of Eternity, he had never seen anyone talk about someone else like that. Even people in San Country didn’t talk that way about the Seven Princes of Law. Well, the Seven Princes of Law were geniuses in their country, but Prince Wu Hen was a genius of the whole West.

The West was composed of Lang Xie City, San Country, Ze Country, the Lun Bi Empire, and Jin Lun City.

The East was composed of Tian Dong City, the Yue Guang Empire, and Zhao Country. It was only composed of three groups, but those three groups could easily destroy the whole West. However, there was a buffer zone in between, the central part, which was the Fa Lan Empire, Ao Lai City, and the Ri Guang Empire. Thanks to that geographical configuration, the countries of Gods Country lived in relative peace and harmony with one another.

“Please, Ancestor.” The Great Elder was in charge of the party. He stood in the middle of the kwoon and greeted people. He was glowing with health and radiating vigor.

He said that to an old man who looked quite ordinary. Indeed, people who didn’t know Supreme God Lang Xie would think he was an ordinary old man.

The old man came to the middle of the kwoon and sat down next to Jiang Yi Ze’s seat, on his left.

“Please, Second Ancestor,” said the Great Elder to Zu Ti. The Sword of Remote Times arrived, a sharp sword Qi rolling in waves around it, then turned into the human form of Zu Ti.

The old man flashed and sat down on the other side next to the Great Leader’s seat, on its right. When Jiang Yi Tian arrived, he didn’t wait for the Great Elder to say anything, he just sat down on the main seat.

After he sat down, Jiang Xuan arrived, holding a sword. He was wearing beautiful fine clothes, a beautiful golden robe, a crown, a jade belt, and held a nice sword. He looked like a real Young Prince.

Lin Feng found the young man extremely elegant and was quite happy.

Jiang Xuan looked glum. He put his sword in its sheath on his back and stood there silently, waiting for the beginning.

The most important people of Lang Xie City were there, so Jiang Xuan needed to take off his crown and kowtow in front of Supreme God Lang Xie and the others.

He had to kowtow to thank them for educating him during the first ten years of his life. He needed to do so three times. After he did, he stood up and turned to the people of Lang Xie City.

They all kowtowed three times at the foot of the stage, showing Jiang Xuan that they acknowledged him.

Jiang Xuan stood up and turned around, then walked over to the Great Elder and handed him the crown.

The Great Elder took the crown and raised it high up in the air, chanting a mantra which nobody understood. They could see that the crown was slowly turning dazzlingly bright, golden lights emerging from it.

The Great Elder opened his eyes and gave the crown back to Jiang Xuan.

Pop pop!…

Fireworks appeared in the sky and there were ten explosions, symbolizing Jiang Xuan’s ten years of life and his coming of age party.

“Jiang Xuan, do you agree to protect Lang Xie City from now on?” asked the Great Elder, lowering his eyes and looking at Jiang Xuan sternly.

Jiang Xuan replied, “I agree. I will do my best to always protect Lang Xie City.”

“Repeat after me and do the same gestures.

“For the glory of the clan, the family and the ancestors; if I ever betray my family and my people, then I shall be punished!” proclaimed the Great Elder, making various gestures and looking at the sky. He also glanced at Supreme God Lang Xie now and then.

Jiang Xuan pouted, but he still repeated the oath and made the same gestures, “For the glory of the clan, the family and the ancestors; if I ever betray my family and my people, then I shall be punished!”

After Jiang Xuan took the oath, the people of Lang Xie City all smiled and cheered. Lin Feng was watching from behind them.

The coming of age party was symbolic; it showed a young man had to start bearing responsibilities.

In the case of the Great Leader’s son, everybody needed to be there for his coming of age party. In the case of a clan, only the elders of the clan and the head of the clan needed to be there to witness the Young Master’s coming of age. They usually invited some people from other influential groups for fights.

The adult ceremony, as the name said, was the celebration into adulthood, when a Young Master or prince turned fifteen. An adult ceremony was much livelier than a coming of age party. People from everywhere in Gods Country participated in Young Princes’ adult ceremonies!

“Jin Lun City’s Young Prince, elder, and teacher, please come to the front and present yourselves,” announced the Great Elder. He started calling distinguished guests to the front.

Everybody looked at Jin Lun City’s Young Prince, elder, and teacher. They slowly walked towards the stage.

Jin Lun City’s Young Prince looked rather cute. He had long black hair and blue shorts. He was also ten years old. His coming of age party had taken place a short time before.

Behind the boy were two men. They looked cold and detached. On his left was a man who looked like him, his father. On his right was his teacher, who was wearing white clothes.

“Greetings, Master Lang Xie! Greetings, Great Leader!”

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